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Review: NCISLA “Fish Out of Water” (S5E16)


We’re slowly but surely getting through this season and apparently heading to a dramatic Densi conclusion. This week we have a new script by Joe Sachs who penned the delightfully amusing “The Livelong Day,” one of my favorite episodes this season. From the trailer it looks like Deeks is going to be in rare form tonight while working alongside Callen and Sam investigating a possible terrorist and a saucy DEA agent. Will this woman be the one who challenges Deek’s feelings for Kensi as John Peter Kousakis teased about on Twitter? Say it ain’t so, Deeks!

The Story this Week….

Every week, I write in detail about the mission which is usually just a back drop in the main characters lives. So before we talk about the real reason behind this episode, here’s the plot in a nutshell:  The team is investigating who bombed a fish market and whether it is just an isolated incident or the beginnings of an international threat? The DEA agent, Talia Del Campo was undercover when they found empty bags with traces of cocaine in the shipments the suspect was hauling from the airport to the market. In the end the bags held dirty cash to fund an Iranian sleeper cell intent on planning another, more explosive attack on a Navy ship with 5,000 guests! No surprise that our team comes up with an ingenious plan to take out the terrorists and stop the more serious attack. But in the end it’s really apparent that this episode was a vehicle to move us closer to a Densi show down yet to come.

So let’s talk Deeks and Talia!

Admit it… this is the important story here. From the beginning, Deeks seemed shy and taken with the petite DEA agent. Maybe she reminds him of Kensi in looks and demeanor (Sam: She’s a tough little lady) and he’s got to really be missing his partner about now. So why lie to Talia when she asks if he has a partner?  It Deeks afraid to talk about Kensi? Or is it something else? Not getting a good feeling about this so far! I mean how many federal agents ask for a deep tissue rub from their interrogator?  Hmmm? At least Deeks continues somewhat with his grumpy persona when Hetty assigns the two of them as partners on this joint mission. I did enjoy watching Deeks quickly pushing Talia out the door before she gets to experience the wrath of Hetty.  Once is all it takes!

Houston, we have a problem.

On the other side of the world, Kensi is getting closer to the White Ghost. The quicker she can get to the last know location of the notorious target, the quicker the mission will be over for her and she can go back home to you know who. As she id’s the illusive White Ghost through her scope, she is stunned to find out she recognizes the man at the other end of her rifle and it’s not Sabatino! I bet everyone’s money is on Jack since there have been enough spoilers to point us in that direction. Yep, this is about to get real interesting!

It’s six more weeks of winter for Deeks.

Deeks finds that his new partner, Talia is a match for his sense of humor and skills as an undercover cop. (What’s with your little nut?) Deeks is impressed but also knows he’s got a live wire on his hands who has her own hidden agenda. That agenda also extends to her personal life when she alludes to former problems with her ex-partners. And yes, they all become complicated in the end… and a no-win situation for those who have loved and lost. Deeks seems devastated that Talia wasn’t able to make things work  out with her former partner. No doubt he has to be thinking his thing with Kensi may be headed in the same direction. Although nothing romantic happens in the end between the two make-shift partners, there was definitely an attraction between the two. I’d like to think Talia is such a strong reminder of Kensi that Deeks couldn’t help but be pulled into the allure of another tough woman. The feeling is mutual or she wouldn’t have tried to recruit him as a DEA agent. As Deeks stares out the window of his car, you can almost see the movie playing in his eyes. (Nice work, ECO!) He’s deeply worried and probably wondering what’s going to happen next.

Deeks paints a sad figure as he sits alone in the Mission trying urgently to get ahold of Kensi via email. He yearns to make a connection with his partner that he so desperately needs right now. Although he felt an attraction for Talia, it was really just an attack of loneliness that has been stalking him for weeks. He misses Kensi but is also unsure of their future together. The anxiety has got to be killing him. Deeks is standing on his own frozen lake right now and he doesn’t know which way to turn.  I’m sure this is all setting us up for the Densi drama to come. Six more weeks of winter, indeed Mr. Deeks.

