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Review: NCISLA “Kulinda” (S8E12)


This week’s NCIS: Los Angeles episode “Kulinda” marked the start of a brand new year. But did it mark the beginning of any fresh changes for our favorite characters? Writer Kyle Harimoto did give us a well written episode that helped us better understand what’s been happening with our favorite duo. Were I merely a fan of the show in general, I think I’d have really enjoyed this episode, directed by Tawnia McKiernan. As a fan of Marty Deeks and Densi though, it left me feeling slightly impatient for more quality screen time for Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah.

Fresh Locations and a Blossoming Romance

One of my favorite features of NCIS:LA has always been the way it celebrates Los Angeles landmarks, making the city almost like one of the characters. This weeks’ case took us to an interesting area that we rarely see highlighted on network television. I appreciated Deeks’ introduction of just a bit of the history of the area. Did you know Leimert Park was planned by the sons of Frederick Law Olmstead, who planned New York’s Central Park? And according to Wikipedia, that drum circle we saw at the end is a real weekly event.

Locations aside, most fans’ least favorite Russian guest actor was back to help out with the case of the week. This time I actually didn’t dislike Anna, I just wished she’d had less screen time. Chris O’Donnell managed to make me believe there was some chemistry between them just by the way he looked at her in the opening scene at his house, even as Bar Paly struggled to pull off the neurotic girlfriend. And yes, Anna just might have won a few points with me with her desire to go to LEGOLAND (Legos were my favorite toy as a child), even if I didn’t believe it was in character.

Fresh Understanding about Old Behavior

Speaking of being in character, unfortunately Kensi’s insecurities and borderline rudeness continued. At least this week we got a scene that helped us understand her better. The final scene with Nate showed us a Kensi who’s struggling- struggling to get back to 100% physically, struggling to even begin to consider what might happen if she doesn’t, and struggling with depression.

It seems only natural that she’d be depressed, and I liked the way this tiny reveal tied back to what Deeks discussed in the first scene with Sam about her not wanting to do things with him. She may be avoiding these outings because of her historic unwillingness to let Deeks see her struggle. But she also just might not feel like leaving the house. And hearing “I’m Fine” Kensi admit to being “a little bit depressed” reveals just how much she’s really hurting.

In the past many fans have been extremely disappointed at the show’s lack of follow through on Deeks’ PTSD and on Kensi’s post-Afghanistan recovery, so I know I should feel happy that they’ve taken their time with Kensi’s recovery. But somehow the positive elements of this story are currently being outweighed by a couple of frustrating ones. The first is that Kensi should have been getting the support of a therapist all along; sadly it appears that Nate’s 5-minute chat is the first time anyone’s made her talk about her feelings. I do appreciate that we’ve seen signs of her struggle throughout; I’m just a bit frustrated that the help feels way too late.

I understand that Daniela Ruah had limited availability in the lead-up to her maternity leave, making it challenging for the showrunners to cover even the physical aspects of her recovery. But it just feels like this is something the docs at the V.A., not to mention Deeks and others, should have addressed long ago. I guess everyone just wanted to stay positive to support Kensi (see Sam’s advice to Be Granite), but it’s unclear whether that was the right strategy. I guess better late than never?

Daniela Ruah was great in the three minute chat with Nate, and the way she immediately teared up at Nate’s suggesting she might never get back to 100% brilliantly told us so much about her emotional state. Of course, I sure would have enjoyed a longer scene, perhaps one they cut back and forth to over the course of the last 15 minutes. After three months of episodes that managed to heavily focus on Kensi without her being present all that much, I need to hear more from her.

The other aspect of my frustration is the lack of any scenes with Deeks and Kensi together. I can appreciate a partner swap to mix things up and add energy, but for goodness sake, I need to see these two together. Daniela Ruah is back from maternity leave. I say don’t have Deeks tell Sam about Kensi’s refusal to go hiking, show us Kensi’s refusal to go hiking. Give us something of these two together. Kensi’s glaring lack of screen time makes it apparent that Daniela Ruah’s return to work wasn’t immediately full-time. But part of what made the first third of this season so incredible were the Densi scenes. Keeping them apart just feels like a wasted opportunity for continued drama and emotion. And to have it happen for the majority of two consecutive episodes feels a little like some sort of punishment.

Fresh Advice (or is it?) from a Deepening Friendship

On the other hand, if they had given us Densi, we might not have gotten that wonderful scene with Deeks and Sam to open the show, my favorite part of the episode. You all know of my love for these two together, and this was the type of big brother-little brother scene I’ve wanted for forever. Deeks and Sam practicing together (Deeks holding his own and Sam not mocking his ability) followed by a sweet heart to heart talk where Sam shows he cares about Deeks and offers non-condescending advice. That advice “Think granite, be granite” mirrored the advice Sam once gave Kensi about “More being, less doing.” This surely must be Sam’s philosophy on life!

I am curious what you all thought of that advice- should Deeks not talk about Kensi’s depression? I kinda think it would be better to address it. Kensi has been allowed to live in denial of the possible outcomes of her accident for way too long, and I’d rather see Deeks pushing her to deal with them as he’s often pushed her in the past. He could do it by way of reassuring her that no matter what, he loves her and wants to be with her. Or maybe he could at least push encourage her to get treatment. Unfortunately Deeks seems too willing to live with a less-than-ideal situation (“I’m not gonna lie. Things aren’t great, but whatever”). Perhaps that’s him just being happy that Kensi is even alive and talking. Or perhaps that’s part of his generally low expectations for himself that come out of his troubled childhood.

Memorable Moments

  • It’s sweet that Callen and Sam are worried about Granger to the point that Callen is staking out his house. I suppose that’s setting up what we’ll be seeing over the next few weeks. I’m seriously worried about Granger.
  • I liked how sincerely Deeks agreed with the Councilman that “it’s a game of moments” to work with the kids and keep them out of trouble. I could feel his personal experience at play there.
  • I don’t think it’s just Kensi who feels compelled to punch Deeks in the shoulder. Even Nell, when she realized Deeks’ story about the summer landscaping job was real, reached out to shove him in the shoulder. Only she wasn’t tall enough to reach!
  • Again, Deeks, “touché” is only to be used with your ladybird.
  • Sam sure is great at talking people out of blowing themselves up or shooting someone they shouldn’t. He’s so serious and sincere. I’d definitely listen to him.
  • Oh, and happy birthday Deeks! We remembered even if your teammates and girlfriend didn’t.

Next Week

Finally, the mole arc is reaching its conclusion. Whom do we suspect? My money’s on Nate or Paul Angelo from “Three Hearts,” but I’ve seen Nell and Arkady and one other recurring character also floated as suspects (keep away from Tumblr to avoid casting spoilers). I only wish it would be Anna! Since I’ve barely kept track of the mole developments over the years, likely whatever they do will work for me. I’m just looking forward to seeing Deeks arrested again (what is wrong with me?)!

What did you think of “Kulinda”? Do I need to chill about my need for Densi? Is it time to let the other characters take over the “emotional center” of the storytelling? Tell us your thoughts in the Comments below.

