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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Se Murio el Payaso” (S9E02)

“Se Murio El Payaso” — Pictured: Bar Paly (Anastasia “Anna” Kolcheck) and Chris O’Donnell (Special Agent G. Callen). When the daughter of a notorious counterfeiter arrives in Los Angeles, Sam is sent undercover as a financier, while Callen partners with Anna (Bar Paley) to track the family’s latest scheme, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Sunday, Oct. 15 (9:30-10:30 PM, ET/9:00-10:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Title: “Se Murio el Payaso”

Airing:   October 8th (moved up from October 15th)

Filming:  April 17 to April 25 – this was the first of two episodes shot after “Unleashed” last spring.

What CBS is telling us:   When the daughter of a notorious counterfeiter arrives in Los Angeles, Sam is sent undercover as a financier, while Callen partners with Anna (Bar Paley) to track the family’s latest scheme, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES.
What we think is happening:  If it makes Sam feel any better, “Se Murio el Payaso” translates to The Clown Died in Spanish.

Be on the lookout: GUEST CAST:

Bar Paly as Anastasia “Anna” Kolcheck
Last seen in “Getaway” with Callen on the couch in the boat shed.

Marsha Thomason as Secret Service Special Agent Nicole DeChamps
Last seen in “Old Tricks” with Sam outside Lt. Miller’s hospital room.

Jeff Kober as Harris Keane
Jeff Kober plays the man in the phone photo who Hetty is interesting in finding in Vietnam.

Has worked in television for decades – from Timeless last fall to Highway to Heaven back in the mid 1980’s.  He was a guest star in the original editions of both MacGyver and V.  A longtime working actor who also has some nice movie credits (most recently “Sully”).

As for regular roles in series, he was Joe in The Walking Dead, Jacob Hale Jr. in Sons of Anarchy, Remy in New Girl, Daedalus in Kindred: The Embraced, Guy Stafford in Falcon Crest and most famously as Marine Staff Sgt. Evan “Dodger” Winslow in China Beach.

Played Brick Myers in the “Chasing Ghosts” episode of NCIS: New Orleans and Rory Coulter in the “Body Talk” episode of JAG.

Fernanda Andrade as Lucila Marca/Claudia Diaz
Was Leticia Gomez in the season 11 finale of NCIS.  Played Eva Ramos in Red Widow.  Appeared in episodes of Undercovers, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Law & Order: LA, The Glades,, Sons of Anarchy, The Mentalist, Franklin & Bash, Kingdom, Scorpion, Rizzoli & Isles and From Dusk Til Dawn: The Series.

Kip Pardue as Michael Silva
Played FBI Agent Volchek in season two of Ray Donovan and was Nurse Ben Parker in ER.  Had guest roles in 7th Heaven, House, Mad Men, Agent X, Imposters and Law & Order: SVU.

Steven Allerick as Tom Rhee
Appeared in episodes of Highlander: The Raven, Earth: The Final Conflict, Relic Hunter, Amazon, Star Trek: Enterprise, Strong Medicine, Scorpion, Fear the Walking Dead, Switched at Birth, Jane the Virgin, Rosewood, Colony and Speechless.  Played a GSC Tech in Extant.

Long Nguyen as Dang
Back from the last week.  He was the man who met with Hetty in the bar.

Nanrisa Lee as Secret Service Agent Tina Park
Had guest roles in episodes of Life in Pieces, Secrets and Lies, Westworld, How to Get Away With Murder, The Mindy Project, Doubt and the season premiere this edition of American Horror Story.

Natalie Ceballos as Tia
Appeared in episodes of Matador, Mistresses, Rosewood and Game Shakers.

Natasha Hall as Heather
Had guest roles in episodes of Everybody Hates Chris, Glory Daze, 90210 (the 2012 edition), Body of Proof, Castle and The Thundermans.

Neil Rodriquez as Luna
Played as Neil the bartender in a number of General Hospital broadcasts.  Was in episodes of The Sweeper, Major Crimes, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Middle.

Duncan Campbell as NCIS Agent Castor
There are several Duncan Campbells working as actors.  He also appears in “Assets” next week.

Written by:  Kyle Harimoto wrote “Omni”, “Merry Evasion”, “Chernoff, K” and “Command and Control”, “Granger, O.”, “Ghost Gun”, “Kulinda” and “767” while was a co-writer on “Three Hearts”, “Leipei”, “Humbug”, both ends of the “Matryoshka” two-parter and next week’s “Assets”.

