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Vote now! Season 7 Commentary Poll

Season 7 Commentary Poll

As we turn the calendar to March, our favorite series “marches” its way toward the finale. While 7 episodes remain in Season 7, due to the shift from 8 to 7 day shooting schedules, filming for the current season is due to conclude by the end of the month. Keen NCIS: Los Angeles, Deeks, & Densi fans know that when talk of the season conclusion begins, it demands consideration of a special complementary component: the always-anticipated ECO/DR Commentary! In light of this reality, what “lucky 7s” effort might befall fans?

Annually offered simply as a DVD Extra, core fans regard the Olsen In-Laws’ feature an invaluable treasure. Our favorite actors provide a first-hand account of insights into the plot, the characters, behind-the-scenes secrets, and most appreciated, themselves. Some of our most cherished memories of these two stem from their unscripted conversations – from delving into the rationale for their characters words and actions to utter ridiculousness! Who can forget such comical gifts as Daniela “shocking” Eric with the training knife, the banter, the mocking, the self-deprecation, Floppy McFlopperson, references to Portugal, final line stealing, improvs, 7 push-ups, and of course, Kate Lemonpants?! #CommentaryGold

Some wikiDeeks followers may recall past seasons when our favorite actors requested fan input for their episode selection. So being the pro-active bunch, we’ve beat them to the punch! (Wow. Did I just make a “punch” reference and simultaneously rhyme?! #CommentaryMode) Thus, we present the following to you for debate and deliberation.

Command & Control (S7E4) – Densi breakfast

An Unlocked Mind (S7E7) – Morning Yoga and cult undercover

Internal Affairs (S7E10) – Deeks is arrested

Cancel Christmas (S7E11) – Deeks’ confession and Mr./Mrs. Claus

Come Back (S7E14) – The return of Jack


Submit your vote by March 13th, when we’ll publish the “winner”! Also, share the reasons for your choice in the Comments below. You can also list any specific questions you have for Eric or Daniela about the episode- who knows, maybe they’ll answer you!

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Gayle is a WikiDeeks writer and has the challenging task of penning the "Surf Log" each week. Known as "DensiLand" on Twitter, Instagram, & Tumblr, Gayle obviously "ships" Densi and has sincere love for the entire cast (& crew) of characters.

20 Comments on Vote now! Season 7 Commentary Poll

  1. That’s an interesting list of episodes and I admit it’s not easy to decide the one to vote.

    If I chose “Command and Control”, it would be for its memorable Densi breakfast scene, where Kensi opens her heart to Deeks in an unexpected way and confesses she “doesn’t care where she has breakfast as long as he’s with her”. Domestic Densi are definitely a dream come true.

    If I chose “An unlocked mind”, I confess it would especially be for its best (so far) Densi kiss at the end (even if I’m still a big fan of the “Descent” kiss) and also the hot yoga morning workout.

    If I chose “Internal affairs”, it would be because watching it was a rollercoaster ride of emotions until the very shocking end and it would be interesting to hear from ECO how he prepared for all those pshysically and emotionally demanding scenes.

    If I chose “Cancel Christmas” it would only be for a moment that was able to set my heart at ease after the emotional turmoil of “Internal affairs”: Deeks’ confession to Kensi. I didn’t expect it would come so soon and I was extremely relieved that Deeks decided it was time to stop lying to Kensi.

    If I chose “Come back”, it would be for three main reasons: Deeks and Kensi moving in together (which not so long ago I imagined would happen only in fanfictions!), their sweet, promising kisses at the end and, especially, how mature, adult and supportive Deeks behaved towards Kensi dealing with Jack, helping her to find some needed closure instead of acting like a jealous boyfriend.

    All in all, I need some more time to make up my mind 🙂


  2. I’m in complete agreement with Cladani; great insight and explaining the reasoning. Everything written is what I considered. I did vote; I went with “Come Back” its one of my favorites and it did highlight Kensi and Deeks; their growth and development as a couple. And, that kiss at the end — too cute! Season 7 almost over — when did THAT happen? :-)!


