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Kensi’s Journal – 04/20/15

April 20, 2015

Oops! Thinking back on the day, I could have really gotten both of us in trouble! After watching Deeks use his amazing ‘detective skills’ at Arkady’s house, I found that I couldn’t keep my hands to myself. He was just so unbelievably adorable and sexy!  But then he mentioned severed pinkies and suddenly the mood was gone. However, I’m sure we can ‘find it’ again later…

Seriously though, I’ve got to be more careful. We were standing in front of a window and anyone could have looked in, especially someone from LAPD Internal Affairs. They’ve been staking out either my place or his from time to time, which is why he said stakeouts aren’t as much fun as they used to be. Not that they were ever really fun in the first place but I know what he meant. It’s no fun at all when you’re on the receiving end of one.

I finally asked him about the IA investigation today and I’m even more worried than before. He told Hetty there was nothing to tell but when I asked, he said he didn’t know if they would find anything or not. Is he worried they will make a big deal about something he had to do while undercover? Or could it be more serious than that?

He doesn’t want to talk about it but eventually we’ll have to. I don’t want to push but it’s eating away at him. I just wish it was over. We’re sneaking around even though the team obviously knows about us. I hope that one day we can actually go out on a real date and not have to worry about what someone else will think!


2 Comments on Kensi’s Journal – 04/20/15

  1. I loved that conversation in the car. It was a real Densi conversation. I wish we could get more of those scenes.


  2. Me too! They’ve been focusing on Callen and on saving the planet a bit much lately! We’re not asking for whole shows about only them, just a few little snippets would go a long way in making us all happy! Okay, so maybe a whole show about them would be great too! Lol!


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