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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Glasnost” (S8E09)

Title:  “Glasnost”

Airing:  November 20th

Filming:  October 12th to October 20th with Daniela Ruah’s scenes shot in early July.

What CBS is telling us: After Callen’s father, Garrison (Daniel J. Travanti) is found in an NCIS patient’s hospital room during a radiation poisoning case, Callen must take him to the boatshed for interrogation. Also, the team discusses their Thanksgiving plans, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES.

What we think is happening:  Guest thoughts from the episode’s director:

And from the episode’s writer:

My more pedestrian thoughts:  I’m confused by the wording of “NCIS patient’s hospital room” – is this is a person of interesting to NCIS, an NCIS agent (not Kensi) or informant, just not sure.

Be on the lookout: GUEST CAST:

Daniel J. Travanti as Garrison

Last seen saying goodbye to Callen in “Matryoshka” Part Two.

Vyto Ruginis as Arkady Kolcheck 

Every episode is just a little better with Arkady.  He was last seen stuffed into Hetty’s Jaguar in “Exchange Rate” last season.

India de Beaufort as Alexandra (Alex)

India de Beaufort plays Radha on Younger, was Jules Jackman on Blood & Oil, Layla Roslyn on Chicago P.D., India on Necessary Roughness, India Jordain on Jane by Design and Miranda Stone on One Tree Hill.  Had guest roles on Chuck, Castle, How I Met Your Mother and The Night Shift.

Joan Severance as Mary Reynolds/Katerina Polunin

Severance is a former model turned actress.  She played Kevin Spacey’s sister Susan Proffitt on Wiseguy back in the late 1980’s in the show’s first season, was Anna Whitman on Wicked Wicked Games and Security Chief Camille Hunter on Love Boat: The Next Wave.  Severance appeared in episodes of Masters of Sex, American Horror Story, CSI: Miami, One Tree Hill, She Spies, Profiler, LA Law, Red Shoes Diaries, Good Sports, Midnight Caller, Murphy Law, Max Headroom and The New Mike Hammer.

Severance wrote about getting the role at her website.

Anthony Hill as Waiter/Jason

Was Navy Petty Officer Third Class John Blaney ‘JB’ Hicks in season 12’s “Semper Fortis” of NCIS and appeared in episodes of Looking, Scorpion, How To Get Away with Murder, Fuller House, Colony, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Rizzoli & Isles and Rush Hour.

Kurt Yaeger as Sullivan

Yaegar is back from last’s week’s “Parallel Resistors”.

Tom Choi as LAPD Officer Fong

 Played the same role in “Drive” in season four.

Ward Roberts as Artem Fedor

Fedor was the man Kensi, Deeks and Eric arrested at the request of Arkady’s protege in Russia during “Matryoshka” Part Two – a dangling storyline I’m happy to see picked up in season eight.

Tristen MacDonald as Emily Janderman 

MacDonald is back from last’s week’s “Parallel Resistors” as Kensi’s physical therapist.  This looks to be her final appearance in this storyline according to the graphic she put out to promote her role in “Crazy Train”.

Zoran Radanovich as Assassin

Appeared in episodes of Castle, Doll House, Undercovers, The Unit, ER, Days of Our Lives, Criminal Minds, Sleeper Cell, Alias and Seven Days.

David Storrs as Vagrant/Calvin Stokes

Appeared in episodes of Fameless, Baby Daddy, Scorpion, Maron, About A Boy, Shameless, Freak Out, Deal With It, Clipaholics, Betty & DD, Not Safe For Work, 10 Things I Hate About You, Entourage, Happy Endings, Southland, Smile, You’re Under Arrest, Do Not Disturb, Casanovas, Scar Tactics, Prom Queen, Hi-Jinks, ER and Come To Papa.

Meredith Giangrande as Young Tan Woman/Dawn

Had guest roles in episodes of Monk, Nip/Tuck, Valley Peaks, The Mentalist, Rizzoli & Isles, American Housewife, Bosch, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mom, 90210 (2013), Two and a Half Men, The League, Dexter, General Hospital, Mind of Mencia and CSI.