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102 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Kulinda” (S8E12)

  1. Thank you once again for the great review.
    That Sam/Deeks-scene was great and it was great to see Nate, but overall I am disappointed. You made a great point that as a “regular viewer” the episode could had been more enjoyable.
    I think that they have taken Kensi’s behaviour too far and it has become too out of character for me (especially after the character growth in season 7 and because this is not the first time she is recovering from a difficult situation). When (If?) they solve this Kensi situation, I am hoping for more than just “Kensi is back in the field, now everything is okay”, I hope they spend more time and scenes showing her getting more positive and happy (a sudden change for better doesn’t feel realistic to me after the way they have written her character). If that last scene had been different (maybe Kensi eating with them), it would had made the episode so much better. I , too, need Densi-scenes, it feels like it has been forever since last “real” Densi-scene, especially because of those 3 week breaks between episodes.

    I really want to like Anna, especially because there aren’t enough good female characters in crime shows, but in season 7 her character was more believable as an agent for me. Those scenes in the field with Callen were awkward and not credible at all for me. The cast and crew have been proud how “realistic” this show and scenes are, but now I feel like the show is taking a big step back when it comes to being “real” (for example Anna/Neric in the field, out of character and inconsistent behaviour/reactions from characters, for example now Callen has no problem mixing romance and work, compared to how he reacted to Densi, and 8×11 where he didn’t want to work with Anna). That Callen and Anna kissing scene really highlighted for me how high standard Eric and Daniela have set with their acting and chemistry, and how important, rare and impossible to fake/act that Densi kind of chemistry is. I really wanted to see more Anna as a individual (independent) character before they become “Callanna” . Arkady as Callen’s father-in-law could be fun, but could also become boring very easily (repeating same in-law jokes). Anna and Callen have already been going out together, they went to see that trash metal band, so all that going out talk and being nervous did feel inconsistent and completely unnecessary for me.

    The case felt a little boring and I really missed Granger and Hetty, I really do hope both Miguel and Linda are okay. I hope it will finally be completely solved and I hope Deeks and Kensi will be okay, there has been enough angst for them in last 3-4 years . (I really hope that both Eric and Daniela will continue in the show). About Deeks getting arrested: I hope they make it different from previous time (not the same interrogation scenes etc). I wish Anna would be the mole too, (it would be interesting to see how it affects Callen).

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    • I have a similar concern about how this Densi situation will ultimately be resolved. I can just envision some quick 3-minute scene in which she says, “Hey, sorry I’ve been moody and remote and pushing you away for FIVE SOLID MONTHS, but if I can’t be kick-ass Kensi for you, then I don’t feel like I’m the woman you fell in love with. Blah blah blah.” And then Deeks immediately forgets what she has put him through for FIVE SOLID MONTHS and digs out the ring and puts it on her finger and they kiss. End scene. That is not nearly enough for what they have put us all through for the entire season, but I have a strong feeling that’s all we’re going to get. We have not had a single Densi connection since the checkers scene in “Glasnost.” For awhile, I told myself it was intentional and they were leading up to some great moment that would bring Deeks and Kensi back together in a big way, and how much sweeter it would all be since they had been apart on-screen for so long. But now I’m leaning more toward thinking that maybe there is just no longer any care being given to this couple by the writers. I know they were put in a very difficult position by having to film 10 episodes’ worth of Kensi scenes in a very short amount of time before DR went on maternity leave, but at times lately it really does just seem as if Densi has become an afterthought with the writers. And while I realize there are multitudes of fans who watch the show for reasons other than Densi, it is the reason I started watching the show, and I suspect the reason many of us watch each week. So I really hope they have something amazing planned to make this up to us — and soon. But I’m not holding my breath.


      • I definitely don’t want to see Kensi’s treatment of Deeks brushed aside with a perfunctory apology (even though it might be the first genuine one we’ve ever seen from her.) I would prefer to see her try to make it up to him, putting him ahead of herself for once.


  2. Good review. I don’t think Sam’s advice was to ignore Kensi’s depression. I think it was more along the lines of don’t bug her about *his* feelings right now. Don’t add to the emotional stress. Continue to be the rock he’s been for just a bit longer. I think they all know Kensi’s acting out, shall we say, and not treating him particularly well. And it was good to let Deeks know he’s not alone really. He’s got his NCISLA “family” watching out for him.

    Ugh. Anna. Every episode, every scene with her, I whisper “Die, Anna, die.” The concept of the character is fine, the actress just can’t execute it. Period.

    I really wanted more with Nate. Everything you stated about it was true. Cutting away and going back between scenes would have been a fabulous storyline structure.

    It was very obvious both Hetty and Granger were gone and the “kids” were in charge. It actually felt weird.

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    • I totally agree! I like your interpretation about Sam’s advice
      And oh my god your Anna comment just made me laugh!

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    • Die, Anna, Die !!! // January 10, 2017 at 10:23 PM // Reply

      Sorry, I couldn’t resist.
      First things first.
      in honor of one of the funniest things I have read in a while..
      I have decided to blatantly poach what has become not just a phrase, a world famous quote, my personal mantra, and yes…a war cry.
      so without further ado…
      peakae,… with your permission, I would like to use your glorious quote as my user name until such time as the vile Anna no longer pollutes our glorious show with her bad acting, ridiculous rigid posture and plastic smile.
      three little words have never meant so much…..Die Anna Die…
      I shall honor it always…

      yep, it’s me

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      • With my blessing. Do you think if we all changed our name to that the writers might get a clue? Worth a shot.

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        • maybe 2 dozen versions of the same type of thing ?
          I feel like in so many ways they are squandering these wonderful opportunities. we have waited 7 years and once these moments pass they cant be retrieved
          we waited 8 episodes to see deeks bring kensi home from the hospital
          we have waited years to see kensi attempt to cook for deeks
          we are led to believe how much they depend on each other, but we see none of it
          regardless if kensi can return to field duty, she is obviously pretty well recovered and would not be burdening deeks with supporting a cripple…or whatever nonsense she felt, as if he would ever leave. they were talking marriage, kids, houses, wedding venues, guest lists.
          she might not be ready to give up her job yet, but no matter what she does for work the relationship could move forward. no ring, and no ” I love you” is not cool
          they are far from normal, have a deep dependence that is years old and have both been through traumatic experiences that have been short and acute, and some that have lasted months.

          I just don’t buy the way she is being portrayed right now. she will at times be frustrated and lash out at everyone including deeks, but we don’t see the other side much.
          this should have been a commitment affirming event, that no matter what, we will get through it together, strengthening their bond.
          instead, the writers once again, make us believe they may break apart by putting obstacles between them instead if allowing them to take on the problem as a healthy couple.
          . it tends to make kensi less likable in the process.
          been there…done that…for years now…
          can we move on to something different for a change.
          isn’t that one trick pony dead yet, the writers have run it into the ground.

          they are consuming vast amounts of air time with things that long time fans aren’t all that interested in. 14 minutes of anna for starters…
          a little help here

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          • Ed, you’ll be happy to know that it appears we will have at least the next two episodes with no Anna whatsoever. I saw on SpoilerTV that “Under Siege” (Episode 14) is Anna free, and we already know from the press release posted here that Episode 13 does not include Bar Paly in the guest cast. I won’t go into detail on what the press release says here since I know some of the readers try to avoid spoilers. I’ll just say that Episode 14 could be quite epic. I’m looking forward to it.

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            • all together now….

