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Goodbye wikiDeeks…

Five years ago as a huge fan of NCIS:LA, I felt that Marty Deeks simply wasn’t getting his just rewards. This iconic character needed a special fan site where Deeks’ freaks could come together and discuss everything about their favorite television character. With a group of like-minded friends, I started wikiDeeks and with their help we were soon providing fans with show reviews and previews, feature stories, debates, fanfics and art all devoted to the wonderfulness that is Detective Marty Deeks.

It’s been an incredible ride in the past five years but unfortunately and for many reasons, we have decided that it’s time to close up shop and call it a day at the end of this season. I know a lot of our followers are going to be disappointed, but I think it’s time to move on. That’s the bad news. But the good news is we are going to keep the site up at least for another year, so fans can still peruse our library of posts and artwork for enthusiasts searching for information regarding Deeks.

For NCIS:LA, we hope that there will eventually be more movement in terms of Deeks’ and Kensi’s relationship and possibly that elusive feature episode we all have longed for, “Deeks, M.” And who knows, we may even return to comment on special Deeks moments if the spirit moves us.  We will keep our Instagram and Tumblr accounts active so if something important is happening in the world of Deeks we will be there!

But here’s more good news… The team will gather one last time to participate in one of our famous wikiDeeks Roundtables at the end of season 9. We will come together to celebrate all things Deeks, discuss the current season and talk about the experience of working on the site so we can thank our fans and say good-bye properly.

I want to thank the current Team wikiDeeks for all of their incredible work and devotion to the site. Always professional, this dedicated group of Deeks lovers met their deadlines week after week with enthusiasm and passion for the character we all loved. To all of the other wonderful contributors over the years, thank you as well. We couldn’t have done it without all of you!

I’m very proud of what we accomplished at wikiDeeks and I’m hoping that we made the showrunners proud. To Eric Christian Olsen, who has put his all into creating and developing this special character over the course of the last nine years, we say thank you. We will always love Marty Deeks and all the fans that have come to the site repeatedly in the past five years. We hope you loved wikiDeeks as much as we enjoyed working on it.  It was a blast!


WikiDeeks staff  also say goodbye……

“Fandom” wasn’t a word I was even familiar with when my obsession with Deeks began. I had never used twitter or Tumblr or Instagram. I went to a fan meet-up not to so much to see the cast or crew but to meet my favorite fan fiction writer, Sweet Lu. I also met Gayle and Diane, which started me on the path to becoming a contributor here.

I won’t begin to talk about the specific experiences I’ve had as the site’s resident “Los Angeles correspondent” because they’d sound like humble brags. Let’s just say that I’m very grateful to Diane for welcoming me onto the staff based off of a single essay about why Sam disliked Deeks. I had never before in my whole life written anything for fun. In fact, I had always hated writing. But by writing for the site, I learned how writing something down forces one to really think through a topic. I learned how verbose I am, although I still haven’t figured out how to fix that particular flaw. I improved my Photoshop and web design skills with help from the super-talented and ultra-patient DeeksFreak Colleen. I even learned about the ramifications of child abuse through research for a particular series of posts. I had so much fun “debating” with my co-contributors and working to raise money for a charity inspired by our favorite character. I met people from all over the world and became friends with quite a few, including Lindy AKA Sweet Lu, about whom I still secretly fangirl.

Thanks to everyone who visited our site, and especially to everyone who ever commented on my work. Your feedback made me think and made me laugh. I really appreciate how positive a space you helped us maintain, where disagreements were welcome but (mostly) friendly. Thanks also to my fellow contributors who were an absolute joy to work with, and thanks to Diane for being an unbelievably fantastic leader. Our site may become quiet in a few months, but I hope the show, and Marty Deeks, lives for a long time to come. Long live Team Deeks!

Karen P

WikiDeeks has been so much fun to work on, although I can’t really call it work. It was a joy, really, to be a contributor to this site from the very beginning. It became a place to celebrate the character we have all come to love…Detective Marty Deeks and the consummate actor who brought him to life, Eric Christian Olsen. Diane, Colleen, and Karen P, along with so many others, have made this the go to site for all things Deeks. They have become friends and as sad as I am to see it all end, I wouldn’t trade this experience for all the tea in Hetty’s tea caddy.


