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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Kulinda” (S8E12)


Title:  “Kulinda”

Airing:  January 8th (Happy New Year one and all!)

Filming:  November 10th to November 18th

What CBS is telling us:   After a Navy reservist is killed while protecting a city councilman, Sam is sent undercover in a private security firm with links to several criminal organizations. Also, Callen and Anna (Bar Paly) discuss the next steps in their relationship, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES.

What we think is happening: Kulinda is Swahili for protect.  Anna is back!  Nate is back!  Could Kensi be back soon?  Oh, and the show’s executive producer is wishing us a happy New Year!

Be on the lookout: GUEST CAST:

Peter Cambor as Operational Psychologist Nate Getz

Last seen in “Head of the Snake” – the last rerun episode on CBS.

Bar Paly as Anastasia “Anna” Kolcheck       

Last seen in “Tidings We Bring” – the last first-run episode on CBS

Nigel Gibbs as Harold Irvin   

Played Det. Tim Roberts on Breaking Bad, was Sanford Wells on House, Assistant Chief Roy Phillips on The Shield, Dr. Burke on Any Day Now and Det. Wyler on the original Melrose Place.

Played Admiral Theodore Tully in the season 12 “Playing with Fire” episode of NCIS and appeared in the “Pas A Deux” episode of JAG in season eight.  Was in episodes of everything from Conviction this season to big hits like Grey’s Anatomy, The West Wing and Seinfeld; a lot of procedurals (Bones, CSI, Criminal Minds, Hunter); medical dramas like ER and Chicago Hope; soaps like Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful as well as comedies like A Different World, Roseanne and Coach.

Sam Adegoke as Junior Sancho

Plays Chris Walker on Switched At Birth, Billy James on Murder in the First.  Appeared in episodes of Code Black, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Wicked City.

Romeo Brown as City Councilman Tony Hill

 Was Lt. Joe Johnson in the “Unknown Soldier” episode in the final season of JAG and had guest roles in Welcome to the Family, Rizzoli & Isles, The Women’s Murder Club, Raines, Dexter, Charmed, Dr. Vegas, American Dreams and Yes Dear.

Eddie George as Byron Brown

George is a retired football player who won the Heisman Trophy in 1995.  He has worked regularly on football pre-game shows as an NFL Analyst.  He also started an acting career that moved from regional theater to playing Billy Flynn (the Richard Gere role) on Broadway in “Chicago”.  He has appeared in the series Shooter on USA Network and played himself on HBO’s Ballers.

George is married to Tamara Johnson, who competed in the 18th season of Survivor.

Blair Fowler as Poppy Gold   

Fowler is a YouTube star who was part of the 28th season of The Amazing Race.

Issac Ryan Brown as Joey

Child actor who plays the young Dre on Blackish.  Played Christophe on How To Get Away With Murder, Ryan on OMG!, Jake on Adam Ruins Everything and Deion on Devious Maids.

Mike Gray as D’Andre Linton

Appeared in episodes of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, The Goldbergs, Growing Up Fisher and The Middle.

Jeffrey Muller as Mark Newton

Played Agent Kaminsky in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.  Appeared in episodes of Westworld, Parks & Recreation, Grey’s Anatomy, Better with You, The Young and The Restless, Saving Grace, Crossing Jordan and The Office.

Christy Choi as Young Woman

Was in episodes of Grandfathered, Z-Nation and Significant Mother.

Gabe Humphrey as Russell

Teen actor.  Appeared in episodes of School of Rock, See Dad Run and a number of short films.

Haley Brooke Walker as Hope

Child actor who was in episodes of Chicago Med, Code Black, Sleepy Hollow (as young Abbie) and True Blood (as Crystal),

Gracie Marie Bradley as Fan 1

Was in episodes of Grandfathered, Modern Family, State of Affairs and Red Circles.


WRITTEN BY: Kyle Harimoto wrote “Omni”, “Merry Evasion”, “Chernoff, K” and “Command and Control”, “Granger, O.” and “Ghost Gun” while was a co-writer on “Three Hearts”, “Leipei”, “Humbug” and both ends of the “Matryoshka” two-parter.

DIRECTED BY:  Tawnia McKiernan, who directed “Exchange Rate” in season seven and “High Value Target”, the season eight opener.

