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Review: NCISLA “Reznikov, N.” (S5E4)


When Shane Brennan wrote the 100th episode of NCIS Los Angeles, he had been waiting for 75 episodes to convey the next chapter in the saga of Callen’s past, in particular his father’s identity.  This episode was an emotional roller coast rider from start to finish and  it was used as a vehicle to move the Callen family story line along for all the long suffering Callen fans who have been waiting for more specific information on their beloved character.

Show’s Synopsis: The episode is told in reverse as we see the aftermath of a kidnapping case of  the man who claims to be father.  The team sets out to investigate the crime scene without the help of Callen who has been sent on a different mission. Callen knows something is up…Sam is partnered with Granger; Hetty is giving him strange looks.  It doesn’t take him long push his way back into this very personal case.  Although Callen is not convinced the kidnapped man is his father, someone else out there does.  When Callen finds a shoebox of old pictures he is shocked to discover all of the photos are of him. The man definitely has some connection to Callen as he refuses to stand down and walk away.  It’s not long before the name Comescu shows up and the vendetta is back on the front burner.  Callen’s main nemesis is back which forces Callen to go lone wolf again in search of this mortal enemy. His disappearance sets off a series of cunning maneuvers allowing Callen to draw Comescu into his own trap. Things look bleak after Granger and Sam are ambushed while coming to Callen’s assistance but the team pulls together to successfully take down what may be the last of the Comescu family. The abducted man was Hans Schriber but he was not Callen’s father.  Instead he owed Callen’s real father a debt.  He kept track of Callen throughout the years until Callen’s father could return. Will Callen ever get to discover what really happen to his father? Did he ever return to search for Callen and his sister? I have no doubt Brennan already knows the answer to that question.  Just don’t expect it to be revealed anytime soon.

Memorable Moments

  • Kensi and Sam seem to be more into the rock climbing competition than their reluctant partners (Callen:  He climbs like an orangutan.  Sam:  Then let’s show this monkey boy, G!) Had to giggle at Deeks’ monkey noises.
  • The most recent photo in the shoebox comes from the cemetery scene that took place in season two’s opening episode, Human Traffic also written by Brennan.  We finally find out the identity of the mysterious stalker which only took another 75 episodes to unravel.
  • Callen’s walk down memory lane with Kensi and Deeks was devastating as he relives his foster homes through the pictures.
  • One of the best parts of the entire episode was the return of Arkady Kolcheck.  We find that he knows a lot more about Callen’s past than ever before.  Arkady brings a comforting presence to the search and I enjoyed his funny sidebars and insight, particularly with Hetty.
  • Deeks finds some old 8 mm footage in the shoebox and the final scene of Callen watching the film is very touching.  It must be heart stopping to see a picture of your father for the very first time.  It was a sad but tender scene.

Classic Deeks and Hetty:

  • Hetty seems to be more at ease now with Deeks’ return and tries to convince Granger he is fit to return to duty (I wouldn’t let him on the bike if I didn’t think he could ride it.) When Granger mentions Kensi, it’s obvious Hetty is still worried about both her chicks. Although the R word is mentioned (relationship), the topic was quickly dropped.

Title: “Reznikov, N”
Writer: Shane Brennan
Director: Tony Wharmby
Original Air Date: October 15, 2013


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1 Comment on Review: NCISLA “Reznikov, N.” (S5E4)

  1. Hmmm, ironic comment about riding the bike given the next episode’s developments. The only other thing of interest to me about this episode was the small smile of recognition on Deeks’ face when Callen talked about his abusive foster parent. These two have so much in common, and this is the first evidence that the writers have shown any interest in exploring it. I think that final conversation they had in the previous episode might be the single longest one-on-one conversation they’ve ever had. It would be great to see them work together more. Maybe there will be an opportunity for that when Kensi is away?


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