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Drabble of the Week: Midnight Pizza


“Satisfied?” Deeks cocked his head, sarcasm ringing in his tone and genuine care heavy in his eyes as his fiancée lifted the lid to the pizza box he’d dropped on the table, smell of cheese and sausage joining the aromas of essential oils that still clung to her from her bath water, damp hair dangling over one shoulder.

“Perfect,” she glanced up quickly, hands moving to divide slices between the plates already set out for them.

“Maybe one day it won’t be a habit for us to eat dinner at midnight.” “Maybe one day one of us will learn to cook.”

Snorting a laugh that ended in a grimace as she took a few steps and flopped down on the couch, movements clearly too quick for her body, Kensi curled her lips. “Not likely.”

“Well, I’ll put myself through culinary school before I raise our daughter on midnight Pizza Hut.”

Reaching out and pushing aside a throw pillow for him to sit beside her, she twisted sideways, laying her head against the back of the couch, exhaustion blurring her mismatched eyes. “Maybe Guy has some healthy recipes to share.”

“Kensi, please-“

“Well you owe him now.”

“I’ll gladly donate the ashes of his book.”


Ignoring her sharp exclamation of his last name, he shuddered deeply. “Next time I’m ignoring his call.”

“Okay,” she nodded too deeply for the move not to be patronizing, shifting closer digging her chilled toes beneath his thigh, needing the simplicity, easy give and take between them on nights like this, nights when the day before brought back memories that had tears in her eyes as she’d laid in the tub, days that would likely bring more pain before they became just a difficult memory, a difficult one hidden in a good life.

“In all fairness,” she continued, voice low. “Your mom probably wouldn’t love some of the pictures I’ve seen of you.”

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5 Comments on Drabble of the Week: Midnight Pizza

  1. I always enjoy anything you author Divergent. Do you think we are going to subjected to this comedy of Deeks, his mom and Guy all through this season? I have a feeling we are unfortunately.


    • divergent338 // December 15, 2017 at 4:32 PM // Reply

      Thank you so much! Haha, I’ve actually enjoyed the ongoing saga of Mama Deeks and Marty this season, I’m glad to see their relationship brought forward after seasons of nothing and i like that they’ve jept her so eccentric. I’ve particularly enjoyed the breakfast scene and the arc over the last episode, though I must say, I would love to see Roberta and Deeks talking about how she worries about him (as hinted last episode) and perhaps Deeks mentioning how he’s thinking about quitting to start a family. And oh well, I rambled, but thank you again!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Excellent. My favorite bit: “days that would likely bring more pain before they became just a difficult memory, a difficult one hidden in a good life.” That’s beautiful!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Decided to read this cuz I’m bored waiting on renewal news, it’s very cute! (lately, I’ve been eating something close to midnight, keeps my stomach full so I can sleep.)


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