Written by:   Andrew Bartels wrote or co-wrote “Allegiance”, “Zero Days”, “The Grey Man”, “Humbug”, “Fighting Shadows”, “Driving Miss Diaz”, “Angels & Daemons” and “Where There’s Smoke…”

Directed by:  John Peter Kousakis directed “Imposters”, “Sacrifice”, “San Voir” part one, “The Fifth Man”, “Parley”, “Inelegant Heart”, “Chernoff, K.”, “Active Measures”, “The Long Goodbye”, “Talion”,  all of the Afghanistan scenes from “Iron Curtain Rising” to “Zero Days” in season five and all of Kensi’s injury/recovery storyline scenes from “Queens Gambit” to “Sirens” (next week’s episode) in season eight.

This photo is from the week of shooting Daniela Ruah’s hospital/rehab scenes before her maternity leave.  I think we can all agree – that sign is amazing!

Insider Intel: interviewed Chris O’Donnell about the episode.  Parade Magazine also spoke to O’Donnell about the episode and working without Daniela Ruah.

Official Photographic Evidence:  Seat42F has this week’s promotional photos.

Unofficial Surveillance:

Writer Andrew Bartels gave his Twitter followers a big hint about who will be the featured character in the episode:

Filming was done in a cemetery:

Some quality time in the boat shed in this episode:

Guest star India de Beaufort and her stunt double:

Sam Farmer is a sports writer for the LA Times.  He also had the program shooting by his home:

Video Surveillance:


Sneak Peek:

Eric is trying to hard.

Not a happy reunion.

Possible Sports Related Delays:  CBS has a full doubleheader this Sunday with almost all of the country getting the Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks game but some viewers will see the New England Patriots at the San Francisco 49ers.  I will update the start time if there is a delay (there is a planned 8:30PM ET/7:30PM CT start for this episode) in the comments section Sunday night  Other places to find the start time include the show’s official Twitter account (@NCISLA) and CBS’s official twitter account (@CBSTweet).



Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor. You can read more by Tess HERE.



33 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Glasnost” (S8E09)

  1. Tess,
    as always….lots of great tidbits, info, links and well…everything.
    thank you for all the work you put into this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. …You know those times when you are pretty sure it is a bad idea….but you go ahead anyway…
    Well here I go. Fire extinguisher in hand. Flame away.
    Is anybody else far more excited and interested to see Arkady than Callen’s dad.
    At times the show is a little too Callen-centric for me. He gets a huge amount of airtime, his back story has gone on forever, and quite frankly I have lost interest. Not entirely, bit there are things i am far more interested in seeing. They met, he learned his name and he got some answers.
    Maybe the answers are not complete or untrue, but I find myself satisfied enough and not really interested in a deeper dive. If they just moved forward and let it go, I certainly would not loose any sleep over it.
    I love Arkady and would have been much happier if it had turned out that he was Callen’s father, or uncle, or anything. Having them wind up related would have been fantastic….
    The way Vyto portrays Arkady…the speech paterns, the hand gestures, the facial expressions…. it is just so well done. I would make for an interesting Thanksgiving dinner, don’t you think


    • Arkady is a lot more likable than the two episodes and really, what six scenes, we’ve had with Garrison. I’m hoping this episode gives more depth to the character. Daniel J. Travanti is a multiple Emmy Award winner and a terrific actor. I want to see what he can do with the role.