Insider Intel
:  Eric Christian Olsen gave an interview to KTLA last month with clips from this episode and a look at what’s coming with the mole storyline.

Official Photographic Evidence:  Seat 42F has the promo photos this week.

Unofficial Surveillance:

Today in having your photo taken with Eric Christian Olsen and with Renee Felice Smith:

Today in having your photo taken with Eric Christian Olsen (with Renee Felice Smith in the background):

Today in having your photo taken with Eric Christian Olsen (without Renee Felice Smith in the background):

Today in having your photo taken with LL Cool J:

Table read photo:

Some beautiful locations in this episode:

There was some art:

And there was a drum circle:

This does not look like a good day for this car owner:

Photo of two of the guest actors:

Actors Romeo Brown and Sam Adegoke on the set:

Several child actors on the set:

Directors on the set – Tawnia McKiernan for this episode, Jonathan Frakes finishing up “Sirens”:

McKiernan completes her second visit to NCIS: Los Angeles’s eighth season:

Video Surveillance:


Sneak Peek:

We need more undercover assignments where Sam wears a suit.


Possible Sports Related Delays:  None.  CBS does not have the late NFL playoff game this week (and they do not have a Sunday NFL playoff game at all next week).  We will be on time for the next few episodes with really only the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (two weeks in March) and the Masters Golf Tournament (a week in early April) as the known sports delays on the horizon.


Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor. You can read more by Tess HERE.

33 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Kulinda” (S8E12)

  1. Airing on January 8th…wonder if we’ll get a mention of Deeks’ birthday in this episode? It is on the 8th, right, not the 18th?

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    • It is his birthday and I don’t know if the program is going to celebrate it. With the show’s move to Sunday and CBS’s NFL commitments, as well as their erratic scheduling in January and February (they have four new episodes including this between tomorrow and the last week of February) it may not be worth assigning a specific date to an episode knowing you can be moved. That said, it would be nice.


  2. Great interview ECO did. The clip they showed gives me hope for the episode. From the sneak peeks, it’s looking like a very non-Densi one. NATE!!

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    • Even with Daniela Ruah’s limited availability, I do think the first half of the season has been very Densi oriented. We were due an episode where Sam’s involvement in a case was the main focus and Callen’s lovelife as the other big storyline.


  3. Thanks for your preview. Happy new Year 2017 to you too!
    I’m so glad NCIS LA is back with a brand new second part of Season 8. After the Christmas holidays and the last two episodes which both disappointed and frustrated me, it’s as if I have to come out from quite a long hibernation. Let’s hope this will be the right episode to wake me up from this winter sleep but from the preview and the first two sneak peeks (except the Sam-Deeks shooting range one which I enjoyed) I have some doubts…
    The thing is I am not invested (yet??) in Callen and Anna’s forced love story, I think Nell should stay in OPS with Eric where they both belong, and I am quite fed up with anyone who’s not Kensi out in the field with Deeks. All this mixed together makes me have low expectations from this episode, at least low compared to the first part of the season (until episode 9, I mean) in which, I think, the writers had achieved a very good balance between the case of the week, Kensi’s accident/coma/rehab arc, Densi scenes with emotional moments and beautiful interactions between the team members.
    I do hope the rest of the season won’t be an enormous letdown with boring cases, a never-ending mole hunt, a regression to Season 6 pre-Humbug Densi, an immature Kensi and a lot of Callanna and Neric as the icing on the cake! I wouldn’t like to be such a pessimist especially talking about a season I had loved until “Glasnost”, but sadly the last two episodes have left me with an inexplicable feeling of déjà vu.

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    • Thank you!

      While I found the holiday episode to be their weakest holiday episode to date (and that’s misleading since I found the prior holiday episodes to be uniformly excellent while this one was just OK), I thought “Sirens” was great. I think of it like the “Wanted” episode in season four – a key part of the season long storyline but also a good stand alone.

      I’m OK with Callen and Anna. The show’s underlying thoughts on romantic relationships are that they don’t work with civilians. Sam’s wife is former CIA, Kensi and Deeks heave each other, Nell and Eric too. Callen had a nice but going nowhere relationship with Joelle. Now that he knows his past, and maybe not wanting to be like his father (alone in a home in the middle of nowhere helping the CIA), Anna knows what they do and often works cases with them. That has a better chance of working.

