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Drabble of the Week: A Good Sort of Pain


The tree was fitting, damn near perfect; along with the truth of their old boss’ relationship with Jennifer that seemed entirely too obvious after Sam and Callen explained the new truths to them, hushed voices echoing in the bullpen, filling the space with both pain and closure; the former all too familiar, the latter a rarity, even a comfort.

A silent form of comfort that had Deeks just barely rubbing his fiancée’s shoulder in time with his heartbeat, both braced against her desk, waiting for the older men to finish the remainder of paperwork set aside for the day, waiting to leave the building together, silently agreeing it was right, that tonight could be one of those now rarer times set aside for drinks and dinner together.

“It feels good at least,” he murmured, head tilted toward Kensi, but words intended for the whole bullpen. “To be back to normal, even if that is knife fights and explosives, feels right.”

Huffing in silent laughter and agreement, Kensi shrugged off his hand to bump her shoulder against his. “Wouldn’t feel so right if you were stabbed.”

“My hammy doesn’t feel so right.”

“Big baby,” she nudged his shoulder again, voice laden with her usual humor and something deeper, a reminder that later, after the drinks and memories shared with the team tonight, he’d likely be holding her, feeling the moisture in her eyes and hearing the memories and words she saved for only his ears. “Massage later?”

“Not on government property.” Callen cut in before Deeks could reply.

“G’s just jealous no one is offering him a belly rub,” Sam glanced up, winking in the detective’s direction.


“I’m ending this topic of conversation,” she said, a roll of her mismatched eyes sealing the sentence. “Hurry that up, I’m ready to get out of here.”

Recognizing the slight tremor in her tone that would have matched his own if he dared speak, the one that no one likely even heard, he lifted a palm to smooth it over her arm again, allowing a small smile when this shoulder nudge turned into her leaning against him fully.


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4 Comments on Drabble of the Week: A Good Sort of Pain

  1. Thank you. A great team moment.


  2. Kaytie G. Marek // March 30, 2018 at 7:20 AM // Reply

    Great drabble! I saw it too that the real hammy was that Deeks almost got stabbed and Kensi knew that. I am working on a post-ep for this one where she brings that up as well. This drabble is a beautiful tribute to the team and to Granger.


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