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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Hot Water” (S8E13)

Hot Water

Title:  “Hot Water”

Airing:   January 15th

Filming:  November 28th to December 6th

What CBS is telling us:   The mole has once again compromised the NCIS team as planted evidence results in the arrests of Callen, Sam, Granger and Deeks, on the day Under Secretary Duggan (Jackson Hurst) returns for Hetty’s resignation, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES.

 What we think is happening:  It is old home week as a number of characters from the past few seasons are back and that doesn’t look like a good thing since everyone coming back is looking to put the team in jail.

Be on the lookout: GUEST CAST:

Jackson Hurst as Under Secretary of Defense Corbin Duggan

Last seen being outraged that Hetty was walking free at the end of “The Queen’s Gambit”.

Karina Logue as LAPD Detective Ellen Whiting  

Last seen being disappointed that Deeks was walking free near the end of “Internal Affairs”.

Gretchen Palmer as Heather Wilson

Granger’s drinking buddy from the season eight premiere, a photo of her meeting with Carl Brown’s sweetie Natalie Grant/Amber Wilcox was on the big screen in Ops at the end of “Sirens”.

Carlos Sanz as DEA Agent Mario Sanchez

Last seen in “The Grey Man” running the transport of drug cartel big wig Domingo Pena.

Corey Reynolds as ATF Agent Duke Morgan

Appeared on the mothership as Lt. Commander Aaban El-Sayad in “Faith”, the season seven holiday episode.  Plays Assistant DA Martin Reardon on Murder in the First, was Lt. Gabriel on The Closer and Waylon Ortley on Getting On.

Had guest roles on Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life, Castle, Private Practice, CSI: Miami, Without a Trace, The Guardian and Eve.

Was nominated for a Tony for playing Seaweed J, Stubbs in “Hairspray” in 2002.

Elaine Loh as LAPD Officer Lisa Chan

Appeared in episodes of General Hospital, About a Boy, Jane the Virgin, Power, Last Man Standing, Bad Judge, Hench, Hart of Dixie, New Girl, The Schleps, Cougar Town, The Mentalist, All My Children, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Californication, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Chuck, The Young and the Restless, What About Brian and Passions.

Andrew Thacher as FBI Swat Commander

Plays a lot of law enforcement or uniformed service members.  Was State Police Sgt. Paul Westgard on NCIS‘s season eight premiere “Spider and the Fly”.   Had guest roles on Grey’s Anatomy, Veep, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Rosewood, Superstore, Teen Wolf, Book of Secrets, Scandal, Hit the Floor, It is Always Sunny in Philadelphia, True Blood, Caribe Road, Legit, Sons of Anarchy, Vegas, CSI: Miami, Harry’s Law, Rules of Engagement, Dexter, Mental, Medium, Life, Lincoln Heights, Smith, The Unit, The OC, Without a Trace, E-Ring, One Life to Live, Third Watch, Law & Order: SVU and As The World Turns.

Tony Elias as FBI Swat Officer

Was the FBI Swat Officer who ordered Callen to stay in the car during Sam’s arrest in “SEAL Hunter” and the same character who came over the hill with Granger to rescue Kensi and Deeks in “An Unlocked Mind”.

Karibel Rodriquez as LAPD Officer Turner  

Guest roles on East Los High and The Last Ship.

Joe Thornton Jr. as LAPD Officer Northam

Played the officer hanging up the phone and bringing visitors to Deeks in the jail scenes in “Internal Affairs”.

Matthew Grant Godbey as LAPD Detective Dan Evans  

Last seen working the crime scene in “Parallel Resistors”.

Jeff De Serrano as LAPD Officer Rojas  

Last seen looking for the post-stun gunned Callen in “Active Measures”.

Vivis Colombetti as Mrs. Ramirez  

Plays Rosario on East Los High and had guest roles on Adam Ruins Everything, Jane the Virgin, Workaholics, Past Life, Medium and Greek.  Mrs. Ramirez was Callen’s neighbor in “Sirens” though she wasn’t credited.