      With Daniela Ruah’s pregnancy, there was going to be other agents in the field with Deeks. Unless they shipped him back to LAPD for nine or so episodes, he’s going to work with Nell, Eric, etc. And I’m not so sure Kensi is going to be cleared right away. What I’m hoping for is that the program does not forget that Eric and Nell have been in the field. Let Kensi and Nell go undercover while Deeks is working with someone else. We’ve seen Deeks and Eric in the field together. If we’ve gotten the blonde boys, why not have the kick-butt ladies work a case.

      I totally agree, however, that Kensi’s rehab scenes have been terrific. A reminder that while Deeks is in love with her, everyone from Hetty and Deeks’s mom to Granger to Eric and Nell to Sam and Callen love her and want her back with them.

      I respectfully disagree with low expectations – I think outside of an average holiday episode and one so-so episode (not a fan of “Parallel Resistors” but it wasn’t a bad episode), they’ve done great work this season. I’m interested in the mole but concerned it will either be another random guy we’ve never seen before or someone like Undersecretary iPhone who wants to take over OSP for himself.

      Thanks again for your great comment!


  4. Just watched two previews; Nell with Deeks — Ugh! Anna with Callen, can live with that (its going to happen whether I like it or not); where is Kensi? I guess she’ll have a talk with Nate (good to have Nate back) And, why don’t we ever see Kensi & Deeks together? What is going on? You’d never know they are a couple; he never knows where she is and she evidently doesn’t care. Honestly, I hate to write this, I’m not liking Kensi again — Ugh! I had such high hopes. But then again, I could be completely wrong, man I would like that a lot :-)!!

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    • When they started Kensi’s rehab, they discussed this being a six month recovery. If she was injured in late summer, early fall – she still has several weeks of rehab ahead. She still wasn’t able to complete the cone test the last time we saw her. Nate’s presence makes me think she’s close on the physical but Hetty and NCIS need to know she is mentally with her recovery.

      I come from a very different place with Kensi and Deeks. This entire season has been a love letter to their relationship and to what they mean to each other. Their biggest worry is not the person the other one needs. Deeks’s biggest fear is failing Kensi. Kensi’s biggest fear is not being the person Deeks fell in love with – that scene where she’s hurt and he’s taking off her shoes and getting help was painful. Kensi’s independence in both “Sirens” and “Tidings We Bring” were great to see – she doesn’t have people hovering over her at all times, she can get to the office and back on her own. All positives to me.


  5. Thanks for this preview, what a great collection of information. I have to admit I had low expectations for this episode after the last two episodes before break. I also am really, really tired of Anna. For the show’s sake , they need to get Kensi back in the field with Deeks, and Densi back on track, lots of frustration out there in fan land. After I saw ECO’s interview with KTLA which actually occurred yesterday ( they had the date on the clip wrong) , my hopes have been raised again. Besides the fact that it is a wonderful interview, and ECO is charming ad funny, the arc they are starting sounds great. So if this is the beginning of the arc, I am very pleased.

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    • I’m with you on the last episode being a bit of a disappointment but only because the holiday episodes usually really work for me and I think season eight has been terrific. I loved “Sirens”. As I mentioned in another comment, they said Kensi’s rehab as going to be six months. If she was injured in late summer, I figure February or March before her return to the field (I think she may be called into service to help a little earlier based on a spoiler or two). The program has gotten some kudos for handling Kensi’s injury correctly – that there was no miracle cure like on “Arrow”. Kensi had to work and work hard for everything.

      I’m hoping for the best with the mole. I was never satisfied with Randy McRandom Carl Brown as the mole. I hope they have something better planned to wrap this up.

      Thanks for the kind words about the preview.