  3. These are the only five episodes that are still on my DVR, and mostly for the reasons given by Cladani above. However, Internal Affairs stands out among them as by far the best. I did not find this to be a difficult poll, because Internal Affairs gave us the most complete picture of Deeks and Kensi we’ve ever seen.

    As this most awesome season comes to a close, I find Internal Affairs is the episode I want Eric and Daniela to talk about most.


  4. Donna Marie // March 7, 2016 at 2:13 PM // Reply

    I chose Internal Affairs because it was the best Deeks episode we have had in my opinion. And the episode showed that the couple can survive anything. (I also agree with Cladani with all her comments from each episode). I loved the kiss at the end of Unlocked Mind, Cancel Christmas was a favourite with the talk in the car, the breakfast scene in Command & Control was wonderful and Come Back when the moved in together and the final scene. Season 7 has been the best with Densi scenes. I hope that we have another Deeks/Densi centred episode before Season 7 ends and pray that there is a Season 8 with lots more Densi as promised. I enjoy listening to their commentary on episodes. I would like Eric & Daniela to talk about how the relationship of Deeks & Kensi has progressed and how they would like it to go from here and the huge Densi fan base that they have.


  5. I already voted my vote goes to internal Affairs in the episode you saw a lot of emotions. From Kensi (Daniela Ruah)
    To Deeks ( Eric Christian Olsen) as well as Mama Roberta (Pamela Reed ) and at the end with the Hetty scene we saw the truth honest and what really happen. There was alot of team work from everyone try to clear Deeks name there are still other episodes like Command and Control as well as An Unlocked Mind but this is by far more interesting


  6. I voted for “Internal Affairs” just because I want to hear from Daniela Ruah exactly how difficult it is to yell at Linda Hunt.

    They’re all excellent choices. I’m afraid “The Unlocked Mind” would be out of running because it was filmed so long ago.


  7. I picked Internal Affairs for the same reason as some of the other posters did. I would love to hear what the two felt about the episode, its ups and downs, the roller-coaster ride of emotions and the end-result. Although I believe I know the answer I’d love to hear them discuss how they can joke around between takes and then get ultra-serious when the camera rolls. I know it’s a job and I know some are very method, but I have had some little experience as an extra and I’ve seen excellent actors go from a scene filled with angst and emotion and as soon as “cut” was shouted were air-punching and telling laugh-out-loud jokes. I’d just like to hear their perspective of such scenes and the aftermath.


  8. I didn’t make an official vote yet, as I’m torn between Come Back and An Unlocked mind (with Internal Affairs being 3rd).

    I’d like to see Come Back just for the thoughts on bringing Jack back, and do they think it brought Kensi the closure she desired. Also Deeks’ thoughts on being with Jack as well.

    I’d also like An Unlocked Mind since that was such an intense episode for them.

    Lastly, Internal Affairs as the obvious choice because that was such an important Deeks episode. To see Deeks get that dark (I know we’ve seen it in the past), I thought was awesome.


  9. I had to go with Internal Affairs because it revealed so much about Deeks. It also generated more comments on our wikiDeeks review than any other episode- people had a lot to say about it. Here’s my list of topics I’d love to hear covered in the commentary…

    – When did Eric find out that Deeks had killed his ex-partner? Was it at the beginning of this season? Last season when we learned about the IA investigation? Or maybe long before? And regardless of the answer, was he surprised? And how did knowing inform his performance in the episodes leading up to IA?
    – Does Eric know exactly how the shooting happened? Can he share?
    – When does Daniela think Kensi realized that Deeks killed Boyle? In the jail scene? In the scene at her apartment? Why does she think Kensi ran away from him at the jail?

    – How did Daniela and Eric both like working with Pamela Reed AKA Mama Deeks?
    – Do they remember when Deeks told Kensi he had no next of kin? What backstory have they given Mama Deeks for her seemingly very recent appearance into Deeks’ life?
    – Deeks seemed at peace when he told his mom that he was glad he had shot his father. When does Eric think Deeks came to terms with what happened? Is it something that has only come about during his time at NCIS? If so, why?
    – Deeks’ drive to protect people, especially women, has a clear origin. Does Eric think it’s a healthy need to protect? Or might it be more of an uncontrollable urge that can lead to trouble (e.g. killing someone in cold blood)?