Directed by:  Rick Tunnel, the keeper of the NCIS: Los Angeles production calendar on Twitter (such a help this preview page every week!), is the program’s production manager.  This is the second episode he’s directed, “Revenge Deferred” being the other.

Insider Intel:  An article at about Anna’s return.

Official Photographic Evidence:  Over at SpoilerTV.

Unofficial Surveillance:

Some interesting locations for this episode:

Showing gratitutde to your cast and crew:

Video Surveillance:


Sneak Peeks:


The first two are from CBS, the second one is the TVLine article mentioned above.

Possible Sports Related Delays:  CBS has late games in a handful of markets but not most of the US (most notably Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Harrisburg PA, Indianapolis, Flint, Detroit, Cleveland and Charlotte).  I will update the start time if there is a delay in the comments section Sunday night  Other places to find the start time include the show’s official Twitter account (@NCISLA) and CBS’s official twitter account (@CBSTweet).




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13 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Se Murio el Payaso” (S9E02)

  1. Thanks so much for doing this and keeping it all straight, especially after CBS mistakenly posted the sneak peeks for “Assets”. I do hope this is a good episode. I am not fond of Anna, and I thought the sneak peeks seemed low energy. Of course, I think part of my problem was that both sneak peeks for “Assets” made it look really good, so I think my disappointment is from realizing we were not getting that episode.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks for your preview, it’s always useful to have everything summed up together in a single post.
    This time I’m really curious about the title of the episode, why in Spanish (actually with a misspelled word in the script, “murio” instead of the correct “murió”) and if related to Sam and his clown phobia in a way or another.
    To be honest, I liked the mistakenly posted “Assets” sneak peeks better, so maybe I’ll be more excited next week!
    In my opinion, NCIS:LA episodes filmed the season before and then included in the following season have rarely been thrilling so far, with the only exception of the amazing “An unlocked mind”. Let’s wait and see if this week’s episode is another welcome, unexpected, nice surprise.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The sneak peeks from CBS this week were plot heavy but I sort of loved the Anna one at TVLine. Made Anna a bit of a goofball while Callen earned good boyfriend points.

      Thanks for the kind words!


  3. Lyssa (Phnxgirl) // October 7, 2017 at 11:00 AM // Reply

    I wonder with the fact that there are 2 secret service agents in this episode, this will give us more insight/background into Mosley? Either something to help the team like her more, or give them more reason for dissent?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lyssa (Phnxgirl) // October 7, 2017 at 11:15 AM // Reply

      Also, LOVE Kip Pardue! Now I want to go watch Remember the Titans again!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Just repeating here but this was one of the episodes the program shot last spring – before Mosley was on board. Unless they edit a scene or two in, I can’t see this episode offering any insight to the newest member of the team. And I like Kip Pardue too (hey, that rhymes!).


      • Lyssa (Phnxgirl) // October 8, 2017 at 4:27 AM // Reply

        I kinda commented on Tumblr, but think I did it wrong, so if you’re seeing this again, apologies. But I could see them kinda knowing what type of replacement they were going to give for Granger by that point, so maybe they left fillers to be filmed later (which there seemed to be with that Insta shot from BF in August). Anyway, if they don’t, I think it’d be a wasted opportunity for some backstory, not that they haven’t gone that route before (Sam being overly defensive of SEALs, etc).

        Liked by 1 person

        • I do everything on Tumblr wrong so you could have totally done it right and I just missed it.

          While I agree with you on the type of character they were looking for last season (a new boss who was going to have issues with the team because (a) Lauren Hunter and (b) Owen Granger season 3), I’m wondering if they had the specifics of Mosley figured out at that point. Shane Brennan had one idea of who was running the NCIS OSP office when they did the two-part NCIS episode but when Linda Hunt was available to them, they ran with her. That may be the case tonight – a general mention of the new person running the office with Hetty gone but no real specifics.


  4. I thought we could have been done with her.

    Die, Anna, die.



  5. please get rid of anna she is annoing . bar paly sucks at acting as i call her bad acting raccoon suprise face that the raccoon makes when she/he get caught going trough trash she has the same face ,more facial expressions i have never seen of her so many complains about her and she is still in she must be playing with some one in the office


  6. Mostly on-time tonight:


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