Todd James Jackson as Hospital Guard  

Had guest roles on The Vampire Diaries, RePlay, 90210, The Young and the Restless, Blood Relatives, General Hospital, All My Children and Immigrants – usually as law enforcement officers.

Troy Cephers as LAPD Officer  

Last seen trying to arrest Callen and Sam after the diamond transfer in “Command and Control”.

There are more than a few law enforcement officers we’ve seen in prior episodes.


WRITTEN BY:  Anastasia Kousakis, daughter of executive producer John Peter Kousakis.  She wrote and directed the series We Don’t’ Hate It Here.

DIRECTED BY:  Dennis Smith who directed “Fame”, “Standoff”, “Rocket Man”, “Cyberthreat”, “Exit Strategy”, “Patriot Acts”, “Out of the Past” part one, “The Livelong Day”, Between the Lines”, “Deep Trouble” part two, “Black Budget”, “Black Wind”, “Blame it On Rio”, “Defectors”, “Matryoshka” part one, “Granger, O” and “Queens Gambit”.


Insider Intel
:  Reposting Eric Christian Olsen’s interview with KTLA last month with a clip from last week and spoilers for what’s coming with the mole storyline.

ExtraTV has the same clip from last week but also some info from Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J

There were also two articles issued last Sunday about this three-part “mole” storyline.  First is a TVLine, the second at Seat42F.   TV Guide had an article as well but it was released Tuesday.  Busy press week for the show.

Glamour also had an article about Kensi’s recovery and her life with Deeks.

Official Photographic Evidence:  Promo photos are at Seat42F.  The program’s Instagram account also sent out quote – they usually do that after the episode:

Unofficial Surveillance:

Guest star Andrew Thacher is happy to be on set:

And Thacher seems happy with the location:

Matthew Godbey is happy with the location as well:

Jackson Hurst wants to call his union about the location:

Guest stars Corey Reynolds and Vivis Colombetti on set:

Colombetti and director Dennis Smith:

Colombetti and co-star (and TV neighbor) Chris O’Donnell:


Video Surveillance:



No Deeks in the preview but Kensi looks to be rescuing Granger’s bar buddy Heather.

Sneak Peek:

Look who is back in the office!  Great news!

Bad morning for both Deeks and Sam.

Possible Sports Related Delays:  For the first time since Labor Day weekend, CBS does not have football on Sunday.  There will be no sports delay.  There will be a sports preemption next Sunday, however, when CBS airs the AFC Championship Game.  The program returns with “Under Siege” on January 29th.




Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor. You can read more by Tess HERE.

41 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Hot Water” (S8E13)

  1. Tess,
    thank you for putting all this together,
    A great job as always

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have this feeling that the mastermind behind the moles is not just someone with an ax to grind, a grudge, but someone close. A true betrayal.
    Doesn’t the person almost have to be someone that Hetty knows, trusted and probably brought into the fold or let off the hook at some point.
    the way she manipulates everything, and lets people like Paul Angelo go free…
    it will likely blow up in her face at some point.
    I think this is might be that time.
    For dramatic effect, indirectly, this will all be due to a bad decision or poor judgement on her part.

    But, if Granger is truly in bad health, will he be the one to pay the price instead of Hetty.

    So far, when Hetty has made bad decisions, it is those around her that pay the price for her mistakes… (Afghanistan for example).
    It will be interesting if she actually pays for it long term herself this time.

    I actually think that was the original plan, but Miguel’s apparent health issues have necessitated a change and he will take the hit.

    I really hope that Miguel Ferrer is okay and this is just part of the plot and not real life health issues, but I am concerned.

    Die, Anna, Die


  3. Love your previews of the show. Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but I think there is going to be a big problem with football and our show. The playoff game with the Chiefs and Steelers was rescheduled because of the ice storm that is hitting Kansas City tomorrow. It was supposed to be played at noon but is now going to be played at 7:20pm (CST). They made the decision yesterday. I don’t know as of yet if CBS will play our show later or if the entire series of this arc will start next Sunday. For me it’s bittersweet. I love NCISLA and am literally in spilkes over any kind of delay and I’m a die-hard fan and former employee of the Kansas City Chiefs (off-duty security) who would love them to beat the Steelers’ collective a**es. Either way I’ll be glued to CBS Sunday night. GO CHIEFS!