Memorable Moments

  • Were Callen and Sam really trying to prove who had the biggest icicle? Keep pulling more hats out of that box, Deeks!
  • I think the boys have finally accepted Deeks’ wonderful sense of humor and childlike behavior. Even Callen just expects it now… Don’t encourage him!
  • I loved Deeks’ smile when Calen actually does encourage him to charm Talia into giving them more information. I think he was even a bit embarrassed there for a second.
  • I got a kick out of the fact that Sam is still arguing with Callen over his love life… well at least he has one now. Can’t blame him for wanting to keep it private from Grandma Hanna!
  • What kind of idiot fails rocks for jocks?  LOL!
  • I’m sure none of you are surprised that Hetty was at UCLA when they invented the internet. By now we expect that from the master of the universe, heh?
  • Lucky shot, Deeks? Are you kidding me Callen??
  • How cute was Sam and Callen trying to talk Deeks into joining them at dinner? What a long way we have come!

Classic Deeks

Sam: What’s up Deeks? You going on a ski trip?
Deeks: No, man. I’m just trying to stay toasty. We got a lot of winter ahead of us. In case you haven’t heard a couple of weeks ago the groundhog saw it’s shadow.
Sam: Groudhog? So you get you get your weather advice from a groundhog? Where do you get your  financial advice? From a squirrel?
Deeks: No, that would be nuts! Ha! You see how quick that was when I said nuts? No?
Sam: Yeah, nuts is right.

Classic Densi

Deeks: Why aren’t you working with a partner?
Talia: Beause they just complicate things. What’s your excuse?
Deeks: I’m a one man army. (Really, Deeks?)

Classic Deeks & Hetty

Deeks: Talia Del Campo, this is Hetty Lange, my boss and I’m pretty sure she’s the master of the universe.

We’re off next week with a repeat of another Joe Sachs’ episode, “The Livelong Day.” So join us again in two weeks for my next review of a new episode “Between the Lines.” In the meantime, be sure to check out all of our other features like Destination Deeks, Deeks Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal. See you then!


Title: “Fish Out of Water”
Writer: Joe Sachs
Director: Terrence O’Hara
Original Air Date: March 4, 2014

Diane Volpe is a Contributing Editor at Follow her on Twitter: @phillydi

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Founder, Writer and Contributing Editor of wikiDeeks. Always wanted to put together a talented team of writers and graphic designers who loved NCISLA and Marty Deeks in particular! My dream came true! Hope you enjoy what we have created!

22 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Fish Out of Water” (S5E16)

  1. Dr. Brenda // March 5, 2014 at 4:17 PM // Reply

    Great analysis. Agreed that this episode seemed like a vehicle to move the overall story along (my initial reaction was “filler,” but vehicle sounds better!). Loved Hetty/internet, rocks for jocks!!!

    I really appreciate and enjoy how the Deeks/Sam dynamic has turned this year. Sam is very loyal and clearly meant what he said about never forgetting what Deeks did to protect Michelle. It’s nice to see that relationship develop. I’m trying very hard to “think happy thoughts” and I hope that Densi doesn’t end up like Tiva (long tease that goes nowhere) or Ross/Rachel (10 year saga that doesn’t get resolved until the final episode) as per the TV guide article quote. But if things don’t end well for Densi, I feel like Sam is going to be there for Deeks. Although a Densi crash/burn might be reason enough for me to focus more on analyzing my research and not a TV show!

    Question – was the “red herring” just a joke thrown in because it was perfect for Deeks in the setting of the fish market? Or is there something about this episode that is actually a red herring?


  2. Hard to say about the red herring. But it was so typical of Deeks! He really couldn’t help himself! He just had to.


  3. I call this episode “Faux Kensi”. Deeks soft laughter whenever she one-upped him or was competitive seemed only to remind him of his real partner. She was nice an all, but a pale imitation of Wonder Woman. She flirted and he deflected her attention. Really? Asking for a massage from a guy you just met during an op? There was such an undercurrent to this episode that had my mind on what was going on with Kensi and Deeks. I think he appreciated Talia because she was a strong woman, but I don’t think for one minute he was attracted to her the way some of the twitter teases suggested. I will say she got some of the sweetest smiles out of him and I truly appreciate that. She paled in comparison to Kensi after we saw Kensi go off by herself to take out The White Ghost. Then the intrigue began. Is it Jack? Would she have missed if it wasn’t? Then we are left with a cliffhanger when she doesn’t respond to Deeks texts.