“Don’t cry that’s it’s over; smile because it happened.”

What an incredible journey this has been, one that began with a personal blog, a place to just record my own thoughts. Luckily, the NCIS:LA fandom is a friendly and welcoming place for all to share enthusiastically and respectfully. Amazingly, this effort took on a life of its own, far beyond anything we could have imagined. It was flabbergasting that someone (as it would turn out our brave leader Diane) would randomly reach out to ask if I would be interested in contributing to an online magazine. This began the real adventure of blindly traveling to LA for my first “fan meet”, where I recall sitting in awe of writers and producers of the show, the people who craft the show that gripped so many of us. It’s also where Diane shared her dream of this site.

Like others, this show offered some of us a safe, needed escape with characters that were relatable. Their sense of family extended beyond our screens and drew us in as more than viewers, and more like members of the team. Both the cast and crew facilitated this by their open connections through social media, bringing some of us closer, in a surprising sincere (not “Hollywood”) way. Then, just as some crew have moved around and even beyond the show, similarly a new venture, wikiDeeks was born from Diane’s ambition and admiration. Her excitement drew many of us to follow to this creative venture where we could both retain our own individualism and collaborate for compelling features, series, and debates. This was truly a team effort.

As my blog grew to the point of burnout, wikiDeeks provided a more manageable outlet. Yet, taking over Deeks’ “Surf Log” was a challenge in itself of trying to get the “voice” right out of respect for the show and actor – as well as avoiding any potential flames from readers! These efforts sparked my imagination and aided my writing.

Finally, were the set visits. While stress-filled in preparation and getting around L.A., it was the equivalent of a kid going to Disney World. Quite literally the characters were before us in real life. Yet, the lasting takeaways are the fact these people are human just like me and you, celebrating successes and struggling with everyday challenges. Their efforts in entertainment make our world and life a better place to be. Even more these travel journeys served as lifelong memorable experiences that I was able to share with my best friend, Kara.

So words of “thanks” will never come close to expressing my appreciation to Diane for leading this effort, my wikiDeeks “partners-in-crime” (especially Colleen & Karen P.), for BFF Kara for coming along for the ride, all of the blog and site readers, and of course the cast and crew of NCIS:LA – especially Eric Christian Olsen & Daniela Ruah – for supporting these efforts and embracing us as part of the virtual family (not to mention making all of us part of NCIS:LA history with the DVD Commentary shout-out – LOL)! If these past few years have taught me anything, it’s in never knowing what might come next. So… stay tuned?

Love live NCISLA!
Gayle (DensiLand)

About Diane (436 Articles)
Founder, Writer and Contributing Editor of wikiDeeks. Always wanted to put together a talented team of writers and graphic designers who loved NCISLA and Marty Deeks in particular! My dream came true! Hope you enjoy what we have created!

25 Comments on Goodbye wikiDeeks…

  1. i’m so sad that you are all shutting down there are so many stories to tell (and some that aren’t even done yet) with our beloved detective deeks, I have loved all of the stories and still waiting for the conclusion of at least one story.
    thank you for all the great stories

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  2. Thank you all for your wonderful creation and the subsequent work you put into it. It has been a delight to read your reviews, commentary, and stories. I will truly miss wikiDeeks. You are most appreciated. Joni Lane

    On Sat, Apr 14, 2018, 11:00 AM wikiDeeks | Marty Deeks | NCISLA wrote:

    > Diane posted: “Five years ago as a huge fan of NCIS:LA, I felt that Marty > Deeks simply wasn’t getting his just rewards. This iconic character needed > a special fan site where Deeks’ freaks could come together and discuss > everything about their favorite television charact” >

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  3. Are you leaving us because you are convinced that there will be no tenth season? I find it very distressing to see you leave us, I was diligent from the very beginning and you did so much good work. I regret your departure and thank you for all you have given us to read. You were excellent writers, good luck in your new projects

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    • We think there will be a tenth season but there were many reasons why we decided to quit while we were ahead. We will miss you all too but it is time to move on.