    • unbelievable…
      these people live in Pittsburgh and KC, yet they whine about a little weather.
      …bunch of babies…
      you don’t see us folks out on the west coast whine about a little weather.
      suck it up
      its cold out here too, only going to get into the low 60s today, and I’m not sure where my jacket is
      talk about roughing it. BRRRR.

      kidding obviously,

      but still no excuse to cancel our show, sorry

      Die, Anna, Die


    • for crying out loud…
      the player even have shoulder pads and helmets on.
      a little hail wont hurt. get out there.
      stop acting like a bunch of little princesses and do your jobs….

      easy for me to say while sitting in a beach chair…but still
      we all make choices.

      still kidding

      Die, Anna, Die


    • actually , even if they can get the stadium ready, the travel too the stadium would be incredibly hazardous. it would be in poor judgement and selfish to have the game and not care about the fans risking their lives to get there to watch history being made.
      the only responsible thing to do is wait until Monday which is a holiday anyway, and het the roads clear and allow the fans to travel to the stadium safely in the daylight for a mid-day game.
      hazardous road conditions and darkness are a dangerous combination.
      …and then we get our show on time, while everyone is safely at home in front of a cozy fire…
      instead of stuck in a ditch truing to get to a game in the dark…
      just sayin’

      problem solved…

      they are already talking about additional delays, so just move the game to Monday already…

      Die, Anna, Die


      • apparently I have forgotten how to spell…
        but at least I”m warm…

        Die, Anna, Die


      • I doubt that they’ll delay it till Monday. It’s possible but the weather people are showing data that at around one o’clock Sunday afternoon the temperature will climb way over freezing and the ice will be melted way before game time. They’ve been treating the insides of the stadium and the parking lots since Friday. The main reason it was delayed at all was so the city and MO-DOT could get the highways and roads taken care of. Originally the lots were to be open at 6am for tailgating. That would be way too dangerous with the ice pellets falling on the fans. It wouldn’t break my heart if they postponed it till Monday but at this time I don’t see it happening. We’re used to these problems here and they seem to have it under control. Of course we don’t know how the weather itself is going to play out. We dodged a bullet with round one. The significant ice storm won’t happen until around midnight tonight. Stay tuned. 🙂


    • The game is on NBC, so there’s no problem with CBS shows starting on time tomorrow.


      • Are you sure? It’s on CBS here. We’re the AFC and that’s normally on CBS. The other game, the NFC one is on NBC. No matter. If CBS runs the show and I’m pre-empted I’ll download it Monday morning. I’ve purchased the season from iTunes so I’ll have it viewed probably before I go to work. Just be prepared and don’t be too disappointed if the game is on instead. We Kansas Citians are ready for some football. GO CHIEFS!


        • FYI….from two different sources…NBC

          the Sunday, Jan. 15

          1:05 p.m. ET on NBC — Pittsburgh/Houston at Kansas City

          4:40 p.m. ET on FOX — Green Bay/New York Giants at Dallas
          “Due to public safety concerns in light of the forecasted storm this weekend in the Kansas City area, Sunday’s Steelers-Chiefs Divisional Playoff game on NBC has been moved to 8:20 p.m. ET,” read a statement sent by the league Friday afternoon


    • No, that game is on NBC. CBS has the primetime game Saturday night but there isn’t any football on CBS Sunday. No delays, no football on CBS tomorrow.

      The game that was moved was always going to be on NBC. We’re all good.

      There is no episode next week because of CBS airing the AFC Championship Game but we’re good tomorrow.

      As someone who goes to New York Giants games – thanks for doing that security work. I’ve found the security people at football games to be the nicest of all the sporting events I attend. And Go Chiefs!