    Joe Sachs did a great job on this ep and Terrance O’Hara did us all a favor with the close ups he gave us, especially the ones of Deeks in the car after shedding his Faux partner. So sad and so worried, just like the rest of us.


  4. Excellent review Di. Seeing sad Deeks is killing me. I can’t take it. And I know it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Uggh- that last scene in particular really got to me.

    At the same time, like Dr. Brenda I loved loved loved the way the whole team tried to talk Deeks into joining them for sushi, especially Sam. It warms my heart and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. I also loved that Sam laughed at his red herring joke (and that smile on Deeks’ face was spectacular). Callen on the other hand- would it be too much to actually compliment Deeks on his shooting rather than making a sarcastic comment about a lucky shot? Oh, and I’m sure I’m reading too much into things, but I loved that Sam told Talia that she had just assaulted a “federal agent.” It’s like they’ve really made Deeks one of them even if he hasn’t officially taken the job.

    My take on the Deeks-Talia interactions was that she was pretty forward with the flirting (the massage request, the desire for him to ply her with liquor) but he politely declined at every step. Like Sweet Lu said, I think everything just reminded him of Kensi. I think Talia showed more of a sense of humor than early Kensi ever did, so you could see how she would be a good fit for Deeks- strong, capable, brunette plus funny. I thought it was interesting that he seized on her possible origin story about her parents’ death as if she could have been another super hero-worthy partner like his Wonder Woman.

    I’ve gotta comment on the SoCal-specific content… Loved the San Pedro scenes at the beginning and end (that’s where I live), although the scene with the shoot-out/explosion was actually filmed in Long Beach. And I was amused by the mittens and gloves. I must admit that we had a stretch of cold weather at the end of last year (in the low 50’s!) and I decided I would pull out my winter coat. Yes, I know it’s ridiculous, but I have been turned into a true “weather wimp” by my 24 years here. Oh, and Hetty is a Bruin- go UCLA!!! We couldn’t snag Pepperdine alum ECO, but at least we scored Hetty.

    Speaking of Hetty… It seemed pretty obvious from the start that Hetty chose Kensi to go to Afghanistan because she knew or suspected Jack was the White Ghost, but that doesn’t mean I understand her decision. I mean, did she really think Kensi would pull the trigger? Does she expect Kensi will be able to get close enough to make him vulnerable? Either way, it seems an incredibly cruel thing to do to her. Why couldn’t she have told her what was going on? I really hope this will have a good explanation other than that Hetty is a manipulative boss obsessed with getting the job done at the expense of the people who care about her. I do feel like they’ve laid plenty of breadcrumbs throughout the season with Hetty’s at times mysterious behavior, so I will try to have faith that the writers have a plan.


    • Like you…I suspect that Hetty knows that the White Ghost is Jack…and if that is the would indeed..have been very cruel of her to sent Kensi to kill him.
      Not only that…but I think it would have to change not only Kensi’s feelings towards Hetty..but also Deeks and the rest of the team.

      But what if …Hetty doesn’t know that Jack is the White Ghost…but Granger does..and kept that fact…from Hetty!
      I would not put it past do such a thing to both Hetty & Kensi.

      Granger has no friends on the team..and nobody seems to like the man.
      Heck..I dont think..Granger even likes Granger!! lol

      So….it would not bother him one bit…if Kensi went ballistic.. ..if she ever found out ….that Granger knew all along..that Jack was the White Ghost.

      To a guy like Granger,,.feelings & emotions..are for wimps!!.All he really cares that the job gets done.