      • I totally agree Daniel J. Travanti is an outstanding actor, he has always done a top notch job in everything he does. I am sure he will do the character justice. I guess I am just weary of the Callen-centric episodes for a while. Then again, if they get on it, and get it out of the way and cleared up before Kensi returns it might not be a bad thing.
        Maybe I talked myself in a circle….OK new Idea…
        Let Callen hang with his dad for a while, tell lots of stories…then let dad go on a cruise from episode 12 until…..well whenever, as long as he doesn’t suck up any Densi airtime for a year or two.
        …I may have a problem…


      • maybe I figured out my problem….just one you say….
        It seems that the recurring guest actors are mostly centered around Sam and Callen, which makes the episodes they are in unbalanced. We have Sams wife, we had Jada and company, we have Arkady, which brought Anna…and now we have Garrison.
        True we had Talia, but that wasn’t long, then we had Thapa….which was a big loss to kill off and a mistake I think….I do miss him. It would have been interesting to bring him back occasionally.
        What recurring characters are centered around Kensi and Deeks now? It make things more unbalanced than they already are toward Sam and Callen.

        Sullivan , maybe….there I said it before somebody else does….who knows, maybe Deeks actually teaches him to surf…


    • Ed,

      I wholeheartedly support your idea that Callen be related to Arkady. That way Callen turns out to be related to Anna and there would be no Callanna. That’s something!!


      • …Well that would certainly make the memory of that kiss in the Russian consulate a little awkward, wouldn’t it.
        I would love to see their reaction…


        • It was really awkward for me to watch that kiss after I thought Anna would be revealed to be Callen’s sister (that is what I thought when Anna was introduced), ewww


    • Tess and Ed,

      Tess, Thank you for sharing all those features,
      pictures and information. Here in The Netherlands
      it is not possible to access the official previews of
      the new episodes. But when of one of the cast members
      posts a feature, I can view it.

      Ed, Thank you for sharing the link with pictures of
      “Tidings We Bring”. It warmed my heart.
      After thinking about it, I think that you are right about
      that Sullivan was planted there. And I definitely stand
      Like you, I have a very soft spot for Vyto Ruginis’s Arkady.
      As well as that I have a very soft spot for Daniel J.Travanti.



  3. It looks like Sullivan is a good guy and is going to help motivate Kensi.
    That being said, I still feel that he is a plant. Here is why. He was far too familiar and challenging initially to be just a random guy there for rehab. The VA and Wounded Warriors do have Peer Councillors and coaches. People that have been through it themselves and that the patient may relate to better. That said, whether they are actually staff or are a volunteer, they are there in an official capacity and fall under the insurance and liability umbrella of the hospital. Even if there is an “independent contractor” clause, there is still liability. I do feel that Sullivan is a peer coach, but even if he was not introduced in an official capacity, he would not have started out the initial conversation that way. Doesn’t matter if he was trying to help her or not, his language, in this day and age, is the stuff lawsuits are made of and would not be tolerated by the hospital. No matter if Kensi was OK with it or not. Sad but true. Yes he a coach, yes he is trying to help her….but somebody pointed him at Kensi, gave him some information about her personality, said she was stubborn, and told him how to get under her skin to motivate her.


    • I think a number of people think Sullivan is a hospital staffer and not a fellow patient. He introduced himself by his situation and his last name. Usually we get more background than this. Who better to work with a rehabbing patient than someone who has lived their life. And I don’t think Sullivan was pointed at Kensi – I think Kensi was left right where he was doing curls. I’d be stunned if that was a coincidence.


    • I thought right away he was a plant … via Deeks. Sullivan knew way too much about predicting what Kensi’s fiance would be like.


  4. Wow, just when we get rid of SUPER NELL, we are going to get more Rambo Eric….
    Well that’s just great. I do wish they would just leave the two Meerkats in their den (opps).
    However, if that’s what it takes to have no more Anna, then I guess I will take it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yep; not happy about Rambo Eric. Has anyone else noticed that of all the characters on this show that this is one character that hasn’t changed, grown, etc. What’s with that after 8 years; really? At times he acts so immature; not the funny immature I might add. I agree no Super Nell, now we need to get rid of Rambo Eric (I like that name Ed). They both need to stay in Ops where they belong. And, on occasion get out but not much; this season TOO MUCH of both!!


  5. Thanks for your preview, you know that every week I can’t miss it.
    This seems to be a very Callen-centric episode. If it’s well done – unlike the mess they made with Hetty and Callen’s first meeting timeline in “Rage” – I’m looking forward to it. What I’m wondering, though, is why some scenes were shot in a cemetery. This has been bothering me ever since we saw some of the photos you collected in this post. I’m sure Sunday night we’ll get some answers.