              Anna Free in February….Anna Free in February….Anna Free in February….say it loud….

              has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it…
              oops, almost forgot…

              ….Die, Anna, Die…

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            • I saw the social media post by a cast member who shall not be named in my effort to keep this post spoiler-free, which seemed to spill a bit more about “Under Siege,” and I guess we can see where this will ultimately lead. And yes, it really does look to have epic potential! It HAS to be epic! Dare we be optimistic?


            • Ohhhh even if I’m glad we are gonna be free from Anna the next 2 episodes, I’m a little sad because I was hoping she could be part of the mole thing… But now, I’m not so sure… I just want her to be away from my favorite Tv Show…


              • I was thinking the same thing.
                if she was part of the plot, we could be done with her for good in a couple of episodes

                oh the joy….

                ….Die, Anna, Die…


          • As a male friend described her to me as we discussed the show the other day, “Anna is there as eye candy.” Most likely the more Kensi is incorporated into each episode, the less we’ll see of Anna. So we can only hope that with BP off the cast list of the next couple of episodes, that means Kensi is getting more than 5 minutes of screen time.


  3. Your review is just completely spot on. You explained everything i was thinking sooo well!

    To me, this ranked as one of the WORST episodes of this show yet… I literally only liked 3 scenes. And this could have so easily been fixed had they split the 3 minute scene with Kensi and Nate like you suggested. (also i can barely remember what the case of the week was or the end result so… that’s not a good sign)

    It is absolutely ridiculous that a guest star gets more screen time than the main cast! I do not watch this show for guest stars, especially not for Bar paly. I get that Dani wasn’t back full time, clearly, but to have a main cast member be on screen for only around 4 minutes is just not acceptable to me. They are highlighting her story arc all over the media, as they should be, because it is seriously amazing and i am so happy they are delving into it, but they are barely showing it on screen at all!

    Additionally, Nate returning could have been highlighted and actually shown to mean something rather than just sticking in the scene with Kensi randomly at the end… have him speak to one other character throughout the day and tada! -that amazing scene actually appears like it was written for the same episode it’s in. I just don’t understand why they are giving so much Anna and so little of the cast members that long-time fans love and tune in for. it makes me feel like they are searching for new random fans who want to see a hot blonde in every scene rather than catering to lifelong fans of the show.

    Thankfully I went into this episode with no expectations for a Densi scene. (After the Christmas ep had .5 seconds of them I figured they were purposely not giving us Densi scenes to highlight that they’re currently dealing with a rough time in their relationship without actually showing it to us) or else i would have been even more upset. But a birthday reference when their relationship is struggling and Kensi is depressed would have probably been the most depressing scene, don’t know if i would have been able to stomach it.

    One last thing that just ruined the episode for me and could have easily been avoided had it been shown in a different order: After Kensi breaking down to Nate they immediately show a scene of the entire team + Anna (minus Eric) having a happy go lucky dinner laughing it up with no mention of Kensi at all. It felt like Anna had completely taken her place on the team, and after showing us scenes of Kensi struggling not to feel that way, The ordering of these scenes did not help me as a fan not to feel that way. Please stop replacing Daniela Ruah with a beautiful model who has difficulty keeping up with the acting level of the rest of the stars.
    It’s so sad because those scenes during Dani’s maternity leave always had a line about someone bringing food for Kensi or asking how she was doing… but now that she’s out of the hospital it feels as if her storyline doesn’t coincide with the team that she considers a family anymore.

    3 things i did like:
    1.The sam and Deeks scene was phenomenal, and ECO’s acting when he said Kensi didn’t want to do those things with him was seriously amazing.
    2. kensi and nate. also amazing acting, i agree with you Karen that Deeks should try to make Kensi talk about it and deal with what’s going on instead of just accepting that ‘whatever it’s not great’
    3. i liked the scene with the little boy with anna and callen. it was very cute and it was a fun way to get information across, (I guess that’s one scene with Anna in it i can say i’ve liked of the 1000 scenes it feels like she has been in so far)

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    • Great review, I totally agree what you wrote about the show searching for random fans, and as a longtime supporter of the show it is disappointing. As a woman the way show is handling female characters at the moment feels a bit like a step back in time. (One big reason why I became a fan were those strong and capable female characters).

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  4. one more thing,
    About the lack of Densi:
    I think it’s been harder on densi fans to watch the past 3 episodes with no Densi in them because it was over such a long period of time with the holiday hiatus… it’s been 7 weeks i think where we only had 3 eps and in 7 freaking weeks we got no densi.
    Generally when an episode doesn’t have strong or fun Densi scenes we can move on because next week or in 2 weeks we will get one, but here it has just been one looooong wait with zero payoff.

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  5. I enjoyed your review, as always. I’m in agreement that the Sam/Deeks moments to open the show were the best part of the episode. Such an awesome thing to see them training together, the serious pep talk and concern shared by Sam, and then the hilariousness of them both having a good laugh at Eric and Callen’s expense was priceless. Good stuff!

    Callen did a good job of carrying the scenes with Anna in this episode. In my opinion, that made her a little more tolerable.

    While I miss seeing Deeks and Kensi together, happy and bantering as usual, I understand and can appreciate the distance they’ve put between them as Kensi deals with her recovery. I read an online interview with Daniela recently; to hear her tell it, this pushing Deeks away may go on all season. Whether that’s true or not, I guess we’ll have to continue to wait and see.

    I missed Granger, but I’m glad Callen mentioned him. I’m anxious to see how his arc plays out, too.

    Again, great review!

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  6. Since I didn’t know where to begin this week, honestly, I think I’ll start by answering your last question, Karen: among the many things I didn’t like in this episode, there’s been one I was grateful for and that was realizing I’m so NOT ready to let the other characters take over the “emotional center” of the storytelling. It feels forced, unnatural, something fake. What came natural and so intriguing with Deeks and Kensi’s partnership, relationship and romance was how spontaneous everything was, the attraction, the spark, and later the gradual trust and the deep feelings. I find nothing similar now, I’m lost and I’m missing Deeks and Kensi’s scenes and moments together like crazy, I’m begging even one in which we could see her/them firsthand struggle to come back to their life before the coma. I wouldn’t have said one day I’d long for two fictional characters’ interactions on screen. This is the strength of some characters and stories that are so powerful to enter our world.

    Rationally, I understand why the authors wanted to explore more layers of Kensi’s physical and mental repercussions of her accident and injuries and the objective fact that DR was not full time available after her maternity leave was over, but emotionally I am compromised and I seriously start to think if we (Deeks and Kensi’s fans) did something wrong to deserve this treatment after the awesome way the authors had found to interweave Kensi’s storyline and very touching Densi scenes with the rest of the episodes at the beginning of the season.
    I find hard to accept Kensi is almost crying with Nate in quite a moving scene and in the following one everybody’s light-heartedly eating and having fun with the new addition to the team. Just wow… Worst timing ever. A disservice to Kensi’s character, disability arc and fans.

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  7. I want to see more of Denis. I do not want Deeks in jail or Sam or Callen or Granger. I think the mole could be Nate and maybe Anna really hoping not Nell or Eric. I love to see Kensi and Deeks back together as they where they love each other and I’m hopi g nothing drives them apart

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  8. I had mixed feelings about this episode. I could watch the Sam and Deeks opening scene over and over ( and I have thanks to youtube) , it was perfect, so well done, and beautifully acted by Eric Christian Olsen and LL Cool J. We need more scenes like that . I enjoyed all of the scenes other than Callen and Anna scenes.