  5. Reader1976 // March 5, 2014 at 11:58 PM // Reply

    Great reviews and comments by everyone. Loved the red herring scene especially the connection we are seeing between G, Sam and Deeks.
    I may be superimposing my feelings or wishes onto Deeks but I thought that Deeks saw the similarity between Talia and Kensi, but clearly thought she was a shadow of the real Kensi. Especially with all the questioning on her approach to the case as one would with a new partner when no trust has been built. He did soften when she mentioned her partner and her confession of the the choice she made. This choice was reminiscent of what he feels Kensi would choose as well. When once Deeks would have jumped at the opportunity to ply Talia with Margaritas or give a foot rub, he definitely was out of the game. Kensi has spoiled him for any other woman ; ) (credit this line to Sweet Lu)
    I thought he missed Kensi even more after working with Talia. He recognized and complimented her skills on the case but it was definitely professional on his part.
    The ending when he was reaching out to connect with Kensi was really sad and heart tugging. Although all the signs point to Jack as the white ghost, I am not quite convinced. Clearly, Kensi recognized him and if not Jack, then who?
    Can’t wait to see the story unfold.


  6. Great review Diane as always.
    Even though we knew Jack might be the ghost, it didn’t make it any easier. To be honest, I always thought it was quite predictable and expected a twist. Anyway, a twist can happen anytime. Just because he was the only American among them doesn’t mean he is the Ghost. He could be working undercover. I know….wishful thinking.

    This is going to kill Kensi. This man broke her heart once, and now he is simply going to rip it out. No wonder Kensi comes back broken after this mission.

    I still can’t understand Hetty. What is she hiding? What does she know? Why did she insist on sending Kensi? Too many questions. Hetty has some serious explaining to do.

    And here we go….Deeks and Talia. I don’t think Deeks was attracted to her. She was too “bold” for his taste. She kept throwing herself to him but fortunately Deeks didn’t fall for her traps. I am proud of him. Although, I got really angry when he said the one man army quote. It is obvious he misses Kensi. He is not the Deeks we knew, and even though he smiles, there is a melancholy hiding behind his eyes. That last scene broke my heart. His facial expression, his disappointment, his need for contact…
    This was the 3rd Densiless episode and I fear more are about to come. WE knew it was going to be a bumpy road but man….they are killing us!


    • Evi…..your right, just because Kensi immediately recognized the guy when she saw him thru her doesnt automatically mean Jack is the White Ghost. But Shane Brennan mentioned in an interview that Jack would be showing up this season…so he’s most likely the White Ghost..
      Jack could be the White Ghost…but like you mentioned..working undercover..but maybe he switched sides. Could that be a reason….Hetty sent Kensi to kill the White Ghost? Because ..they suspected the White Ghost might be Jack…and needed someone who knew what he looked ID him?

      The bigger question is…what if Hetty knew all along the White Ghost was Jack…but..she still sent Kensi to kill him? How could Hetty do that to Kensi…give her the job of killing her former fiance? It would be really interesting to see Kensi’s reaction…If we learn that Hetty knew all along…that the White Ghost is Jack.
      If that turns out to be the case…I don’t see how Kensi could ever feel the same towards Hetty…or working for NCIS.

      Dave Kalstein tweeted that esp 20:5..will be a “game changer”. Game changers can be either good or bad things…such as..”Honey…great news…we just won a two week vacation to Bora Bora.. ,.or..”Honey….bad news….I just got laid off from work!” My guess is for Densi fans…it will be the bad news scenario…at least for the foreseeable future.
      Jack’s return will obviously throw Kensi for a loop…and cause all sorts of trouble for “the thing” between Deeks & Kensi.

      As for Talia & Deeks…alas…the writers tried hard…but…I saw no chemistry between the characters.
      I think the powers that be on the show made a trying to cast another woman in the mold of Kensi. Because while this woman was also brunette & attractive..she was a pale imitation of Kensi,in everyway.

      I think they would have been wiser…to go in the opposite direction of Kensi…and hire a blonde woman..with more of a personality like Deeks

      The main reason I watch the show…is to enjoy watching Deeks & Kensi “thing”… as a Densi fan…I miss them being together. ..and don’t look forward to the fact that thier “thing”..will be put on hold for who nows how much longer.

