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3 Comments on Kensi’s Journal 03/12/17

  1. I think Whiting has realize Deeks is a good person and I think she knew Boyle was a ass, so I feel she will drop it at least I’m hoping she will.


  2. well done , thank you.
    I like the leap forward and hope that Kensi reacts well like you have done here.
    judging from their conversations, I am not sure that Deeks has told her that Hetty leaked information about Tiffany and got him arrested. also not sure that Kensi knows what Deeks had to promise to get out and that he did actually confess.
    Kensi saying she was okay with everything seemed to focus on the bad guys and not the self inflicted damage caused by her own team e.g…..Hetty.

    thank you again,
    I am so glad that Kensi is back and can write again,,,


  3. Thanks for this entry.
    I’m glad Kensi is almost back to normal and she can write in her journal. I do hope Deeks has really stuck to the promise “no more secrets” and has told Kensi he confessed to Whiting when she was going to die. Interesting to see how this plot will be developed by the end of the season.


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