    As far as Callen and Anna , they need to stop this. There is zero chemistry between them,the opening scene was painful, Anna acting like a goofy teenager, I was embarrassed for Chris O’Donnell. By the show bringing her back repeatedly it is forcing us fans to be really negative in ways I do not like. I feel like I have no choice but to criticize her as an actress. She started out as a competent agent but somehow has changed over time.In the combat scenes, she is the only female NCIS agent, across three shows, who wears her long hair down in fight scenes. I am assuming it is because the model thinks she looks better that way, and there is no effort for realism when it comes to her character. Also Callen who used to worry any time Sam did not have him as backup seems not to care where Sam is , or what he is doing. This is totally out of character. The ending scene felt like a slap in the face to long time fans. It was after work, we could have had Eric and Kensi there and had a team moment.

    I thought the scene of Nate and Kensi was too short but well done and the combination of that scene with the Deeks and Sam opening scene really gave us insight into Kensi’s mindset. I want to believe that by the end of the next arc Kensi will back to work and back to being Deeks girlfriend.I am assuming when the team is put in prison and Kensi is captured, that the team pulls together and she has her insight, so I am hoping the next arc will be great .If this does not happen and we are back to no Deeks and Kensi, and more Anna, I feel like will be in a dark place as far as the show goes. Denship said what I was beginning to feel. It feels like they took an actress who went out on maternity leave and is beloved for her role and replaced her with a younger, blonde model who really cannot act at the level the show needs and has no chemistry with any of the cast. I would hate to think that of this show.

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  9. I fast forwarded through most of the episode and just watched the Sam/Deeks scene and the Kensi/Nate scene.

    I am not as good as expressing my thoughts succinctly and in organized fashion as many of you so I’ll fumble along.

    Kensi’s depression and mental state – I like the idea that Kensi might heal faster physically (though not fast enough for her), she is not dealing with her mental/emotional health. That’s reasonable and realistic. I would love to actually see a snippet or two of that. The thing I have issue with is that it is not what’s being shown onscreen. The Kensi we have seen lately drinks beers and banters with Sullivan, hugs and actually talks to Eric (more than once now), lets Nell help her train. The last tender moment between Densi was the hand holding, when she let Deeks help her with her therapy by playing checkers. As Karen said in her awesome review, why not actually show it instead of Deeks just telling Sam? If the show and actors need interviews/articles to explain the character motivations, then to me it’s bad storytelling. Daniela Ruah’s latest interview on Glamour Magazine explained her/Kensi’s motivations. It’s almost like all the cast are doing these interviews after the showrunners saw all the negative comments on social media. It’s like the showrunners finally clued in that “Oh, many of the audience don’t get that we were trying to show Kensi struggling with depression. The audience just thought that Kensi’s just being mean to Deeks because she’s impatient about her recovery.” Let’s get the cast out there to kinda explain what it’s supposed to be and that it’s gonna be all season long. It seems that the showrunners pick and choose what they want to show in a realistic sense. They want to show Kensi’s recovery as a long and difficult process, but we see the scene where she gets upset that she may never walk again. Then it seems like two episodes later she’s walking. Then, she’s running and shooting her gun but the audience doesn’t have context as to the timeframe. I understand that Daniela was only available for a limited time after her initial return, but it seems that the scenes that were shown might not have been the best use of her onscreen time. I would have rather seen her talking to Sam about her frustration or struggle than that ridiculous dream sequence. It’s real for Kensi to have doubts about her place and being replaced, but perhaps it was not the best way to show that.

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    • Thank you Daisy; you always write exactly what I’m feeling. You don’t fumble along with your thoughts, you express how you feel. That’s what’s so great about this site. We all see and feel differently that to me is fun. For some reason I’m always on the same page as Daisy; hey a good page to be on :-)!!

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    • I totally agree with you Daisy, Thank you for your great comments.
      I am one of those people who didn’t get that Kensi was struggling with depression. Based on what I know about depression people who struggle with depression struggle to get out of bed in the morning, they do not have energy to go to the gym, or to banter and drink beer with friends or bake cookies.

      Wikideeks and everyone here make even the disappointing episodes feel so much better, I am so glad I found this site. Thank you everyone for your great comments!

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  10. Great review and comments. I loved the opening and thought that ECO and LL Cool J were just great. There was a vulnerability in Eric’s acting which has been so on point with the story. I felt the same about the scene with Kensi and Nate. I miss seeing the two of the together and working on Recovery. It was so telling of the depression and isolation that Kensi is feeling by not having her at the team dinner. They could have invited her and her depression said no I can’t go. I would to have seen more of her and Nate. Sometime Deeks and Kensi need to talk about the effects of her injury on their relationship. It feels very real and I don’t like it. I thought the interview was very helpful. One thought I had was if Nate turns out to be a mole than Kensi and I will feel so betrayed. Don’t get me wrong,I miss Densi. I really appreciate your comments and it helps me feeling connected.

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  11. Thanks for the review. I didn’t watch after I saw the quick tweets about how the Nate scene was a two minute scene tacked on the the end and that Anna had more screen time than Kensi and maybe Deeks. After reading your review,I feel I made the right choice.
    As for the glamour article, I agree with Daisy’s thoughts. Maybe they are filming scenes and they are are not making the final edit. Or they think from the inside they think they are presenting great character work, but in reality they are missing the good writing for it.

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    • Excuse the repeated phrases above, I hate responding on my phone.

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      • you guys are expressing exactly how I feel,
        assumptions just don’t get it.
        cannon is what we see, not what is in the writers mind or what gets cut or edited out.
        it it what happens, not what could have been.
        with some great possibilities, wonderful story arcs to elaborate on and only around 42-44 minutes per episode…
        we get 14+ minutes of Anna, her plastic smile and her pushing around a toolbox, really…
        they have chosen to take up a lot of time with some crap the last few episodes while leaving some important story points ignored.
        sad, very sad.
        so disappointed, I expected far better
        when Kensi got out of the hospital, I expected…well…more.