  4. Great preview, I am really excited for this arc, I hope it lives up to the publicity they are giving it. I was a little disappointed we got absolutely no promo pics or sneak peeks of Deeks or even bts of ECO for this episode of the arc. It does appear Kensi is back in the field so that was good. I do hope the arc ends with Kensi and Deeks back as partners and Sam and Callen back as partners. I watched an old season 5 episode last night, not a very good one, but it may me realize how badly I miss the Densi banter and the Sallen bromance.

    Liked by 1 person

    • a good point, I watch a lot of reruns and DVR stuff, but find myself being drawn to previous seasons.
      the second half of season 6 and then season 7 are easy to re watch.
      not so much right now…boy how things have slid….
      hopefully er get back on track this week

      Die, Anna, Die


    • With Daniela Ruah’s pregnancy, and wanting to honor the path people with spinal cord injuries travel, I think they’ve does an admirable job of keeping the characters interacting and moving forward with Kensi’s recovery.

      I think last week’s episode spoke of the isolation Kensi is feeling – how she’s not interacting with the team. She’s working out alone and was not being happy Anna and Eric were there. She went into Hetty’s office after everyone was gone only to find she wasn’t alone. You had Deeks working with Sam to open the episode, working with Nell in the field, the team having a meal together but having it without Kensi. Life is going on without her and she’s painfully aware of it.

      I do think when the mole storyline is over, Kensi will likely be back in the field. That’s six months after her injury more or less, just what the the show promised.


      • Tess, I understand your point of view, I think I don’t look at it objectively enough.
        As someone who has been on both sides of that fence it just doesn’t track for me.
        I had to change jobs after 25 years due to physical issues that limited effectiveness and had a family member become relegated to an electric scooter after a nerve injury from an accident limited use of the legs..
        As the characters are portrayed and from what we have scene in the past I have a hard time with what is happening.. Kensi’s obvious dependence on Deeks for emotional support, her reactions after Afghanistan, the boatshed interrogation, the king case, the unlocked mind
        , and so on, she might not let anyone else see her struggle, but she would lean on Deeks.
        it is a feeling from their personalities,how they interact, what they have been through, and how broken they have already seen each other.
        I get the drama of it , but it is just not believable to this extreme.
        Are those reactions from Kensi “normal”…yes, of course they are.
        But, Kensi, Deeks, their relationship, their job, what they have been through are in no way “normal”.
        we have spent 7 years watching Kensi behaving in ways that are not considered normal for a young female.
        why do we insist that she do so now.
        she is far from typical, and neither is their relationship, so why make her act like it.
        she might hide her limitations from everyone else, but not him….push too hard, obviously… depressed, yep…pissed off,on a regular basis…wanting to do everything herself, check…but Deeks would be more involved than he is and the others less so.
        just my opinion.


      • from a plot point of view, are we really supposed to believe that Kensi’s decision making in the field is too questionable to have her out there yet , but Eric with his stupid cargo pants, utility belt , flash bangs, flares and so on is acceptable.
        give me a break…
        never gonna believe it.

        after Afghanistan Hetty herself said they wouldn’t know until Kensi was back out there if she was ready yet.
        the situation and what Hetty is willing to put up with in the field from her agents does not track very well
        it just feels too contrived at this point.



  5. The football game is not on CBS. It will not interfere with NCISLA

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  6. how about an impromptu. “top 3”

    Ways to get rid of Anna…

    or a 10 best, or a pole…..
    anyhow…what is the best, quickest, most effective, most satisfying, or funniest way to remove the blight that is Plastic Anna from our show…

    I am sure that some of you might have thought about it a little…

    Die, Anna, Die


    • 1- Anna is one of the moles and Kensi beats the crap out of her

      2- Anna is one of the moles, kidnaps Kensi and Deeks, while rescuing Kensi, shoots Anna in the head…

      3- She gets sent to Afghanistan with Sullivan and they wind up in a cave somewhere.

      4- The collagen in her lips explodes and she dies from toxic shock.

      5- The acting police actually arrest Bar Paly for crimes against fans and humanity for criminally butchering her lines and she is never seen again.

      Just a start…
      it’s not much…but I feel better now

      Die, Anna, Die


      • Ohhh… No. 3! But I would settle for No. 5. Heh.