      Hopefully.. they will get the Densi train back on track sooner…rather than later….because the show is just not as much fun for me..when their not paired together.
      I like Hetty and Sam & G’s bantering ..but I find the fact that Sam & Callen could be locked in a room with 100 highly trained assassins, armed to the teeth…and Sam & G..walk out of the room…without so much as a scratch…after dispatching the bad guys..with only a feather duster & a spatula for weapons…just a tad.. far-fetched &


      • Owen – I agree that if Deeks were to get involved with another woman, it should be the anti-Kensi, not Kenis-lite. Physically attractive, yes, not necessarily a blond but not resembling Kensi at all; funny, warm, affectionate and supportive. I think Talia’s role was to show that Deeks isn’t going to give in the temptation of the first pretty woman who comes along, and in that respect she played her part. Now let him meet someone nicer than Kensi. I love Deeks, but I was never interested in Kensi except to the extent that Deeks was interested in her. But Kensi has been such a cold fish (no pun intended) that I wouldn’t mind if she rode off into the Afghani sunset with Jack and let Deeks move on to someone better.


  7. I agree with many of th comments. I think Deeks misses her and the ending was heart breaking. It is good to see him part of the team. I wonder if we are seeing more of who he was as an undercover cop and back to when he was an attorney. Hetty mentioned she moved chessboards not players. I wonder if she knows it is Jack but sent him on a mission. It would be more of a twist to have him return so they deal with fallout of a rescue of both of them. It will not be an easy return for either of them. I see trouble with Deeks going overseas not as an agent. He might have make decisions about this. I like seing this competent side of him being shone. It seems like forever since she has been gone so I sympathize with him.


  8. I never thought Deeks was interested in Talia. I think he liked her humor. evidenced by his chuckles and smiles. We don’t know if Talia’s partner was male or female. I believe the partner was alway addressed as partner, not he or she. We really don’t even know why they parted. We can assume that it was because of a relationship, but we don’t know. It could be a number of things. I don’t understand why Kensi fired the shot. She missed on purpose. Why even bother? I suppose the White Ghost could be Jack, but I’m kind of hoping that it isn’t. It becomes too convoluted and that just reeks of soap opera, IMO. I don’t read much about the show or look for spoilers, but I have the feeling, in the grand tradition of NCIS (Tony killing Ziva’s boy friend?), that Deeks is going to kill the White Ghost causing a bit of tension between the pair. I like how Deeks has had to work with Callen and Sam more allowing them to become closer.


  9. mountaingirl89 // March 8, 2014 at 3:50 PM // Reply

    ok, I just had to comment on this after reading the comment about the red herring. Now, sorry if this all confusing, I’m kind of excited about this so bear with me!

    OK, so, for starters did y’all catch them calling Deeks an agent? Not LAPD or detective, they called him a FEDERAL AGENT and not only that but he talked about being LAPD in the past tense (“I started out as LAPD”). At first I was thinking that they were, for some odd reason, keeping his status as LAPD under wraps. BUT! (and here is gets really interesting) I decided to download the CBS app and synced my phone with the show (when you do that the app uses the phone’s microphone to follow the episode. While doing that it gives fun facts, quizzes, BTSs, ect)… here comes the kicker……when the scene with the red herring came on the app loaded a fun fact about red herring…..but, not the fish, the idiom….which is very weird and confusing, or at least it was to me since it seemed Deeks was just talking about the fish…there was no reason for him to be talking about the idom “red herring”. THEN, I got thinking. Maybe the whole thing about calling Deeks an agent was to either throw us off the case or the case was to throw us off them calling Deeks an agent or something like that. Because, we haven’t seen anything about Deeks even thinking about becoming an agent (though a fan site I go to said that something happened in last season, but I don’t remember anything like that happening). Maybe that scene was there way of warning us that there was going to be a misleading of something or whatnot.