  12. Okay my take; I didn’t expect much from the episode and I was correct; so no disappointment; just another sigh; actually another wth sigh! I loved the scene with Sam and Deeks, perfection; and loved seeing Deeks laugh a bit. The episode was Deeks and Nell walking over here, oh now they’re walking other there, oh now they’re in the car; what a waste of talent. Concerning the recent Glamour article; I read it with a tilted head; as if what are they talking about? Her Mental Health? What Mental Health and its okay to ask for help; what help? The article did not go with what we’re watching with the exception of the hospital morning scene; which I absolutely love. And, it does beg the question as to why isn’t she in psychological therapy? It goes hand in hand with the physical therapy (I’ve been there, done that). All we’re seeing is a selfish girl who wants what she wants period. She’s okay spending time with Sullivan, laughing, putting him in a head lock, food fights, drinking beers, probably did go for that drive and laughing but treats Deeks so poorly.
    Her talk with Nate was pathetic; I guess that’s where we’re to see her depression; all I heard was that the job is everything; nothing, absolutely nothing means more to her then coming back to the job. It was great to have Nate back; they should have spliced some scenes better, because she didn’t come across all that well. Reading Twitter was brutal concerning her — Oiy!
    Now I’m going out on a limb here so please be nice — I saw the last scene as being good. The team worked a successful mission and were enjoying their environment (loved the location and drum circle) and each other; Deeks was even able to laugh again. And, why would Deeks call her? Remember he rushed home to be with her only to find 6 empty beers bottles, no Kensi and a little note about dinner; he never seems to know where she is and she obviously doesn’t care — such a sad scene. And, forget its Anna for a second, the agent (Anna) was so gracious to Kensi, offered to help, gave her a hug and tried to reassure her only to have Kensi be incredibly rude to her. The Kensi I haven’t liked, grew to like, now I’m back to not liking this selfish woman. One note about the beer; I have to speak up for Hetty on the gun ranch scene. Some saw Hetty as being unfeeling, not encouraging her, etc. My thought was Hetty could smell the beer. I’m not a beer drinker, the smell seems to linger on the drinker; I personally like my wine :-). Perhaps Hetty knew this, plus Kensi did show she is not ready; she couldn’t use her left hand. When out in the field, all agents need to be top notch, they put each other’s lives in their hands.
    So let’s all hope the next arc (concerning the mole) will be the beginning of turning this season back to where it started — strong. And perhaps that’s when we’ll see Kensi (as DR mentioned in the article) reaching out for help. And maybe, just maybe we’ll FINALLY get a Densi scene.
    Happy New Year WikiDeeks fans! Please be nice :-)!!

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    • When I read the Glamour mag article, I totally agreed that asking for help was normal and strong and good for you to portray that. I’m waiting to actually see that though. Even if she doesn’t ask a Deeks for help, as long as she communicates to him in a mature loving way why she can’t reach out to him YET. Something that shows she’s actually struggling, realizes she is and that she’s pushing Deeks away. The first step is realizing there’s a problem.

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  13. Karen,
    a great job as always, thank you.
    you hit the highs and lows, that’s for sure

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    • Ed; you just made me laugh; I didn’t scroll enough and read your comment. I thought Ed? He always has much to say and I love that. Then I scrolled — that’s the Ed I look forward to reading — now I’m going to read what you wrote — funny!


  14. what a mixed bag..
    everything is scrambled, but here we go………..
    Don’t like touché spread around, it should be a Densi thing.

    Liked Sam and Deeks interaction. Some respect is nice. Sam said he owed Deeks for life and thought he was a good cop after Siderov…but he didn’t always act that way very often. It is nice to see

    Not enough Kensi. She returned on 11-1 at the start of filming for the Christmas ep. and this episode didn’t start filming until 11-10.
    It is odd that she showed a “first day back” selfie that appeared to have her dressed in the gym clothes she was wearing in episode 12 ? did she film out of order?

    Too much Anna,
    She is barely tolerable as it is, having to watch over 14 minutes of her is way beyond my threshold, couldn’t get through it a second time without the fast forward button
    Hope she is the mole, tries to poison Callen with Wolfsbane/ Nightshade cookies, and gets hit hard enough to knock that plastic smile off her face.
    Then probably shot…we don’t want her back, do we…

    Never okay without and Densi

    Liked Nell and Deeks, nice talk, but should have been a Densi moment
    At least Nell was acting normal for a change

    Seems like Deeks and Kensi talk to everybody but each other The writing is making Kensi somewhat less likeable and I hope it gets corrected soon. She is appearing rude, uncaring and insensitive to her roommate, because at this point it is all he appears to be.

    Nate comments didn’t track, it is the kind of inconsistency that drives me nuts
    From Hetty when Kensi returned after Afghanistan: ” The truth is, I don’t know if you’re ready.
    That being said, I don’t know that keeping you here will provide revelations.
    We won’t know, will we until you’re back out there

    So Kensi says: “because I’m ready. And there’s really only one way to find out for sure “
    They Nate actually replies: “That’s not really how we do things here.”

    Really Nate, since when ? what the heck?

    So Callen forcing the team to pursue and taze him is normal, Sam has had issues around his family. Eric with the flash bang and the flare….
    But Nate worries about Kensi’s decision making in the field…really
    What the hell. Certainly, no consistency there.

    In spite of what she said Kensi is obviously not motivated by her relationship with Deeks and the ring. It was all about the competition with Sullivan and returning to work. That’s what her actions show.
    The fact that she won’t lean on Deeks is troubling

    The scene order at the end was wrong, I agree. Seeing them hanging out with Anna and Kensi alone was wrong.
    Also, I still don’t Deeks think would first, hang out at a Christmas party , then a drum circle without including Kensi. Just don’t see it.

    Also, I stand by my earlier comments that I believe that Shane Brennan went into this season assuming it may be the last and only had 22 episodes to complete the story and close out the series. Dani’s recent interview hinted that the original story may have had a more serious outcome and Kensi may not of returned.
    That would fit if at the end of the season Deeks and Kensi both left NCIS to raise a family, right.
    I think that might have been the plan if the ratings had continued to slip.
    I think Anna might have been being trial tested for permanent replacement spot for the Mole or Densi. They might be judging fan reaction with focus groups and on line
    ….so be vocal…WE HATE IT…

    Like I have stated before, Dani is drawn to portray these broken, tragic characters that I find difficult to watch at times. Just because she loves the story, doesn’t mean the majority of Densi fans will.
    Watching that type of character on their journey for a few hours of a movie is a whole different thing than 7+ years of angst.
    It is getting a little hard to take, at least for me.
    Everybody’s tolerance level for angst is different and I am becoming saturated.

    After watching this episode and then reading the interviews, I feel like I did after Afghanistan, and then sat through Three Hearts…
    Like a kick in the groin.

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  15. hey,
    maybe Kensi will apologize to Anna by sending her some flowers.
    nightshade would be a good choice…I hear she likes blues and purples…
    just sayin’

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  16. oh, by the way,
    did I completely miss the episode where Nell became an actual agent???
    last I saw, she told Hetty she wanted to be…
    unless I am wrong…that would be twice this year already. that would already surpass last year’s total …darn it.
    anyway, back to my point.
    isn’t Nell an Intelligence Analyst and Eric a Tech Operator ?
    why did Deeks call her an agent?
    oops, Details

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  17. All your comments have been so interesting to read! Everybody’s. Wikideeks staff, you are so nice to give us this chance.
    Something more I wanted to add.
    After never being shown a proper Densi date ever, I’m wondering if we could be delighted with Uncle Callen taking his niece Anna to Legoland anytime soon?
    This is what happens when you become one of the faces on the DVD covers’ girlfriend: you get more screen time than deserved, much more.
    Be Anna the mole, lock her in prison, give us a reason why she was pushed with Callen so stubbornly by the writers to begin with. Long before we met her, in interviews they already kind of hinted she would become “Callen’s new love interest”. And it’s so surprising how no one is lecturing Callen on the risks of dating a co-worker who has your back in the field after all Deeks and Kensi were forced to go through in some of the you-know-which episodes!

    Sorry, A bit disappointed lately by a show that instead of focusing some scenes on the compelling journey and struggle of an agent both in her personal and professional life, needs the actors to release interviews to explain (like Daisy perfectly said) what’s going on. We are not that dense, show: if being shown we can perfectly understand what’s happening.

