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Mid-season Poll: Pick Your Favorite NCISLA Season 6 Episode Thus Far

We are halfway through the NCIS: Los Angeles season and we want to know what your favorite episode is so far… Take our wikiDeeks poll!

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4 Comments on Mid-season Poll: Pick Your Favorite NCISLA Season 6 Episode Thus Far

  1. definitivamente Humbung el mejor por lejos!!!!


  2. There was not even a single episode so far this season that I loved, so I can’t vote for any of them. My favorite scene hands down was with Kip in Reign Fall, but I found even that episode to be unimpressive overall. We’ll see how the second half goes, but so far there just hasn’t been enough Deeks to keep me interested or hanging around. I want to see Deeks more central to the cases, not just Sam and Callen, more insight into his backstory and his life outside NCIS, and definitely more about Deeks independent of Kensi.


  3. As a diehard Densi fan, I have to say Humbug. Though Praesidium is a very very close second, IMO.


  4. I have voted “Humbug”, I really liked it too much for not choosing it even if, watching the “All in” scene over and over again, it still beats me how Kensi could be sure that Deeks was ready for that bold leap too.
    I think nobody likes to be pushed away or refused, so I believe she wouldn’t have liked it either. Then, how did she guess, after the “Three hearts” retreat, that Deeks was ready to jump, like in her favourite movie, “You jump, I jump…” 🙂 ? She must have had some sort of off-screen confirmation and I am a little disappointed we didn’t see it at all. I mean, I wouldn’t have liked to see everything everything, but just some hints, more than couch sleeping and randomly talking about names for kids.
    This doesn’t change my great love for this episode, though, just a simple consideration and the thought that with these two it’s not very easy to see things coming (just to mention two crucial scenes, the “I want to be at my place right now with you” scene came after a very normal Densi episode and the “How’s that for communication” scene came out of the blue, literally, leaving both Kensi and the viewers speechless and breathless!).


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