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      • hmmm,
        sorry i just cant pass up this softball
        gonna ask the tough ones.
        You think there will be a 10th season, but …
        Do you thing the full cast will be back?
        Are some of these “many reasons” that led you “to quit while we were ahead”
        that you do not feel that there will be a Densi and or a Deeks for that matter on the show after this season?

        I have a sneaking suspicion that there is a feeling that the show will be back but Densi as we know it will not.
        Inquiring minds want to know.

        feel free to insert NO COMMENT in the space provided below….or just spill the beans…we wont tell, promise.

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  4. Sassyzazzi // April 14, 2018 at 1:48 PM // Reply

    Thank you for this great site and for bringing us Deeks fans together and providing a safe place for all kinds of discussions . I am very sad to see this site close up shop. I wish all the staff the best. I also really appreciate you leaving the site on line for a year.

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  5. evelynmarie2014 // April 14, 2018 at 2:04 PM // Reply

    I love this site and I will definitely miss it. What about the fan fics? Is there another site where I can still revisit “A dark & stormy night”,”Wargames” and “Aces& Eights”?

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    • I believe War Games is on fan and SweetLu has reposted all of her fics there as well….some of our other fanfic writers have done the same. I would love to have everything posted there eventually.

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  6. Diane
    You know something. You can tell me I won’t tell anyone I promise. Well maybe just Ed. I miss you guys already Very sad

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  7. Having discovered NCIS:LA late in its tenure, wikiDeeks was one of the first sites I found when my obsession was ignited. What a treasure trove of Deeksness (which we all know no one can resisit) to have at my disposal as I got to know this scruffy, fluffy-haired, baby blue eyed detective and his ladybird and decide I wanted to write about them.

    I can’t imagine Season 10 without popping by here a few times a week to catch up on everything Deeks and NCIS:LA related. WikiDeek will be greatly missed!

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  8. I’ve enjoyed this site so much. I will be sad to see you all go. Even though I’ve not had the time to comment like I once did, I still pop on whenever I can to catch up on everyone’s thoughts regarding previews and reviews, fanfics, and everything else. I never did make the jump to Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram – this was always my one source for anything new going on with my favorite show. Thank you for all you did for us fans. You’ll be missed…

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  9. Dear WikiDeeks staff, I’m very sorry to hear your amazing site is going to close at the end of this NCIS:LA season. I understand that personal reasons sometimes may be stronger than passions and dreams. Your site is so well-done that it surely takes much time to be this way and when time isn’t enough you can’t do everything and have to choose.
    Now let me thank you for what you did. I really appreciate you having given us Deeks and Densi fans this place, so updated, full of information, news, ideas, reviews, previews, calendars, edits, fanfictions and I’m thankful for these past three and a half years spent together. This site will be sorely missed.
    I wish each of you all the best.

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  10. It would not surprise me if Eric will have a few words of thanks for this site before you sign off. I know he was an admirer.


  11. I am speechless! I am actually more than speechless! I am so so sad and I still cannot believe that I will not be able to come to read so much of the great staff you have done here. I have also discovered this site after I felt huge attraction for Marty Deeks character and started to surf to find out more about the fine actor Eric Christian Olsen (who made Marty Deeks such a great and loving character). When I stumbled onto this site, it was like the completely new world has been revealed to me. I have heard for the first time word “fanfiction” in my life. I haven’t had an idea that something like that have existed at all. I have never ever read any fanfiction earlier and even now Deeks and as his partner Kensi are the only characters I read about. Your site is the only one I actually follow. I am not active on any social network, I do not own twitter, facebook, instagram or tumblr profiles. Waiting and reading for previews and reviews of each episode has became a ritual to me, ritual that has made me both happy and informed. I have immensely enjoyed all of your articles written by so many nice people, who are such accomplished and good writers at the same time.
    I was lucky to meet Eric Christina Olsen at ComicCon in London last year and honestly I kinda haven’t had any idea what to tell him or how to start any kind of conversation with him. I felt utterly stupid for being there and just look at him with my “fangirling” eyes (I have never in my whole life thought about myself as fan of anything let alone fangirl). And then Eric (being polite and fine, fine person) commented my necklace (apparently he liked it very much) and I opened my mouth to say thanks and then continue to talk about series of articles about child abuse at WikiDeeks. And somehow that was great conversation opener since Eric Christian Olsen knew about those articles and the talk about WikiDeeks as a site flowed spotless thereafter. I must have talked about this site with so much passion that he asked me if I was contributor and I think that maybe he was little bit disappointed when I answered negative. He showed such great respect for this site that I was, at that moment, proud to be part of the whole WikiDeeks family.
    Thank you once again for your outstanding job on this site. Thank you for bringing me joy and making me feel as the part of an excellent family. You will all be missed dearly.
    (going to cry now in the toilet as I am sitting in my office and writing these words to you)