  6. Tess,
    a fantastic preview as always, thank you

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  7. It has gotten to the point that if we get some nice and positive progress in the relationship, it will a pleasant surprise. No anticipation or holding our breath anymore. The fans have been slapped down just too many times.
    As a starting point lets start when the partners were making great progress in the relationship department. We had neighborhood watch, the fifth man, skin deep, etc. all in a short period and thought the relationship might move forward.
    Then the debacle that was Drive happened…2 steps back. And things kind of drifted along for ½ a season until descent and we got the kiss.
    Then Siderov happened.
    Drift along for ½ a season, then we get to recovery and the date.
    …wow did they?…finally.
    Then the frozen lake. And the punch.
    Ok, let’s talk about it.
    Oops, not so fast
    Que Afghanistan and another ½ season lost
    Hey, she is back and wants to talk about the thing.
    Enter…three hearts and the loss of another ½ season
    We finally get Humbug, but then things kind of drift along for a while, what happened?
    Season 7 started off well, then we got blame it on rio.
    It seemed to get back on track and season 8 started off well.
    But then the crash, oh darn it…
    Que up one very overplayed injury and lose ½ a season.
    Hey at least the couple will bond during her recovery, right?…wrong
    She will realize how much she depends on Deeks, right?…wrong again
    Hey at least when she gets out she will want her ring, right?..huh, what ring?
    Hey dani was out for 8 episodes, but she was back for the filming of the Christmas ep. Surely that’s gone for long enough, right ?,…nope
    She is out of the hospital for 2 episodes before the holidays, we will get a nice Densi scene in one of those 2 episodes, right?…don’t be an idiot…

    There is still the mole, rehab, her job, marriage, kids, balancing work and home life, internal affairs, a possible Sullivan issue. Do we really need more drama for the couple?…is that what the writers actually think?.
    I am afraid fans sat through Kensi’s recovery in anticipation of a big leap forward in the relationship coming out the other side, which we certainly haven’t seen yet.
    It is almost like they keep the carrot just out of reach and move it back or forward depending on how the show is doing. If the show is doing well, they move it out further. When things are sliding a little, they appear to move it back closer to actually happening to generate interest. Will the couple tying the Knot actually not be until the series finale, and they keep it just close enough to insert it into the story arc when needed? Feeling a little jerked around.
    Before the season, they teased a proposal…we got one, right? Was that it or is there more. They also teased talk about kids. We got that in the car in episode 8-1, right? We will get more, but will it be anytime soon…who knows.

    The fans waited patiently through Afghanistan to get three hearts crammed down their throats.
    If waiting through Kensi’s recovery leads to the same kind of thing and a ½ season set back…
    Well I am not sure just how many will be waiting on the other side…

    Is the show just about Kensi and Deeks? Of course not.
    But, without the Densi relationship, it is just another buddy cop show…that is stuck in a crappy time slot.
    …as Nate would say, it’s what makes it unique.

    Am I irritated…obviously.
    But, I still care enough to take the time to write this.
    I hope that I never reach the point that I no longer do.

    Liked by 1 person

    • with all due respect, this is NOT a show about Densi. Yes, their relationship is what hooked me and I love their scenes, but I think the way you’re perceiving the show as “wasting 1/2 season”s is unfair. The show is about a full cast, and the densi relationship is awesome and yes we want it to continue and grow, but by considered episodes or seasons a waste because they have a set back or just don’t move forward, you’re setting yourself up to not like episodes/ the show eventually.
      What makes this show unique is not their relationship, but how it was handled… we got a very very slow burn that when we were patient enough turned into a real relationship. We didn’t get a never ending will they wont they like NCIS did with Tiva, and we didn’t get characters that jumped into a relationship so quickly that half of the storytelling was glossed over to introduce the romantic element (ahem Callanna -in my opinion). To expect something different now is just not true to who this show is. We are definitely going to have a lot of waiting to do, becasue it is NCISLA… personally i think it is important for fans to wait patiently and not allow the let downs to ruin the entire show for ourselves


      • I understand your point and it makes sense.
        however, I think the term” slow burn” is dramatically misleading,… that would be fine, by the way.
        instead , what we get someone flipping the water from hot to cold and back constantly.
        a sauna followed by an ice bath…then repeat…over and over and over.
        I feel they just use it as a teaser too much. gradual growth is one thing….on – off- yes-no, is another. No human in their right mind would put up with 7 years of that.
        That in no way is a real relationship. if someone wants realism, that sure isn’t it.
        I am perfectly fine with little baby steps, but after all this time, they should be in the same general direction for the most part.
        move forward or move on.
        Tiva is a great comparison. I think people recognized that as a poor way to handle things
        They waited too long then it was too late, and that only lasted 8 or 9 seasons, right?
        I think when the show was moved again, then Dani was going to be off the 1st half of the season
        there was an ” oh crap…here we go again…” kind of response. So, they teased the crap out of us and made lots of promises. They didn’t need to do that, but they did…why?.
        Because , no matter what the shows actual genre claims to be (Crime Drama), or who or what it is supposed to be about ( Callen’s journey, or so we were told a long time ago by Shane Brennan himself) the Densi fans apparently drive a lot of the numbers.