      • Maybe the reason Callen gets arrested is because Anna is found dead on Callens front lawn
        ….posed appropriately with a fake smile of course.


      • two more.
        Anna drugs Callen and ties him up while he is out.
        she tries to interrogate him then is about to kill him, when Arkady shoots her.
        …Killing his own daughter to save Callen.
        Anna breaks into deeks house to kidnap kensi.
        Monty bites Ana in the ass,distracting her…
        giving Kensi time to get her gun and shoot Anna

        Die, Anna, Die


  7. I’m so grateful for your weekly previews that collect all the information, I like it when everything is at hand.
    If the mole hunt had happened in an early season of the show (like Season 4, in which, I think, the Siderov arc has remained unparalleled) I would have had higher expectations. Now, happening in a season that had started so strong but that lately has shown, in my opinion, a lot of flaws, I’m not so sure I’ll like what we are going to see. When they want to build tension and promote some storylines in the show as epic, the effect on me is often the opposite. To be really epic, the mole should be a regular character, but we all know it can’t be. As for the others, I don’t care who he/she is, as long as the story makes sense ad it’s fast-paced. In the end I want to have faith, I’m still here after all these years because I still care a lot about this show and its characters even if the authors too many times seem to drive me nuts!


    • a good point about the timing.
      they had a big jump on the whole “we have a mole” plot…
      however, they waited so long and drug it out, that there are probably a half dozen crime dramas with mole hunts going on now.
      they started off as a leader, and now just seem like one of the sheep along with everyone else.


  8. New video at

    Deeks is at LAPD and runs into Detective Whiting.


    • Tess, thank you so much for posting this , it is a great Deeks sneak peek!


    • thanks Tess,
      more great tidbits…
      thank you for the updates…

      I understand what a “Bit” is…. but what is a “Tid” ???


      Die, Anna, Die


    • Tess; thank you so much for posting this; I came on to ask if this is a Deekless episode because I have yet to see a picture or preview with Deeks in it. This is great — Thanks so much!


  9. With all the hype, I do think the mole has to be a character we know. I think we will be disappointed if it isn’t. I want it to be and not to be. I would miss my favorite characters. I have to admit it has been awhile that I have been so excited to watch. I agree that the the Siderov stories were the best. They have done well dealing with the pregnancy. Thank you so much for the great preview.


    • with their ability to research and with all the tracking tools available to them, there is no way that Eric and Nell, if they are truly working together, would not be able to find the mole after all these years.
      Unless of course, one of them is a mole,… knowing the tools and systems available, along with the things they look for, would give them the ability to hide the info extracted as well as disrupt or fool the search.
      just a thought.

      Die, Anna, Die


  10. Some late addtions:


  11. A little more:


  12. And since this won’t post as a picture, let’s see if it works as a link:

    From JPK’s Instagram account.


    • This is a private account… That’s why… Too bad for us!!!
      Thank you for everything… What a work… Can’t wait to watch this episode… I hope we are going to have a Densi scene!!! Fingers crossed


  13. I am very nervous for tonight’s episode, but very hopeful as well.
    There is so much riding on the upcoming events, but the show appears to be taking a big risk at a critical time.
    This turning point episode is being written by someone that has not had a part of NCIS LA ever before, never written an episode for NCIS LA, NCIS, or any other drama…ever. Unless I missed something.
    She was last credited at NCIS back in 2011 as an assistant to the producer.
    It seems like a big responsibility for a first timer.
    I am sure she is talented, but still…

    I am hopeful, because the consistency and out of character issues have been rather prevalent at times lately, so she can’t be much worse. Hopefully better.
    Also, I have been frustrated a little with the writing, so a change of pace might just be a good thing. And, her Dad is rock solid, so she should have learned from one of the best.
    Here’s hoping that a little change is a good thing.
    …does anyone know if she is a Densi fan???…

    Die, Anna, Die


  14. One last photo:


  15. This was, by far, the best episode of the season! So nice to have the gang together again. Well, sort of together… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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