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Deeks’ Surf Log – 03/9/15

March 9, 2015

Not too much out of the ordinary on this one. At least I finally got Kensi to admit she’s never truly been shot. (Wow. That only took exactly four years. And she was worried about “too much too fast”? Oh hey, on that topic of years, seems like we have a prime “anniversary” approaching. Time to begin concocting an appropriate celebration!) Back to the issue at hand, it was a relief to know my partner has avoided the flesh-piercing damage the rest of us share. Obviously if I have my way, that’s how she’ll remain. Forever.

I can’t grasp this new-found connection between Sam and Granger? What? And on the issue of finances? Who woulda thunk it? Huh, maybe I should get some tips of my own. Maybe Granger can invest in a sense of humor. After all this time, how can he still not appreciate my unique approach to our daunting work? I mean I did give the guy a hug a little while ago. I will not be deterred; I will crack that curmudgeon yet!

Seems as though playing the market is far less risky than prompting the personal ire of Callen. Didn’t see that coming from our team leader. (Now from my own partner? Yeah, been there, done that!) So the “lone wolf” is definitely primed to protect his pack. Good to know. Except I’m still feeling left out of that pack. Seriously? After all this time? And all the sacrifices I’ve made for this team? Have I still not earned Callen’s respect? Even more reason to want my real partner back! Or maybe it’s just a cover? Like someone else I know who isn’t always comfortable sharing (her) feelings? They need a little brother to pick on? Ok, maybe that’s not so bad since I didn’t have that growing up. People only pick on those they like and care about, right? Wow, then these guys really adore me! Think I’m gonna go whip up a batch of ‘smorecakes for the entire team – with extra “Granger grahams”!


About Gayle (147 Articles)
Gayle is a WikiDeeks writer and has the challenging task of penning the "Surf Log" each week. Known as "DensiLand" on Twitter, Instagram, & Tumblr, Gayle obviously "ships" Densi and has sincere love for the entire cast (& crew) of characters.

6 Comments on Deeks’ Surf Log – 03/9/15

  1. Haha, this, “I will not be deterred; I will crack that curmudgeon yet!” made me laugh. I can just picture him saying that.

    And I’m in total agreement about Callen. Was he just in a bad mood because he apparently just realized that he and his husband have little in common? It’s so odd to me how he reacted to being paired with Deeks.


    • Oh! Maybe THAT’S why they switch partners next ep? Maybe what Deeks “did” was tell Hetty that he’s not happy with how Callen treats him so Hetty (“in a quandary” because she doesn’t know what’s up with Callen being a jerk) decides to make them work a case together.


    • Learning the words evoked laughter is always fantastic to hear! Of course, he makes us all laugh pretty regularly! Your comment made me think more about Callen. Maybe he’s just gotten too “comfortable” with Sam. (“His husband” made ME laugh!) Having this significant thing that he bases a good deal of his life on suddenly be so in question could really make the guy feel insecure? Then you top all that with Deeks and perhaps he just shut down? That Callen slunk back into his “I can’t trust anyone” lone wolf cave? I’m hoping it’s nothing more than Hetty being reminded by this instance that her team needs to be ready to respond to anything with anyone. Basic trade craft, right?


  2. Natalie Ryan // March 11, 2015 at 9:02 AM // Reply

    It’s great Surf Log, and it was a great ep


  3. Hah! Invest in a sense of humor. Love it! And I think you very nicely captured Deeks’ insecurities after some pretty poor treatment.


  4. GrangeR Graham’s…hilarious. You got into Deeks’s head perfectly about G. Great entry.


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