        I, in no way need to move forward at 100 miles per hour…but a little consistency would be nice.

        Oh, and yes, using the term “Waste” was a little strong, sorry.

        as far the show being about all the characters, I agree completely.
        we are 11 episodes into the season and the total air time of scenes in which Kensi and Deeks are in the same scene is less than 40 minutes. that is out of roughly 480 minutes of show time.
        that is not just typical Densi moments… that includes all scenes when they were both present weather they were talking, awake or talking to someone else or just standing there about to get fired…
        over 1/2 of it was in the 1st 2 episodes, obviously.
        not well balanced, so I guess I had hoped that once Dani returned we would even things out a little…hence my disappointment in the xmas episode.

        I don’t think that a 2 minute scene with just the 2 of them…without their phone ringing to interrupt…would overwhelm the entire episode with Densi.

        just my opinion, and thank you for yours

        hopeful for tonight.


        • i totally agree with most of what you said. the yes-no thing i thought was incredible because i didn’t view it as a yes-no, but rather as their fears about a potential relationship playing out.
          I like your theory on why they teased so much in the beginning for densi fans, that makes a lot of sense, and yes lately it has seemed like a letdown. honestly, i am completely frustrated with the lack of densi scenes as well and was hoping for more. i’m just trying to enjoy the show regardless. (and i’m obviously writing this after watching this episode) this episode kind of sucked and didn’t help with the enjoyment, but we have the next 3 to look forward to that will HOPEFULLY be good! and have more kensi and densi airtime


          • I agree, I was disappointed as well.
            with Daniela back, I really expected more.
            we got just a little over 4 minutes of Kensi- 4:15 and absolutely no Densi at all
            …yet somehow they managed to dump about 14:30 minutes oof Anna on us.
            how is it that a female lead only gets 4 minutes of airtime, especially after being gone for so long???
            yet the beautiful but sub par acting of Anna gets so much time.
            think about it ,14:30 out of a 44 minute show is one third of the total air time available.
            how is that even possible?
            somebody bumped their head…
            I struggle to stay positive


            • I think you should stay positive. Daniela probably worked at most 1.5 days of the 7 filming days on this and only worked in the studio at Paramount. I am assuming she was not back full time which is why we got so much awful Anna.


              • true, and she also appeared on The Talk during filming, so she wasn’t around all the days… still, i don’t watch this show for the guest cast, i watch it for the main cast that i know and love, and 4:15 is truly not fair to fans. Also they brought back Peter Cambor! You would think having Nate back would rank as significant and be interwoven into the episode instead of just tacking on a scene towards the end no?!


                • I totally agree with you. I also do not watch for the guest cast, most of them are not very good actors, Bar Paley is a prime example. I would have liked more than one scene of Kensi with Nate. I also wanted a Densi scene and there is no reason we could not have gotten at least one, even if it was just a short scene at home. I also agree it is not fair to us fans. I am really hoping everything gets back to normal with this mole arc , I hope Kensi is back with Deeks as his partner and his girlfriend.


            • I love that you did the math on screen time.