    I also hope there will be some nice Deeks and Kensi scenes with a positive Densi (but especially Kensi) progression. I’m also looking forward to see more Sullivan. From what we have seen so far, I think he is pushing Kensi in the right direction. And that gives me hope, because as much as I like how the writers have managed to create an awesome storyline to hide Daniela’s pregnancy, I can’t wait to see Kensi back to where she belongs: next to Deeks (at home and in the field) and part of her team. The group photo we saw yesterday from the Christmas episode “Tidings we bring” where everybody was smiling and in festive mood but Kensi was missing (replaced by Anna, come on!) stabbed me right in the heart… I could forgive the writers only if Kensi was the one taking the photograph!


    • Cladani
      something to help warm your heart for christmas.
      NOTE, spoiler alert

      Liked by 1 person

    • Ah yes, Rage….
      I do get the bond that they were trying to show with the backstory of Callen and Hetty.
      While young Callen may have been interesting and filled in some history…Was it just me or…
      was the way they showed young Hetty JUST PLAIN CREEPY ??? I had flashbacks to the aliens in the movie “Battleship”…no, seriously…take a look, it will freak you out.
      she looks like a female version…
      just sayin’…I still have nightmares


    • Without being spoiled, we’ve seen Callen in the cemetery visiting his sister. He was photographed there by one of Garrison’s refugees, Garrison had flowers sent to the girl’s grave. I think Garrison is paying his respects with his son.

      We’re still seeing the scenes Daniela Ruah shot while she was preparing for maternity leave so I really don’t expect a lot more or less of Kensi with Deeks/Sullivan or anyone else than the prior episodes. She returned to the set for the 11th episode (the annual holiday episode). I think we’ll see more and more of Kensi and Deeks after that. And I wouldn’t be stunned (no spoiler here) if Kensi’s time at the holiday party is like Granger showing up in season seven – arriving near the end. Kensi’s rehab we’re told is a six months deal. Assuming the accident happened in September, I wouldn’t expect to see her in the field until sometime in the New Year.


      • I agree, that would make perfect sense and it would be realistic after what we have been told about her rehab, but now I’m becoming really impatient and I hope that, since Daniela was back for filming episode 11, we’ll get to see some little longer Densi screentime in the Christmas episode, which doesn’t mean in the field together. I only wished we could have seen Kensi together with the others in the group photo in the bullpen, I don’t mind Anna being there, but Kensi should have been there too!


        • Kensi really should have been in that pic.
          I hope that the christmas episode will not be as Callen/Anna- centric as Humbug was Callen/Joelle – centric


    • Cladani ,
      In regard to the Hetty/ Callen meeting in ” Rage”. I agree that it was rough.
      First off, let me sat that the special effects and makeup departments on the show do a fantastic job, especially considering the time and monetary constraints they have to work with to produce an episode in 7 or 8 days. The quality is truly amazing..
      That said, while the backstory was enlightening and young Callen was ok….young Hetty was just CREEPY. it totally freaked me out. she looked like an alien.
      In fact, I immediately had flashbacks to the aliens in the movie “Battleship”….no, seriously…
      I’m not kidding, the resemblance is uncanny, she could be a female alien…don’t believe me…take a look. but be prepared, I still have nightmares about an army of Hettys invading our planet..
      see for your self…tell me she couldn’t be his mom….


