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6 Comments on Kensi’s Journal – 10/30/16

  1. very nicely done,
    yep, this about sums up her thoughts and actions.
    I don’t like it…. but it seems right on target for her character as it is currently portrayed.
    always great reading, fantastic job,
    thank you


  2. almost forgot…
    very glad that Kensi is updating her journal again


  3. Nice to have the Journal back! Its spot on in my opinion. I’m with Ed; I don’t like it but it is keeping with her character. Which can always change if one wants it bad enough. If I had a Deeks in my life I would want it very badly :-)!


  4. I am glad Kensi started writing her journal again, even if this entry was quite sad and it broke my heart to read these words: “If I can never walk again, then maybe it’s best that I let him go”. I was afraid Kensi would get there, but I think/hope Deeks will never accept to be pushed away like this, maybe just for one night (and who knows if he went back to hospital?) but not indefinitely.


  5. In character for Kensi. Nicely done.

    Just an honest Question that I’d like some perspective since I honestly don’t get Kensi’s reaction of pushing Deeks away. When I dealt with my own health issue, I wanted my hubby close. If the situation were reversed would she walk away from Deeks? Would she think taking care of him was a burden? Of course she’d say no. Then why think that way right now.


  6. Yay, Kensi’s awake and writing in her journal! Nice job!


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