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5 Comments on NCISLA “The Queen’s Gambit” (S8E03) – Sneak Peek

  1. That jump move is awesome! Give ’em Hell Nell! Can’t wait.


  2. I agree; however for me; if Nell is put in the field too much it just won’t work. I’m sorry but, for me, her being in the field just doesn’t work. So far everyt time she’s been in the field she’s whined to Deeks, Hetty, Granger, etc. about how good she is or isn’t, it just gets so boring. Plus sometimes its just laughable and no its not her size; its her demeanor. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see as long as Talia doesn’t show up I’ll be good. Nell used too much will, for me, a big turnoff. I like the actress and her role on the show; she’s just not field material; like Emily on NCIS which I seldom watch anymore due to her addition; unfortunately.
    I am open to this season, understand Ruah’s maternity leave; wish they would have the three guys team up; Callen & Deeks, Deeks & Sam or all three together.
    Whenever the team goes tactical; that’s my favorite; but I want that to happen once Kensi is back; I hope the quote I read about her not being in the series that much this season was a tease; I hope!! :-)!


  3. Ah man I’ve seen promo clips for S8E03 & 04 and Nell’s teamed with Deeks. Man I sure hope they don’t over do it with her; I love this show. I hope Ruah comes back soon or I’m afraid the gossip of this being the last season may come true.
    I sure hope not; for me, I think this show has just hit its stride and can do so much with it — hoping for many more seasons to come; yes with everyone on board, Eric, Nell, Hetty, Granger, Callen, Sam, Kensi and of course my favorite Deeks!


  4. After watching this clip, I do hope that:
    – Kensi will come back as soon as possible because I’m not that fond of Nell in the field. I like her interactions with Deeks but not while catching bad guys.
    – Deeks won’t be suddenly turned into an incompetent character, yet again, just to make Nell shine and get her hero medal at the end of the day.


  5. They could have titled this episode Jones N.; I think her action sequences and all other scenes were a bit overdone. Yes we get that the producers want the audiences to be comfortable with her in the field; okay we get it. I could have used bit more Hetty; man she’s a hoot!! All in all a very good episode; doing as I suspected Densi scenes here and there; the ending though — ECO — Golden!!!


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