    – Does Daniela think Kensi is harboring any residual anger towards Hetty over Afghanistan? (If no, why the heck not?)
    – And I echo Tess’ question about what it’s like to yell at Linda Hunt!
    – I’d also love to hear about from Eric what it was like to shoot that amazing final scene with Linda. How is working with her different from working with other actors? What makes it special?

    – Did they film any flashback scenes that were deleted? If so, when did they take place? Maybe the shooting of Boyle? Maybe Deeks’ childhood? Might they show up on the DVD?


  10. I chose Internal Affairs. Although it left a lot of questions hanging in the air, it was the closest we’ve gotten to a backstory for Deeks. It was emotional and let us see at least some of the anguish he went through as a child and how that affected him. Like Karen P. I want to know how the knowledge that Deeks killed a fellow police officer affected ECO. I would also like his opinion of Deeks’ mom. Some of the comments Deeks makes at the end seem to indicate that she is tough to take for too long, even though it is obvious he loves her. Did ECO feel a connection to the actress Pamela Reed, who plays her, and is that necessary to do a scene like he had with her while he was in jail.

    We also see Kensi fight for him. We can almost see her fear that she might lose him. She seems very close to being out of control in this episode, and I wonder if Daniela Ruah consciously played her that way or if I am just reading into it. She did yell at Hetty, after all. I also would like to know how she was affected by discovering Deeks killed his partner. Did it change how she played her part in this episode and in the ones that followed?


  11. First, posting to a “Deeks” site, I personally feel “Internal Affairs” is the only undeniable choice. Second, while I meant to watch my chosen episode prior to writing this, unfortunately life/”adulting” got in the way. Third, I’m writing this prior to reading all the other comments so I am not swayed, so apologies for any repetition. (Also, I suspect Karen P. will detail all of this far better than I will.)

    So we FINALLY get why Deeks is being investigated. But not only that, he’s been taken into custody by his own. You know what they say about good storytelling stemming from characters being placed in uncomfortable circumstances. Thus, I present to you Exhibit #1! While all Deeks’ humor is funny (as always), we know it’s a cover, but for what?! Then how does he handle his old boss, current boss, rest of the team, his girlfriend, AND his mom?! Poor guy! Then, how does everyone else on the team (+ Mom) handle the situation in their own way? While the vast majority of the episode is Deeks-centered (hooray!), how the rest of them deal with it is as equally compelling.

    I wanted to see Kensi in this uncharacteristic position just as much. We know how possessive Kensi is, so how did she not rip someone limb from limb? How fun or scary was it to yell at Hetty/Linda? So glad there’s no more silent/hiding Kensi! How much does she really trust Deeks?

    Considering the rest of them, they always delve into how they are family and take care of each other. Really? Even the not-official, mop-topped cop?! (Oh. Gotta use that description in the future!) Will they really go to bat for their liaison? (Don’t get me started about how mad I was in how they wrote Sam & Callen in this manner.)

    Then Deeks knew all this was coming. While he played with it for awhile, he’s then willing to take a plea bargain?! Then he runs and much like Kensi, works to deal with the whole situation all by himself? And don’t forget this technically isn’t over! When will the ghost of his past make a return visit?

    These are just a few of the questions, but honestly, when it comes to the commentary I don’t care much about the plot. Oh no. Give me insights into the characters & process!
    Why he/she might do or respond the way they did?
    What different reactions verbal & silent did they try?
    What was the trickiest scene to convey the proper emotion?
    How do you outwardly act one way yet somehow get the audience to believe something/opposite is going on?
    What did the actor think of how their character was written?
    After the fact, do they wish they’d played something differently?
    Is there something the actor wanted the audience to take away, but might have been missed?
    And as always, how much improv was there? Which parts? What did they think was great that got cut in editing?
    Give us those BTS secrets!
    What do they want to happen with their characters with this storyline?