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  12. It took me quite some time to sort out my feelings when Diane contacted all of to inform us the plans for the end of WikiDeeks. I meant to send in my final comments but I let the time get away from me and didn’t have it ready in time to be posted with the other staff and contributors. So I decided to add them here in the comments instead.

    Wow. It has been a wonderfully epic adventure to have been involved with the site and, more importantly, it has been my great honor in working with all of the others that have worked so hard to make this site the entertaining and informative page that it was. When I received the email detailing the closing of the site, it was like a gut punch that I was not expecting in the least. While we have struggled at times to keep the information fresh and exciting, it never dawned on me that this would be coming to an end, especially with the show expecting at least one more season.

    To be honest, I guess I’m still a bit stunned and haven’t come to terms with the ending of one of my favorite hobbies. Being the only male (at least, I think I am the only one) on the contributing staff, I do have a different perspective on our favorite character and the actor who portrays him, week after week. I usually don’t get caught up in the comments about Deeks’ hair or muscles or eyes, I tended to focus more on his character than his physical attributes.

    I think Deeks has a slightly different moral code than some of the other operatives over at OSP, who, through no fault of their own, may have become jaded to exactly what “right” and ” wrong” may be defined as. Whether it’s his upbringing or his career as a police officer, Deeks was sometimes the lone voice of reason when it came to a moral question and I really liked that about him. The writers gave us a sounding board in Deeks, who would often question, not only the actions of the team, but their motivations as well. These instances gave me a lot more to think about, rather than his hair. Sorry, Lindy.

    I will miss this place and the people I was blessed to work with. I will miss Kensi’s Journal and Deeks’ Surf Log. The reviews were the highlight of my week, giving me a few laughs as well as some things to think about. We may not have always seen things in the same way but that’s what made it fun. I got to pick on some of the others whenever Deeks took off his shirt and their comments went off the charts but I also made some new friends that I will miss dearly.

    To all of the fans of NCIS: LA and the WikiDeeks page, thank you for making this little run of ours a pleasure and a real joy. I hope that you will follow us wherever we end up (I know a lot of us will now only have Fanfic into which to pour our obsession) and know that we will not stop exploring the Deeks character and giving him new adventures to pursue.

    And, as always ….


    Randy (Jericho Steele)

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  13. I, too, am so sad that Wikideeks is closing, but I am extremely thankful for all what you have done for us fans, thank you ! It has been so great to read all great previews, reviews, fics etc.. It has been so great to read all the comments and discussions here and I will really miss it

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  14. You guys are the sweetest! You’re going to make me cry… Thanks for all the kind words- they’re much appreciated.

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  15. It was a good run. So many wonderful features that the Wikideeks staff put forth. I hope the cast and crew of NCISLA appreciated all the extra time, thought, and effort you put into this in-depth site. I know I did.

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  16. I’m going to repeat what the others just wrote… I am really sad that Wikideeks is at the end, but I want to thank you for all what you have done for us NCISLA fans. Thank you to everyone who worked for us, for the amazing review, for the comment, for the fanfictions… for everything..
    I will miss you so much!
    With so much love,

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  17. That is actually great news, there are better shows to discover , NCISLA lost something, also the death of an actor Miguel , casting and stories have been lacklusting. Time to not give any mercy for wasted time !


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