  8. A look at why…possibly?- maybe…
    Highly detailed observations…or wild-ass guesses.

    As hard as I am on the writing at time (quite a lot, actually), I have to recognize why it is happening. I do believe that everyone involved really cares and wants to produce a high-quality product.
    R Scott Gemmill was really dealt an incredibly difficult task.
    The season this year started off in a rather dark situation.
    The ratings were down, the show got moved again, the long time show runners bailed for a pet project, the show was renewed at a very late date, and then only with 2 less episodes than before. Dani, in part attempting to avoid adding fuel to the should it be canceled discussion, held off on her pregnancy announcement until the show was actually renewed. This shortened the time available for a change in the story arc to be created. All in all, not a great way to start off the filming.
    The thought that this would be the last season was rather prevalent among those involved.
    I really think Scott wanted to make this season count. Wanted to wrap up some existing story arcs, tie up as many lose ends as he could, clear up long running questions and attempt to check some boxes on the fan’s wish list.
    I think he had a strong desire to do right by the fans. The list likely included things like
    having Callen actually find someone to love,
    having Callen reunite with his father,
    have Kensi and Deeks get married,
    find the mole,
    have Deeks become an agent,
    have Callen and Sam accept Deeks and recognize his skills,
    make Hetty more likeable,
    good or bad do something with Granger to make him more sympathetic
    advance the Nell/ Eric relationship,
    get the techs into the field and have Nell become an agent or step in for Hetty
    and so on…
    that’s a heck of a lot of closure and wrapping up to take on.
    With the assumption that he only had 22 episodes to accomplish all of this, it was a huge task to take on, and I really think he wanted to do it right.
    Once the show aired and the numbers came up (dramatically), there was an effort to spread all this goodness out to make it last several seasons.
    I think this might be why the season seems a little disjointed at times, with characters seeming to be out character or changing their behavior, as well as some arcs take these odd turns or seem to stop after heading full steam ahead.
    With the good ratings, I think we actually have seen and will continue to see a different product than what we would have seen if the numbers had continued to fall and cancellation was looming.
    I think they may be adapting on the fly and if so, overall, they are doing a good job of doing so.

    Just a thought…

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  9. I enjoy NCIS LA as a whole and I don’t watch it only for Densi, but I admit for me they are a kind of magnet, so when I don’t like the way they are being handled (or not handled at all in the last two episodes, with no scene in the first and a ten-second one in the other), while waiting for a new episode to air I may lose some of the enthusiasm I normally have beforehand. This is a feeling I wouldn’t like to have in a season I had really loved until episode 9, a season in which the balance and blend of every ingredient I’ve come to appreciate in this series (great action, characters’ personal growth and stories, emotions, smart dialogs, banter, moving scenes) had never been more perfect, in my opinion. Hence the disappointment and concern for the rest of the season which, I hope, will soon go back to its original strength.

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  10. Some updates:

    Seat 42F website – where the promo photos are ofter available – had an interview with LL Cool J about the upcoming episodes right here

    TVLine has a chat with the cast about the mole here.

    And from the show’s official account:


  11. Tess, thanks as always , for updating this in real time for us!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy to do it. I wish they’d put this info out during the week so I can include it in the preview. It is cold and awful (and the Giants don’t start until 4:40PM ET) – I’m just hanging around today.


  12. Thank you for your work on these great previews. I am glad that they are taking the time for Kensi to recover. I have been pleased with their relationship so far. Other than a couple of okay episodes I have been pleased and surprised that the time slot change has worked. I am looking forward to the mole story and hoping it is as surprisingly deep as hinted. Thanks so much to all of you for the website.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! All credit to our fearless leaders who keep created WikiDeeks and for keeping it running so well. I am a humble and happy contributor – honored to hang with such awesome people.

      I’m totally with you on the quality of season eight – there were two “okay” episodes and the rest have been quite good. I like the seamless change behind the scenes where the quality of the program’s look and the characterizations haven’t changed much except to grow. I’m hoping the mole is something they’ve set up well for a while and they are going to spend the next few episodes connecting the dots.

      Thanks again!


  13. thank you again Tess, you put a lot of work into this and it is greatly appreciated
    although part of me thinks that Nate might be a mole, or at least involved, I am glad to see him back
    i am hopeful that he has a talk with Kensi similar to the one he had with Deeks a few years back
    I would expect him to ask her about her priorities and if they have changed now..whats important to her now and for her future.
    I would anticipate that she will reply to Nate that Deeks is the most important thing in her life…
    ..To which Nate would reply “does he know that”, or “have you told him that”…
    something along those lines..
    I would think that their talk will be the catalyst for a step forward, big or small. some form of recognition of just how much he means to her.

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  14. Tess your previews are amazing. It’s so exciting to see all of the little hints we get leading up to an episode put all together on one page. It really sheds light on what to expect each week. Thank you so much

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! These are fun to do and I’m aided immeasurably by a cast and crew that enjoy sharing what they can on social media. Plus, really, everyone wants their photo taken with LL Cool J.


  15. Peter Cambor is back:


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