    I’d love to write piles more (thus why I started a blog!), but work – oops I mean “life” calls! Now off to read the comments, be impressed, & smack my head for not thinking of some points!


  12. Reader1976 // March 9, 2016 at 6:59 AM // Reply

    I’ve been waiting for this poll and here it is. Like everyone, these choices brought to mind questions that arose while watching. But “Internal Affairs’ is my one episode that stands out with the most questions. I was nodding and giving the thumbs up on everyone’s questions and comments on their choice, but “internal Affairs” it is.
    I don’t have any questions that haven’t been raised. I too, want to know ECO and DRO’s initial reaction to the script when they first read it. IMO, this epiosode cemented their trust and committment to each other. They moved forward in subsequent epiosodes “in sync” and “settled”.
    What were the choices in playing the scenes? Loved that Kensi fought Hetty so passionately for, when was THE moment that Kensi figured out that Deeks did “it”….yikes…I can’t even say it (still a bit truamatized by the revelation).
    And my one question if I had to choose, or given the opportunity, would be for each to comment on their journey through all the seasons up to where they are as Deeks and as Kensi and finally as Densi. I see so much growth in their characters, do they agree with the writers, what is their favorite character development/trait that rules how they play a scene? And along this line, where would they personally want their characters to be in S8?


  13. Wow, what a close vote! If An Unlocked Mind takes the win I’ll be disappointed, not because I didn’t love the episode, but because I would sooo love to hear more about Internal Affairs. Let me just sound like the greediest fan alive for a moment and point out that no one is limiting them to one episode of commentary. 🙂

    Here’s what I’d love to know about An Unlocked Mind…

    – What have they come to expect from a Frank Military script? Does his personality mirror the intensity of his writing or is he actually a happy-go-lucky guy?
    – Exactly how painful were those Yoga poses?
    – How much truth does Eric think there was in the story about Deeks’ first sexual experience? Was Deeks just making backstory for his undercover role?
    – Was there a lot of discussion on set about the story’s parallels with Scientology?
    – In the pool scene, was Deeks struggling so much because he was Method, and it fit his character? What did Daniela want to convey with the way Kensi reacted?
    – How did Eric think the abusive cult tactics affected Deeks? What decisions did he make about how to play Deeks’ reactions? To what extent did Deeks’ childhood experiences come into play?
    – How did the writer and director handle filming that scary near-rape that Kensi experienced?
    -What kind of prep work went into the (totally awesome) scene where Deeks takes on eight guys single-handedly?
    – Any improv in the final boat shed scene or the opening Yoga scene?


    • Reader1976 // March 11, 2016 at 9:26 AM // Reply

      Yes, no rile against commentary on 2 episodes. An unlocked mind was my second choice and I loved that episode, but IA had more unanswered questions. It’s a toss up.
      Karen, thanks for asking awesome questions. 😄 You rock, girl!


  14. Lets just manipulate the vote for Internal affairs, I’ll burn something if it doesnt win !!!


    • I agree, it should be Internal Affairs because that was a great episode for Deeks & Kensi. It was the best episode focused on Deeks. All the raw emotions that he went through with Kensi and his mother. (Still annoyed with Sam & Callen in that episode). An Unlocked Mind was a good episode with Deeks & Kensi but I found some of the scenes hard to watch. Loved the yoga scene and the kiss at the end. But again I think it has to be Internal Affairs. Also can they commentate on two episodes??


  15. I agree with so many of the comments. I tip towards Internal Affairs then Unlocked Mind. My question is why can’t they do both episodes?


  16. Need our NCIS: LA with ALL the cast


  17. My honest question would be if Danni and ECO still enjoy the production, well the more seasons go on, there are more stories that don’t include them, I would be interested if Deeks had his personal villain or vice versa. Like they said once, they tap the bad guys too often so maybe it turns out to be blatant to go with a long run.

    Why did Deeks had no next of kind in Season 2 episode Personal, but Deeks and her mom were enstranged back then , I need collaboration on that one please.


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