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2 Comments on Deeks’ Surf Log – 05/07/17

  1. I feel so bad for Sam and his team and they will get them and like Deeks said it won’t be pretty and they will all be involved and they won’t care who they hurt or how as long as Sam get revenge for Michelle death.


  2. This page must have been very hard to write. I’m sure Michelle’s death will have a big impact on Deeks, not only because he will forever ask himself if he and Kensi could have done more or something better that fatal day, not only because he will keep on thinking of Sam and the repercussions of losing his wife on his personal life, his children and his job, but especially because I think Deeks can’t help thinking he might have been Sam in more than one situations in the past (Afghanistan, Sullivan) and might still be in the future. It must be a very stressful thought and heavy burden to live with.


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