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  18. Hey! I’m the only one with a “thumbs down” :-(. I wonder what part wasn’t liked; all of it, parts of it? Perhaps he/she thinks I’m for Anna; I am absolutely NOT; I can’t stand watching it.
    Maybe I should feel honored? At least we didn’t get the phantom thumbs down person; thumbed down every post; so I’m special — I’ll take it :-)!!

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    • my guess is it is about not inviting Kensi to the drum circle, or less likely Hetty at the gun range.
      who knows.
      Probably a tried and true Densi fan or a Hetty hater…or both..kind of like me a little bit
      I am not happy with either of those scenes, but if I had THUMBED you, you would have darn well known why….
      No point in saying your wrong without an explanation…

      …except I am too shy and timid to voice my opinion
      …you people are far too intimidating and scary.

      actually I agree with most of what you said.
      thanks, and don’t be mean to me….I’m afraid


  19. A quote from a TV Guide interview with LL “There are multiple moles that are trying to destroy the agency,” said the actor, who plays Agent Sam Hanna. “They’re actually closer than the fans would even expect and that’s going to lead to major changes.” How major? “It affects the cast” and leads to a “changing of the guard.”


    • So here’s a small thought I have in the back of my mind that will surely be controversial. I don’t want it to happen but one small part of me wouldn’t mind. What if Deeks dies as a victim of this whole mole thing? It might not be too bad. Then ECO can be on another show that would realize his full acting talents.

      Just a teeny tiny little thought.


      • from what has leaked out and what we have seen as far as the existing team and guest cast…
        I think that the original plan was to possibility have Kensi not be able to return to work, have her and Deeks, leave NCIS, get married and start a family, and have Anna ( Die , Anna, Die )
        become part of the team.
        they would need another agent or move Nell from opps.
        maybe someone like blaze into opps?
        this was assuming that show runners thought this could likely be the last season.
        again this probably wasn’t needed to be vetted too seriously because it wouldn’t last too long beyond an episode or two.

        I think they put the brakes on that idea when the numbers came up dramatically right out of the gate

        just a wild thought that kind of fits what is going on lately

        Ed…….Die, Anna, Die…


      • Sorry, Daisy no way. I want ECO on the show and I want TPTB to do as they promised, a season 8 Densi engagement and a season 8 episode, Deeks, M. Maybe we should tweet them once a day to remind them what they promised!!!


        • did they actually promise an engagement? I heard ECO say that then Dani correct him with “proposal”…
          we actually got that sucky proposal, and a “No” already.
          …so those comments about Deeks buying a ring and a proposal have technically already happened.
          Will we actually get anything more…I hope so, but who knows.
          rather disappointed with the recent turn of events.

          Die, Anna, Die…


          • Ed, this is from a TV guide article , April 24, 2016 ,by Liz Raftery, I put the link at the bottom of this.

            Deeks floated the idea of an engagement in the March 19 episode (in which he and Kensi also had The Talk about whether they want to have children), and the original plan was to have a proposal in Season 7. But now executive producer Scott Gemmill tells that, while there is a plan in place for Deeks to get down on one knee, it probably won’t come until Season 8.
            “We will not see, I don’t think, a proper proposal until next season, because we have an idea for how to do that that I want to play out,” Gemmill explains. “I already know how we’re going to do it. It’s just, the fans have waited long enough that we want it to be worth the wait.”



            • didn’t those interviews take place just before Dani announced her pregnancy?.
              sometimes the interview takes place a little while before it is actually aired.

              in addition, we actually did see Deeks down on one knee.
              I guess I am just afraid they are gaming us again and are going to stretch things out now.
              the proposal was likely set for the last episode or two of the season ( series) and then have them ride off into the sunset to raise a family.
              I wonder if things have changed since then…

              I am not very trusting and the show runners give me very little reason to be with Densi involved.


              • oops , almost forgot…
                Die Anna Die !!!


              • We’ll she would have been pregnant enough in April that they TPTB knew she was pregnant. I do understand what you are saying and I share your lack of trust but in the end, a Densi wedding will have huge ratings and I pretty sure they will use that to their advantage. I do not think we should let TPTB off the hook!


                • agreed,
                  I really think we need to have a real proposal and a ring on Kensi’s finger.,,,like soon.
                  if the wedding isn’t until next year,I could live with that.
                  we need a good emotional , heart felt discussion between the couple about how much deeks means to now please…

                  Die Anna Die !!!


        • I really don’t want that to happen either but I have little faith in what was said in that interview in April since Dani’s pregnancy and Miguel’s health. Dani got that big huge new trailer so maybe she really is staying and will be back to filming a full schedule. ECO feels like he’s not being used even though he’s onscreen a lot. I feel like they’re both just being wasted and might be let go. Again I really hope not but I was trying to look for any silver lining in case we don’t get the Densi happy ever after, whatever that means – engaged or married I don’t care as long as they’re together.


    • part of me thinks that the changing of the guard was originally to be Hetty sacrificing herself in a showdown with the mole and have Nell step in like she has been groomed for with Granger staying on as well.
      I think that Miguel Ferrer’s apparent health issues have forced a change in thinking and now he is likely to be the one to go.

      just a thought

      Die Anna Die !!!


      • Unfortunately I think you may be right about the change of plan. I think Linda Hunt may have postponed her retirement so that the mole story could play out longer than originally planned (maybe due to all the detours they took to accommodate DR’s pregnancies), and while I would not be at all surprised to see her step back from the show, I think Miguel Ferrer’s health issues may now have altered not just the timeline but the resolution of the mole arc. I hope Miguel is able to stay on in a significant role, not just because I love Granger, but because I think the show needs a character to bring authority and gravitas.


        • with all the effort they have put into Nell being portrayed as the heir apparent to Hetty.
          it wold be fitting for a Granger/ Nell leadership of the team.
          Hetty could go out in a blaze of glory, probably against a mole mastermind that she thought was a longtime friend?…or a longtime enemy.?

          it just seems to fit.

          I really do like Granger, he has really grown on me over the years.


  20. since we are making request about what we want…
    Anna gets caught trying to poison Callen and gets her ass beat….Mole
    Sullivan tries to kidnap Kensi and gets his ass beat…Mole
    Deeks beats the crap out of Nate for depressing Kensi and generally acting like he is in charge of something when he hasn’t been around for more than a couple of episodes in the last 5 years.
    …and by the way, who is he to judge someone decisions in the field. he made some huge mistakes the last time he was around.
    to me, he still has an ass whooping coming for how he treated Callen.
    or make him a mole too…

    thats just for starters.

    Die, Anna, Die…


    • somebody point me towards the director and get me a megaphone…
      I’ll fix this mess right now.

      Die Anna Die…


      • .Day one of Ed in charge…
        …okay,…cut, cut, cut….who wrote this crap….
        new script, just a few changes
        Surfer boy…down on one knee, where’s that damn ring…
        Kensi, your line is ” yes, yes, it will always be yes, I love you so much”
        Sullivan, your services are needed in Afghanistan, take Anna with you…get out now.
        Eric and Nell, get your asses up to opps and stay there.
        Nate, you are acting like an ass and you aren’t in charge or even one to talk about good decisions in the field. Callen slap him for me. hard.
        hey you two, put some tongue into it
        thats better,
        Deeks, …once you and Kensi are done checking each others fillings, sign these damn papers.

        that’s a wrap…

        stay tuned for day 2…

        Die Anna Die !!!


