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Drabble of the Week: Toast to the Future


She had his number dialed the second she fell into the driver’s seat, fingers anxiously drumming over the steering wheel, bright smile on her lips refusing to die down.
“Spill it out,” his voice rang out the moment the call connected, the same nerves in his voice that had been there since this meeting with Nate was confirmed, needing his partner back in the field beside him nearly as much as she did, and God, he’d been awaiting this call since they kissed goodbye this morning, since he whispered “you’ve got this” in her ear and she’d backed away with a smile; been awaiting this since he lost it.

“I got it, I’m cleared-“

“That’s my girl.”

Holding back a choke of laughter, Kensi rolled her eyes, leaning back against the seat. “We can celebrate later, I’m – I’m going to the mission.”

“Well that was a poetic glance into the future,” Deeks groaned, sliding into the passenger seat and shutting the door with a solid thunk, a smile setting his features alive.


“Except we won’t be thieves, more like… elderly super heros, and-“

Cocking her head, eyes narrowing slightly, she found herself simultaneously fighting a laugh and glare. “So I’m Ginger in this scenario?”

“Minus the villainy, right?” He smirked, utterly lost in the futuristic ideas playing out in his mind, if he had one, and the amused exasperation in her eyes, seeing that, her crazy driving back out on the roads, the affection in her gaze when she’d checked for bruises after his run in with a cane, he’d missed nothing more, missed nothing more and now she was back, in his reach again, the fire in her eyes again.

“Til death do us part, Kensalina. Though I do hope our kids wouldn’t just stick us in a home.”

“Our kids?”

“Cutest damn things you’ll ever see.” Leaning sideways, he brushed a stray lock of hair from her jaw, pressing a kiss there in its stead. “But tonight we’re celebrating something else.”

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1 Comment on Drabble of the Week: Toast to the Future

  1. very nice,
    thank you, I want so much to see something like this
    I just love the way you create their relationship.


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