    I really don’t know if that is true, that is just my theory. I would love to know what y’all think about it. I would love to know if that could be a reality or if I’m just going crazy. Because, seriously, them calling Deeks an agent has been on my mind ever since! I’m still trying to figure that out.

    on another note: I really liked the episode in full. that last scene was so heartbreaking! I’m keeping positive though. I mean all couples have hard times and some have way WAY hard times. I think Deeks will keep to his word, as he is very loyal, and be patient. Just because he seemed interested in Talia (BTW, isnt’ that ziva’s sister’s name…..if it is, that is kind of weird) doesn’t mean he is giving up on Kensi or that relationship. Also, we’ve seen him bring Kensi through a lot of tough things and visa versa. I don’t think this whole Jack and the White Ghost stuff will be the final thing for them. it might be the hardest, but both of them are pretty tough, though I see Kensi breaking more than him in this. She might push him away, but I can see him pushing back.

    But, like aways, we will have to see.


    • I have to wonder why Sam called Deeks a federal agent. He could have just as easily called him a cop. I think they would have made a big deal if he had become an agent…but it is weird. I don’t think the use of red herring was a coincidence. I’m sure it had a second meaning.


  10. I just took the “federal agent” reference to show how much Sam has really accepted Deeks as part of the team, and the family.

    Several of the other comments here about Hetty and Kensi and the White Ghost really got me thinking. I believe we’ve seen some confirmation that Jack is the White Ghost from the actor who plays him. But I find the idea that he might not be totally evil, or that he maybe started out on some kind of mission, intriguing. Here’s my crazy (and I’m quite sure, wrong) theory… What if Hetty sent him on a mission back before Kensi worked at NCIS? Maybe Hetty feels responsible for whatever went wrong. Maybe as a result, she had tracked Kensi for a long time before she brought her to NCIS, just as she did with Callen and most likely with Deeks. Maybe Hetty’s not sure that Jack is the White Ghost, which is why she hasn’t shared her theory with Kensi. But maybe she hopes if it is Jack, that Kensi might be able to save him. Clearly any other sniper in Kensi’s situation in the last episode would have killed Jack, so already Hetty’s decision would be proved at least partly right. I think Hetty feels heavy guilt for many of her decisions, and for the fate of many of those who worked under her, and I think she has been motivated to take action because of it, like when she went to Romania to try to protect Callen out of a sense of guilt for not protecting his mother.

    I don’t think Granger knows. I think he was fishing for information when he was back in LA, and I like to think he is trying to look out for Kensi, since he was close friends with her father. Whoever would have thought that I’d have something positive to say about Granger?

    Either way, I had been assuming that Deeks would likely kill Jack with the knife. But I am now kind of excited about the idea of Jack being alive and coming back (hence the Three Hearts title). That could be quite dramatic, although I’m not sure I can take a heartbroken Deeks.


    • mountaingirl89 // March 10, 2014 at 12:19 PM // Reply

      hmm, that theory about Jack is really interesting. Now are you saying that his leaving Kensi was when he was sent on the mission or that he was sent after he left Kensi?


      • Good question mountaingirl. I’m assuming the PTSD was real and he really left Kensi because of it. So maybe he recovered and then ended up crossing paths with Hetty after he left Kensi. Or, maybe he and Hetty crossed paths earlier on, while he was in Iraq and engaged to Kensi. Maybe his PTSD wasn’t the cumulative effect of being there a long time, maybe he went through a specific traumatic experience that was the result of an operation that Hetty set up. Maybe Hetty felt responsible for his PTSD, and that’s what got Kensi on her radar in the first place. And maybe she’s been looking for Jack all this time, with the theory that he might have turned up as the White Ghost. I’m sure things will turn out completely and totally different, but isn’t it fun to theorize?


        • mountaingirl89 // March 10, 2014 at 10:07 PM // Reply

          oh yeah, that is why I said what I did about the whole “federal agent” thing with Deeks. It was just a theory of mine. I love theorizing TV shows and the episodes to come.


    • I agree with you that the title of the episode Three Hearts, possibly refers to Jack and Kensi and Deeks. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean Jack will be bodily coming back to the states. If he is the White Ghost, I think he will be killed in Afghanistan, and if Deeks is the one to kill him then that act will haunt Kensi and Deeks and send their relationship off the rails…and please pardon the play on words. As Hetty would say…”Bugger”.