        • Ed in charge, day 2
          ..starts with Callen making Sam stop the car at the pharmacy so he can run in to pick up something to get rid of his case of Crabs….
          wonder where they came from…
          Callen. goes into the restroom and from outside the door you hear a spray then a scream “…it burns…damn you ANNA,!!!”

          Sam is mad because he thinks they may be in his car.

          next scene
          Kensi and Deeks in Hawaii on their honeymoon, going to help Hawaii 5-O with a case while they are there…lots of surfing, beaches and swimwear involved.

          Nate is seen pushing a mop around the Mission.
          Hetty is heard asking him…”remind me again, who is in charge around here…who makes the decisions? “…

          cut to first commercial…

          Die Anna Die !!!


        • Day 3

          somewhere in Afghanistan..
          Sullivan is looking for a pharmacy, and scratching a lot…
          just sayin’

          Die Anna Die…


  21. Good idea keep Eric and Nell up in ops they are great up there together, but can be used for back up if need be. Sam and Callen are great as partners, and Deeks and Kensi as are partners. No need for Anna she’s a fake, and your right how come Deeks and Kensi got hassel about dating but nothing said to Callen and Anna, and Hetty just keeps giving her work why? Does she want to keep her around? As for the mole these are the names I’ve come up with
    1. Sullivan: he just all of a sudden shows up at the hospital where Kensi is and he describes Deeks to a t.
    2. Paul Angela: the team took down his girlfriends husband and put her in jail
    3. CIA Ferris, CIA Sabatino
    4. The CIA agent the save from Russia when the got Arkady
    Just my opinion on the mole.
    I love to see more Deeks and Kensi scenes hoping now that she is back on the show we will and that once she is back in the action she will start to come out of the depression she has been in but she does need to talk to Deeks, and Deeks needs to talk to her they had this problem before they need to talk about their feelings.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think the mole has to be someone in the inner circle, or it’s just not going to have the dramatic/emotional payoff that they have been building up to since the very first “mole” episode in season 6. With Miguel Ferrer’s health concerns, it seems quite plausible that Granger could be involved and his character will be written off the show. It did seem earlier this season that they were trying to cast suspicion on Nell, but that would be extremely shocking, so maybe that was only part of the plan before the ratings went up.With February sweeps coming up, I’m eager for the mole(s) to finally be revealed once and for all.


      • Nell is a possibility,
        Nate would also fit the bill.

        Actually Eric would be perfect. what if his goofiness is all an act.
        What if Carl picked him for a reason, and the needle to the neck was staged?

        Eric has slipped from his care free attitude a couple of times, , saying ” Deeks acually figured it out”,…which was a little odd. and then there was the time he had a odd look on his face after Deeks turned around to leave Opps….seem very out of place. like he was irritated or was faking his kindness


  22. I will be so upset if Deeks turns out to be the mole. I don’t know what to think. They are certainly ramping up the publicity.

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  23. the mole list…Eric what do you think???
    Paul Angelo
    Grace Stevens

    I think Granger will die in a battle with the mole, not be one.


    • what about Michelle?


    • what if it is Callen, Grace Stevens, and someone else from the raven and swans thing who resent being indoctrinated by Hetty and turned into agents/ assets for her use.

      Die Anna Die…


    • I tend to think the least likely candidates for the mole are Kensi, Deeks and Sam.
      It could be Hetty, but I doubt it.

      it almost has to be Nell or Eric, at least in part, to be able to collect all the data and hide the fact that it was searched. otherwise they probably would have found a trail by now

      just a thought


  24. I think the leader of the moles is Arkady who has a grudge against Callen’s father. Anna and Sullivan are lovers and are undercover as moles. They are seeking revenge and hurting Callen and all those close to him. They may be fast tracking the Anna/Callen romance so she can turn around and betray him. Same for Sullivan. Kirkin might come out of the woodwork when he learns about Arkady’s plot and saves Deeks. Hetty suspected Anna so she let Anna “in” to the mission to trap her. Callen is about to kill her but Hetty shoots her first to save Callen from killing his “love.” Sullivan kidnaps Kensi and Deeks saves her. Sam confronts Arkady and tells him how he always thought something was off with him and that he never trusted him. Arkady laughs and out comes Michelle who really likes Russian men and is really Arkady’s mistress. Sam, with Sabatino’s help, corners Arkady and Sam shoots Arkady in the head.

    Just a theory or a wish, especially the Anna and Sullivan parts.


    • wow daisy, you have outdone yourself. fantastic.
      way to clean house.
      I do actually like Arkady, but will gladly let him go to get rid of the rest of them.( Kirlin is pretty funny at times)
      can you add a part to get rid of Paul Angelo….I think you missed him in your extermination plot.

      Die Anna Die…


    • Daisy,
      you bring up a good point,
      Callen has always been a lone wolf, to have him reconnect with his father and have him actually move to the area no less,… find out he has a family,.. find true love with Anna (yuck),..
      all within a few episodes, just seems like way too much too fast.
      there has to be a setup in there somewhere.

      Die Anna Die


    • what if the guy is really not Callens father, but someone who knew him and was an old enemy.
      he may want to kill Arkady as well.

      could Callens “dad” be the ring leader?


    • I like how you think, love your scenerio; I would put Paul Angelo in there only because Paul Brunson while dying told them (Callen/Sam) that they just don’t know how deep someone is in their organization; I can’t remember word for word, sorry. Paul would seek revenge for putting his lover in jail and removing all his identity; however we haven’t seen or heard about him in quite some time. So I guess I’ll just have to wait and see like everyone else. If Granger has to leave the show I hope he does so while saving someone not him being the mole. I like Granger a lot!
      Who knows, right? 🙂
      Da, da, da, dum……………….


    • Clap clap clap… I like the way you think!!! Please, be your story the one we’re going to see in the next 3 episodes!!! Especially the part about Anna and Sullivan!!! I’m just not so sure about Michelle on the other hand!!!


  25. Great discussion everyone!


  26. this could be day of 4 with Ed in Charge
    or sooner if I can get some help around here.

    I may have singled-handedly fixed most of our problems, if I say so myself….

    Ed’s suggestion for a short Densi scene
    when the writers can be bothered to write one again…
    or I would do it myself if I can just find the damn studio….darn mapquest…

    —–It starts in their house, with Kensi taking Deeks hand and pulling him close

    Kensi :
    Deeks, I really want to apologize for acting like a bitch lately.

    Deeks shakes his head and starts to talk.

    Kensi puts a finger to his lips to quiet him and continues.

    Please just listen, let me say this.
    I am struggling and frustrated but that is no excuse to being mean or push you away, I’m sorry
    I don’t even know why you are still here, but I’m really glad you are
    You know I love you and want to marry you, right?
    I just want to be in a good place when I say yes, that’s all
    I wanted to get through this myself, but I don’t think I can.
    I need you, I always knew it, but never realized just how much until now.
    You know I’m not very good at talking about feelings, and I hate shrinks.
    But I need help working through it, can we talk about it? Maybe not try to fix it right away, just get out how I feel and you listen for a while.
    Then we can figure out how to get through this, together. Please…

    ——–Pulls closer into a hug.

    …Together…I like the sound of that.
    …And Kensi….

    ——-Pulls head back so they can make eye contact

    I love you too…always have, always will,… forever.

    Forever, I like the sound of that too.

    A nice passionate kiss ends the scene.

