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NCISLA Classified Preview and Promo Pics: “A Farewell to Arms” (S14E13)

Title: A Farewell to Arms

Airing: February 26th, 2023

Filmed: November 2022

What CBS is telling us: When a mystery woman attacks the founder of an AI company, the NCIS team must identify the woman before the next major global conflict ensues. Also, Kilbride’s ex-wife, Elizabeth (Marilu Henner), comes to visit and asks him to think about reconnecting with their son, on the CBS Original series NCIS: LOS ANGELES.

What we think is happening: There’s not a lot of info, but we will get to meet Kilbride’s ex-wife for the first time! Perhaps the conversations he’s had with Deeks this past year about parenting/relationships will lead to a positive resolution on that front.

Tiptoeing through the “A Farewell to Arms” guest cast  info

(courtesy of Tess, many thanks again!)

Guest cast (they mentioned someone in the press release!):

Marilu Henner as Elizabeth
Henner is a longtime working actress on television.  She was Elaine Nardo in Taxi, Ava Evans Newton (Burt Reynolds wife) in Evening Shade, Vivian Ludley in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Aida Teagarden in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries.

Provided the voice of Veronica Vreeland in Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures.

Guest roles include The Paper Chase, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Who’s the Boss, The Tracey Ullman Show, Cybill, George & Leo, Providence, Greg the Bunny, Living with Fran, Center of the Universe, The Comeback, My Boys, ER, Party Down, Numb3rs, Grey’s Anatomy, Unforgettable, Two and a Half Men, The Glades, The Crazy Ones, Signed Sealed Delivered, The Neighborhood, Bob Hearts Abishola and VC Andrews’ Landry Family.

Henner was featured on 60 Minutes as a person with an “Endless Memory”.

Written by:  Chad Mazero co-wrote “Internal Affairs”, “Revenge Deferred” and “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”, “The Noble Maidens” and “Pandora’s Box”.  Wrote “Tidings We Bring”, “Can I Get a Witness”, “All Is Bright”, “Diamond in the Rough”, “High Society”, “Murder of Crows”, “Overdue”, “Sorry for Your Loss” and “Flesh & Blood”.

Directed by:  John P. Kousakis directed “Imposters”, “Sacrifice”, “San Voir” part one, “The Fifth Man”, “Parley”, “Inelegant Heart”, “Chernoff, K.”, “Active Measures”, “The Long Goodbye”, “Talion”, “Glasnost”, “Unleashed”, “Party Crashers”, “This Is What We Do” (episode 200), “Goodbye Vietnam”, “Ninguna Salida”, “The Guardian”, “High Society”, “A Tale of Two Igors”, “Under the Influence”, “Genesis”, “Come Together”, all of the Afghanistan scenes from “Iron Curtain Rising” to “Zero Days” in season five and all of Kensi’s injury/recovery storyline scenes from “The Queen’s Gambit” to “Sirens” in season eight.

Eric A. Pot directed “Resurrection”, “Windfall”, “Traitor”, “Internal Affairs”, “Home is Where the Heart Is”, “Forasteira”, “Reentry”, “Hit List”, “The One Who Got Away”, “Kill Beale Vol 1”, “Fortune Favors the Bold”, “A Fait Accompli”, “Imposter Syndrome”, “Indentured”, “Sorry for Your Loss”, and “Survival of the Fittest”.


Official Promo Photos: 

No separate page this time – just adding them here!



Sneak Peeks:

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