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Kensi’s Journal – 02/02/15

February 2, 2015

We all need reminders in our life from time to time about the things that really matter. Like when we forget about why we were drawn to someone almost from the very beginning. I saw that reminder today in Deeks. He was so great with Tomas. The little boy was really scared and Deeks knew just what to do and say to make him feel better. He was also extremely upset when the DEA carted them all away, even more so than the rest of us. He had made a promise and it was eating him up to know that he couldn’t keep it. He’s always been an advocate for the underdog and a fighter of injustice. He wants to do his part to save the world which is why he’s trying to get us all to conserve water, albeit in crazy ways! It’s just part of who he is which again, was a reminder for me. His relief when we found out that they had been released was so great that he even hugged Granger. Mean old, unlovable Granger!

Being in the drug tunnel at the border was scary. It was so dark and bullets were flying everywhere with no place to hide. Maybe that’s why I didn’t really reply when he said, “This is why you should never fall in love,” as he pulled me back to climb up the ladder first. While we are doing much better with our communication skills, we still haven’t dealt with the ‘L’ word. Geez, I can’t even write it! Part of me wants to jump right in but the rest of me is afraid that if I actually say it, then something bad will happen or that I’ll be dooming our relationship in some way. All the men in my life have somehow left me and I can’t go through that again. My Dad, Jack, Dom, Renko… I just can’t lose him.

Maybe I’m being paranoid but for now, I plan to keep these feelings to myself awhile longer. We’ll just have to settle for the non-verbal communication that we do so well.


13 Comments on Kensi’s Journal – 02/02/15

  1. Exactly! I love empathtic Deeks so much too! And when he felt he broke a promise….I felt horrible for him. Watching him silently berate himself made me mist up. I was hoping that Hetty would work her magic but Granger came through! Made me wanna hug him too!

    Kensi, have faith! Just love him back, everything else will fall into place.


  2. Thank you Kadiedid! Still sad if Kensi isn’t able to express her feelings!


  3. I’m hoping she will ‘Get over it’ at some point! Thanks! -Kadiedid


  4. We can understand your fear, Kensi, of losing another man in your life, but this one is different, trust us! 😉


  5. Excellent!


  6. This is wonderful 🙂


  7. I seem to have taken that comment in a completely different way to most Densi fans. When Deeks said “this is why you should never fall in love” I took that as confirmation that they had already exchanged ‘I love you’s’. It’s just not something you joke about with your significant other if you haven’t already made the declaration for real. Even when you’re the perpetually communication challenged Kensi and Deeks.
    Personally, I think this was the writers’ sly way of telling us all that their relationship is progressing, deepening, even when we don’t see it. Afterall, NCIS: LA is first and foremost a cop drama, with relationships secondary.
    But that’s just my opinion. Not even worth two cents. 😉


    • I definitely agree that is the way they are playing this relationship. It’s not a romantic drama unfortunately for us. So I guess we just have to assume that the love story is going on behind the scenes.


    • I agree, I took it as confirmation that they’ve said the “I love you”s already. I also know a lot of their relationship will happen off screen, I just hope we see bigger pieces from time to time!


  8. heavenlyvixen, it is definitely a possibility but I’m hoping they let us in on a little bit of it. We’ve heard Deeks mention Love several times but not Kensi. Maybe he has said it and is hoping she will eventually so he keeps dropping hints. If they let their whole relationship evolve off script it will be extremely disappointing to us Densi fans!


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