  6. Thank you again for putting all this together for us fans! Its much appreciated! Okay; first let me state that I hate two Promos for this week; one Eric with a gun mirroring Deeks in the field and then that ridiculous scene in interrogation — wth? Why is it Deeks that keeps getting stuck with newbies; and, why don’t they pull fully qualified agents from the QRF (rapid response Agents). Eric in interrogation are you kidding me? Is this a comedy show or are we suppose to take this seriously. Callen’s past, history and father is very serious; why the Eric poop! Leave him and Nell in Ops please! That almost makes me not want to watch; but I will because after all we get ONE Densi scene per episode; I’ll take it, better than none. Sullivan; I’m on the fence with him. I do like him though; he pushed her buttons; like it or not, it worked! She’s improving really well!
    Kurt Yaeger and I had a tweet conversation; it was awesome. I was watching the East Coast Feed; complimented him for a Hallmark Movie I saw him in. He thanked me asked if I liked the movie, etc. It was quite fun and a first for me. About his scene with Kensi; did anyone notice how Kensi softened her voice when she said “we should go” and when Sullivan was talking about surfing she slightly gave him the finger; I noticed and got a chuckle from that.
    That scene with Deeks and Kensi was just golden period!!
    I will admit I’m not all that interested in this episode; I’ll watch of course; I can’t miss the ONE Densi scene :-)!! Hoping for more!
    Ed — you crack me up; are you trying to be funny because you have a gift at humor; well it works on me; I find myself laughing out loud — these days it helps me greatly and I’m thankful!
    Thank you again wikiDeeks ROCKS!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Guys, I have just discovered a huge upside to only getting one single Densi scene that lasts less that 2 1/2 minutes….You can watch ALL of the Densi scenes for the entire episode up up 24 times in a single hour….wow what a bargain. The trick is to nail down the rewind time to a bare minimum….It’s all in the wrist….
      I cant believe what a huge inconvenience it was to have to scan through an entire episode looking for multiple Densi scenes..just horrible….how did we ever live with it.
      …Just looking for a little ray of sunshine on a rainy day.

      Just for the record, I have been told that I can be a little sarcastic….which I deny, obviously.


    • I agree entirely with the comments about the ridiculous scenes involving Eric in the field.
      I find Super Nell and Rambo Eric irritating quite frequently. I disagree with putting them in the field. They are a huge part of the team, but need to stay in their required rolls. A team is made up of different parts, people that have complementary skill sets, not all the same. A team doesn’t need 11 quarterbacks, or goalies, or pitchers, or whatever. OSP does not need all field agents either. it is dangerous and reckless to put under qualified agents in the field…so stop it !!!
      Look at it the other way. Would you want the team to go on a dangerous undercover opp with covers that Sam backstopped ?…no…Would you want the team to attempt a covert entry with Deeks or Kensi remotely attempting to deactivate the security ?…no again….So why do we think it is “cute” to see these two techs in the field. It is dangerous to them and their partners. More importantly their true and irreplaceable value lies elsewhere… like in opps….so stay there.

      I still have my fire extinguisher handy, so fire away.


    • Kensi got stuck with the newbies with Dom, Nate and Deeks. Callen and Sam are the long established partnership, if Kensi or Deeks are not available, the one partner winds up with someone else.

      Kurt Yaeger seems likes an amazing guy – so glad you got to “tweet with him”. Think he’s terrific in his scenes.


      • Thank you Tess for that reminder; however these guys were new but at least trained; perhaps not completely but had field training. You are correct; I stand corrected :-). Perhaps I’m just burnt out on all the Super Nell we had at the beginning of the season and now not prepared Eric being comical? Not liking that. But I am hopeful for more Densi scenes; even scenes with Sullivan. Yep it was a kick to tweet with Kurt; what a cool/nice guy! I loved his scene with Kensi; its exactly what she needed; like it or not. They both nailed that scene IMO.
        Again, thanks for setting me straight Tess; I had forgotten; wikiDeeks fans ROCK!!!


  7. Olapa , I am glad you can laugh.
    feel free to laugh with me…or at me…it doesn’t matter.
    When people are laughing, the world is a better place.
    peace to all

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  8. Great preview, thanks again for doing these. The season is moving so quickly, and so far each episode has been really good.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Some Saturday additions:

    The link in the Daniela Ruah fans tweet is to her appearance on “The Talk” where the program had a short clip of Kensi in rehab with Sullivan. I was hoping CBS would put it up on YouTube but no such luck.


  10. Like

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