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Kensi’s Journal – 01/05/15

January 5, 2015

I should have known that trying to meditate with Deeks was a bad idea. He just can’t sit quietly for any length of time. I actually timed him once. We were in the car on a stake out and I made a bet that he couldn’t be quiet for five minutes. He couldn’t.

We’ve spend the last two weeks worrying about Callen and just found out that he’s going to be fine. Thank God the pharmaceutical company already had an antidote prepared or we would have lost our team leader and friend. Sam has been in Atlanta with Callen so it’s been rather quiet around here.

The fallout from our last case sometimes keeps me awake at night. Deeks told me about shooting out the window on the 16th floor and hanging as far out as possible to get a satellite signal for the phone. If I had been there, I wouldn’t have let him try but thankfully he did and was able to get in touch with Ops.

He also scared me with his lack of confidence when it came to disarming the explosives. I’m not sure what happened during his EOD training but I know he has the information in his head. More than likely he was a smartass to the instructor and that’s why he failed the test. He’s just too smart to have truly flunked it. All he needed was encouragement which I gladly gave him.

We had a ‘group Zen’ with Eric and Nell today and even though Deeks kept us all laughing instead of relaxing, I do know that laughter can most definitely reduce stress. Enjoying time with your friends is probably one of the best stress relievers of them all!


4 Comments on Kensi’s Journal – 01/05/15

  1. Yes! I can buy that Deeks failed because he was a smart-ass to the instructor! After all, he knew exactly what to do disarm the bombs. As I watched, I initially thought a case came up and he was called back to OSP and never went back to take the test. But, no way is Deeks not smart enough 😄

    And laughter is the best medicine!


  2. I didn’t buy that he failed that exam because of lack of smarts. Something had to have gone wrong like a touchy instructor or something else. He was very confident when he told Kensi, “I’ve got this,” but seemed really surprised at himself when it came to reciting the actual color sequence and used one of those suddenly prolific colorful words!


  3. I think there’s a missing piece to the failed EOD course too. We know he’s smart and he takes his job seriously, so there has to be something that was the reason he failed. I really love that Kensi was giving such sincere encouragement in that moment. Obviously it was an almost dire situation, so no time to be picking on him, but it still felt like it was very much her believing in him and not like she was just placating him. Brings me back to Agent Angelo’s words about how the sound of her voice gives him strength. I really really disliked Angelo and everything about that interrogation scene, but that statement has always tugged at my heart (not my third heart 😉 ).


  4. I agree- Smartass Deeks might have rubbed the instructor the wrong way. And Kara, thanks for making me laugh about your third heart.


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