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Drabble of the Week: Time for Us


“Maybe you should talk to Hetty?” She offered, mouth dry as her eyes stayed trained on his, just as they’d been throughout his entire story, every detail of what had happened since he left the mission this afternoon, since she breathed a heavy sigh of relief after receiving his text saying it was okay, he wasn’t in cuffs this time, shortly after his impromptu meeting.

Shaking his head no, Deeks propped an elbow on the back of the couch, bracing his head along the back of his fingers and allowing his eyes to dart downward for a half second, anxiety and resignation in his blue gaze.

“I don’t want her mixed up in this again, she’s the one who got me arrested last time. No.” Pausing abruptly, he cleared his throat, passing her a small smile as she nudged her knee against his, a small gesture of comfort.

“I’ll just play along.”

“But you don’t think Bates is dirty,” Kensi pressed, words she regretted the moment she saw a flash of painful emotion she couldn’t quite identify pass over his features.

“No, but if I can’t prove that he is then she-“

“Deeks,” cutting him off quickly, she leaned forward, cupping his jaw lightly and pressing her forehead to his neck, willing him to be silent, to soak up the moment, take in the quiet.

“We just- we need a break,” she murmured against his skin, feeling the rapid best of his heart. “We need to get away.”

“Open road?”

“Just you and me,” she nodded, landing a kiss to his collarbone before lifting her head, meeting his eyes again.

“I’ll buy you all the ice cream you can eat.”

“Sounds perfect.” Arching forward to press a kiss to his lips this time, she offered him a smile. “Road trip.”

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1 Comment on Drabble of the Week: Time for Us

  1. Love this. Road trips are one of my favorite things in the whole world. There’s just something about getting away, and having the power to move when and where you want that is incredibly freeing. Great idea Kensi!

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