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3 Comments on NCISLA “Traitor” (S6E9) – Sneak Peek

  1. Oh my goodness! Is this what I think it is? This trailer totally infers that Densi behind the scenes is moving forward. A normal working partner would not ask a relationship question, “what’s my favorite color?” And Deeks’s spewing forth all that he knows of Kensi…wow…especially the “girly” mag comment…how often is he spending time at Kensi’s place? Modern bride?!?

    Dare we hope that we finally get a better glimpse of Densi or are we doomed to another teaser trailer? Is history repeating again or is this real? I am now on pins and needles…

    And Yes..I am concerned about Granger, but we already knew he was hurt from the original trailer shown on the network.

    Colleen, Thanks for posting this 😃. Can’t wait for Monday!


    • Totally with you there, Reader1976! Seems obvious our Mr. Deeks has spent considerable time at Kensi’s place. Thought it was telling in the last episode, “The Grey Man,” when he said he wanted to have ninja assassins, which in previous episodes he’d only mentioned them in terms of being her offspring. I really hope the scene in the sneak peek isn’t the entirety of the Densi aspect of the episode. That would be incredibly disappointing. On a related note… who out there thinks Kensi’s favorite color is cornflower blue because she associates it with the color of Deeks’ eyes??

      Based on the promo, it would appear to be an episode that keeps us on the edge of our seats throughout, so I hope it lives up to thriller vibe they went for when putting it together. Guess we’ll find out. Hurry Monday!


      • Me too! I thought the same thing when he made the comment about ninja assassins! Remember when Deeks thought he would catch a glimpse of Kensi via satellite feed while she was in Afghanistan? Deeks had run out and purchased a cornflower blue sweater to wear and it was so sad when she didn’t show up. And it turned out to be itchy! Double whammy for Deeks 😒
        I sure hope this trailer is not the entirety of Densi moments….fingers crossed!


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