      I don’t think Hetty knows who the White Ghost is and I don’t think Granger does either. But, I don’t have a great track record on these things, I am just holding out hope that Hetty would not do that to Kensi.


      • Sweet Lu I definitely see your scenario as the likeliest one. And I hope you are right that Hetty doesn’t know- she has let me down so much this season and I am really trying to keep some faith in her.


  11. Hi Jan…I understand your lack of fondness for Kensi.. because you don’t thinks shes a good fit for Deeks.

    I’ve seen people say the opposite…that Deeks is not good enough for Kensi..because they think he goofs around too much and doesn’t take everything super serious.

    I don’t see Kensi as cold…just someone who doesn’t allow people to get too close to her…because she’s a person who lost her father at a young age suddendly & her fiance walked out on her..

    She suffered these two very important losses in her life..and that obviously scarred her…then on top of that… her new partner. got killed on the job.

    Kensi is a strong woman…doing a very difficult job a mans world no less..and here comes this fun loving..good looking & smart guy Deeks…who despite herself..she finds herself becoming fond of over time. .

    And maybe..a part of still scared & doesn’t want to develop strong feelings for Deeks.. Because she knows from experince…that when you really care & have feelings for someone…especially in their line of work…those people she cares for… can all be torn & taken away from her.. in an instant…and that frightens Kensi..

    She admits as much to season’s 4 episode…. “Wanted”..when she asks Deeks to promise her never get himself killed.

    Pehaps thats why…when she’s 1 st paired with Deeks..she’s treats him the way she did..and had this wall up…because her preferred modus operandi…is never to allow get too close.

    I think thats why she was so angry & slugged Deeks in.. Frozen Lake…because his growing feelings for her…stopped Deeks for taking that shot.
    And maybe also..she was mad at herself…for allowing their go to that next level..because it was now affecting..the way they both fuctioned on their job as agents.

    You can see another example on how their growing feelings & “thing” for one another & how it affects the way they do their job… near the end of Frozen Lake.
    Deeks is in the store with the Armerian bad guys..and Kensi looks very tense and distracted ..waiting inside the vehicle with Sam & G while those two..look cool as cucumbers.

    They keep asking her..if she is good..but Kensi is clearly not focussed on the job on hand..because she’s mostly thinking about Deeks & his safety.
    When Callen tells Sam & Kensi they would wait another 60 seconds… then go inside to help Deeks…Kensi bolts out.. a few seconds later. Another sign..that her mind is not 100% on the’s on Deeks.

    She allowed her feelings for Deeks…to overide Callen’s orders….putting the mission & everybody else…in danger.

    But these things happen..even to the best of people & governtment agents…..when the heart..takes over from the head!




    • Owen, I respect your opinion, but I disagree with it. So Kensi is scarred by life and afraid of being hurt. Isn’t Deeks? Isn’t everybody? Other people overcome that fear, but for Wonder Woman, supposedly “the bravest,” we make excuses? Sorry, I’m not going to do that. (BTW, the woman in a male-dominated profession excuse doesn’t work on me. I’ve already got that particular Tshirt.) If the fear she showed was in the action realm, such as making her partner breach a dangerous situation first for fear of being shot, we’d all say she was a lousy partner and should not be on the team. Her fear is in the emotional realm, and she’s not able to overcome it (yet). That makes her a lousy personal partner, IMO, and she shouldn’t be part of a relationship. Deeks won’t ditch her cuz that’s not his style, but he should.

      Again, JMHO. I respect your right to interpret the characters as you do.


  12. Jan…ditto..I respect your opinion & right to interpet the character the way you see them.
    As for Kensi being supposedly the bravest….Deeks was the one who called her that.
    Deeks isnt a BS if he thinks that about her..he has his reasons..
    The writers are the ones in charge of these characters.And they have shown us ….that Deeks has a very high opinion of Kensi as both an agent…and as a partner.
    The fact Deeks said she’s smells like sunshine & gunpowder…two of his favorite things….tells me..he likes Kensi.. for other reasons too!.. 🙂



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