    …..A minute of something like this would probably stop most of the Densi fans from wanting to string up the writers by their thumbs and beat them like a piñata.

    Die , Anna, Die


    • an open letter to the the writers…

      one scene, one minute, one set, two actors, no special effects or stunts
      …and the dialogue is already done, I don’t even want any royalties…
      easy to fix, now get on it…
      let me know if you need any more help

      Die , Anna, Die


    • No, I’d still want to string them up by their thumbs. It’s been months. I want more than a 3-minute scene. But I know I won’t get it.


      • oh , don’t get me wrong..
        I’m right there with ya….i’ll get the rope and hold them for you.

        ….I did say “most”….that doesn’t include me either…
        they owe us a lot more…they are doing a disservice to the long time Densi fans, and I am not too happy about it.

        Die , Anna, Die


    • I’m not holding my breath. All this hype for this mole arc but I’m afraid it won’t be as epic as everyone’s making it out to be. It never is. Producers have been tauting the last few episodes as epic and spectacular but it was more like ho hum to me. Lost faith and not excited about upcoming episodes which is a real bummer.


    • Perfect!!! Maybe you can apply for a job … They would really need help right now! I can write you a recommendation letter if you want? lol


  27. With ya Daisy. I used to be so excited for sneak peeks and previews, now I’m meh about them.


    • Diane,
      I totally agree with you and daisy.
      it is a sad position that I find myself in, when the sneak peeks and promos don’t get me excited
      I don’t find myself thinking “this is going to be great, I cant wait..”.
      I find myself thinking things like, wonderful…no Densi again,…. how long will they drag out Kensi’s rehab,….. why do they have to keep putting issues between Kensi and Deeks instead of letting them work through issues together….great more of the team acting out of character..The writing is making Kensi less likable….Damn, not more Anna….get this mole thing done already, I’m so over it……

      those are the thought I have now, unfortunate that I no longer expect greatness from my favorite show…

      Die , Anna, Die


  28. Karen, Thank you for your great and heartfelt review.

    For my part, this was again an episode with bad and
    extremely frustrating writing. With Anna all over the
    place and prancing at the Mission as if she belongs
    there. I really tried to like her character. But I am still
    not at all an admirer of Bar Paly (add to this also her very
    thin voice). And the way the writers continue to shove
    her down our throats puts me off. As for the truly forced
    attempt of an Anna-Callen romance. There is no spark
    or chemistry between them at all. And it occurred to me
    that Anna might be an imposter who is posing as Arkady’s
    daughter. And now that he has his shields down, Callen
    might not see a threat coming. I do not trust Anna at all.
    I know that this is an ensemble show, but I am extremely
    concerned about what the writers are doing to Kensi and
    Deeks. As they are still very close to destroying completely
    Kensi and Deeks. They have already gone through so much,
    I still dearly hope that the writers will put no further impediments in
    their way. The way the writers are keeping Kensi and Deeks
    apart is extremely frustrating. In my opinion, having a healthy
    relationship means sharing and talking with each other about
    your hopes, dreams, worries, fears and doubts. Deeks definitely
    wants to do that, he loves Kensi as she is, her strengths and flaws.
    But the writers have gone entirely too far with Kensi’s insecurities
    over her return to the field and she is totally obsessed with returning
    to the field and has lost perspective of anything else including her
    relationship with the man who she loves.
    If they want to make us believe that the upcoming three part storyarc
    will be of epic proportions and it will be an extremely desperate and
    dramatic situation for the team. I have very serious doubts about this.

    My candidates for moles would be:

    Paul Angelo

    And then:

    I still want Kensi back and that gorgeous ring on her



    • I sooooooo agree with you, Annna had perfect background and Russia would give anything to get to Garrison using Callen to do so. They certainly missed out on a great story. Joelle was laughable!


  29. Am I the only one who would love to see both Kensi and Deeks finally have enough and start a major argument that escalates to a screaming match then clears the air and winds up in a love scene that let’s us all fall in love with Densi all over again? You could almost feel it coming with Deeks.

    Except for the lack of interaction between Marty and Kensi, the episode was enjoyable. Just that. I was disappointed overall.


    • Totally agree with you!!! I sincerely hope they’re gonna fight, let the tension go away!!! If they could make out after that and get over with this crap!!! I don’t mind if they yell at each other or if they kiss endlessly… I just want them to be together on screen, even if it’s just for 5 min!!! Is it to much to ask?


      • at some point, deeks will have to ask kensi if she is happy being in a relationship with him.

        she will reply, of course I am why would you even ask such a thing.

        he will then say something like …because, if you really want our relationship to last, then you need to start acting like we are actually in one. Because I am not really feeling it right now.

        I’m not sure where we even stand any more..
        …what do you want?

        …something like that….

        Die , Anna, Die


  30. Karen… Thank you for your review… As usual I look forward to read your opinion!!!
    Like you, if I was a general fan of the show, I would have enjoyed this episode but I’m a huge fan of ECO and Dani and I was frustrated with the lack of scene of them together!!! 3 episodes in a row… What the Hell? It’s almost like we were back in season 5 when Kensi was in Afghanistan except that they are in the same city and live in the same house!!! Please?
    In the case of Anna… Please, can they get rid of her ASAP!!! I can’t stand her… And this love story with Callen? Please, let Anna be the mole, can she take Sullivan with her et bye bye…
    I took the time to read all the reviews and I was relief thanks to some of them, and I was worried about other ones… This website gives me chills sometimes… I was like, “yeah they are right, everything’s gonna be fine” when I read an optimistic one, and like, “OMG… I lost my faith, I just have to find another Tv Show to love if we don’t have Densi anymore…” when I read a pessimist one!!!
    Can’t wait to watch the next 3 episodes… I hope it’s gonna be epic… Anna and Sullivan out of screen and Deeks and Kensi in love and happy for ever and ever!!! A girl can dream, right?


  31. Spoiler for 8×16…..please don’t read if you don’t like spoilers.

    I saw a bts photo of Sam and Callen with a woman who looks like Joelle. This would hopefully be a good sign that Anna and her mole partners tried to harm Joelle and Callen comes to her rescue. To me that’s the perfect way to get rid of Anna/Bar. With a character I like my better portrayed by a real actress who can actually act and portray emotions, not a model.


    • Anna and her mole partners….
      I like the sound of that, a good way to get rid of her.

      but, wasn’t the mole arc a 3 part thing.
      wouldn’t that mean episodes 13,14,15 ?
      it could be after the fallout though…
      lets hope.

      in the photo you saw, were they stepping over a skinny blond that was dead on the lawn and riddled with bullet holes???

      one can hope…

      Die , Anna, Die


  32. doesn’t the mole almost have to be someone that Hetty knows, trusted and probably brought into the fold or let off the hook at some point.
    the way she manipulates everything, and lets people like Paul Angelo go free…
    I think it will eventually backfire and bite her in the ass.
    for dramatic effect, indirectly, this will all be due to a bad decision or poor judgement on her part.

    Die , Anna, Die


  33. They weren’t kidding when they said characters were coming back. I’m kinda weary of bts photos. One of them might contain Talia. Noooooo!


  34. how about if Paul Angelo and Anna are lovers and behind a big part of this.
    maybe Sullivan was a plant to help protect Kensi in the hospital when she was separated from her team.


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