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Kensi’s Journal – 10/21/14

October 21, 2014

Deeks is freaking me out! The other day he suggested we move in together and this morning he was throwing out strange names for a kid! It was his idea for us to step back and re-evaluate our relationship so why is he skipping ahead? I’m so confused and with everything going on today, I haven’t had time to really think about it.

Callen seemed to be off the reservation and his lack of control really bothered me. I know he cares for Hetty, we all do, but this was different. I’m surprised Granger didn’t lock him up, although I’m sure he knows what would happen if he did. The DOJ certainly learned that lesson.

It was good to see Nate but we barely were able to say hello before we had to race to catch Mattias. We eventually caught up with him… or rather he caught up with us. We all wanted to put a bullet in his head. He’s lucky Hetty just got him in the knee! First the DOJ and now one of our sworn enemies knows where our office is located. I feel like we’ve been violated and I’m wondering if Hetty is already scouting out a new place. I also doubt Hetty is out of the woods yet. You don’t just walk out of congressional hearings and expect everything to go back to normal but now that Agent Wallace has experienced some of what we go through to do our jobs, maybe her report will be written with a better understanding of what anti-terrorism agents deal with regularly.

I know we need to talk about what’s going on in Deeks’ head but I sort of like where we are at the moment even though I’m aware we can’t stay here forever. All things progress either forward or backward and I’m afraid to find out which direction we’re headed.


2 Comments on Kensi’s Journal – 10/21/14

  1. Great entry! Kensi has a point…wonder if there’s a move to a new location in store? And now that Agent Wallace has a real understanding of what agents go through and especially after her interview with Kensi…I hope she lets up. Again, great points that I hadn’t thought of…


  2. I’m wondering if they’ll move to a new location too, especially since Mattias isn’t dead (and we don’t know if he told anyone else anything about the Mission anyway). And while so far, I’m feeling more sympathetic toward Hetty than I was at the end of S5 with regards to the whole Afghanistan mission, I do hope we see some sort of conclusion to that debacle. I would love to see a scene between her and Kensi where they can hash out the details about how Hetty knew Jack and knew exactly why she was sending Kensi over there. Kensi deserves to know that.

    And as for things with Deeks, THANK YOU! I feel like people are overlooking the fact that he is the one who backed off things with Kensi but now he’s the one making suggestive comments about living together, etc. I don’t blame Kensi for being confused – it’s confusing me too.

    I also agree with Reader1976 that hopefully DOJ backs off a littler after seeing first hand what the agents deal with.


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