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25 Comments on What did you think of “Watch Over Me” (S11E17)?

  1. As boring as I predicted the last couple of weeks.
    These cast change rumors just won’t end, Hetty related q’s continue to pile up and remain unanswered, everything feels like filler. Honestly, If this season were to end early, I wouldn’t mind at all. (I know it won’t, I’m just saying.)
    Just a horrendous season. Still #NotgivinguponHetty, #TeamHetty.
    Oh, liked Kensi’s new hair BTW.

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  2. michelle mcnally // March 9, 2020 at 6:41 AM // Reply

    the show needs hetty and deeks. if this was an example of the future show i wouldn’t watch anymore, what a shame. thank God for dvds and fri and sunday reruns.

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  3. michelle mcnally // March 9, 2020 at 6:42 AM // Reply

    kensi’s hair is cute, it fits her

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  4. I decided not to watch. Should I do OnDemand or just skip it?


    • If you decide to skip it, you won’t miss much. I have recorded every single episode, and kept almost all of them since Deeks joined the team. This is the first one that I deleted right after viewing.

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  5. I thought the episode seemed disjointed. It also felt like they were trying a little too hard to make up for no Deeks and a limited Sam. I did enjoy the end, though, the team camaraderie and banter among them all. That, to me, had a bit of redeeming quality.

    Unlike many, I actually like the Lance Hamilton character. I also like Fatima and am not bothered at all by her becoming a regular. The episode turned into what felt like Agent Roundtree auditioning for NCIS. I liked his banter with Sam and Callen at the end. I could see him being brought in as a new team member.

    I was waiting for an explanation of Kensi’s shorter hair somewhere, but if it was mentioned I missed it. Maybe the next episode…

    While Deeks has always been my favorite character and the obvious focus of this site, I could see the show continuing without him, Kensi, Hetty, Beale – or any combination of those. Look at the mother ship, NCIS; almost a complete new cast over the years (with the exception of Gibbs, McGee, and Ducky). And NCIS New Orleans has seen a continuous rotation of main characters come and go since the first season. I think we’ve been fortunate to have this main cast with NCIS:LA for as long as we have. While I’d miss any of them, I would still be happy to get another season or more of LA, even if we do get a bunch of new faces. I’m still a fan of the other two shows, as well. It’s like life. I can’t tell you how many times in my own career when I felt like we had the perfect team, only to see several coworkers decide to leave for other opportunities, or any number of other reasons, over the years. Things change. You just roll with it and make the best of times with the players you have. You cherish the time you had with the old crew and make the most of the new. You might even become an equal or better team than before. Anyway, sorry for getting off topic somewhat, the thoughts were there in my head and I just let them flow.

    Hoping the last part of the season gives us some really strong episodes and that we get a 12th!

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    • I’m sure it could go on without some of the regulars on a full time basis (kind of like H50), but I won’t be watching.

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    • Ivelina Plamena Georgievi // March 10, 2020 at 4:30 AM // Reply



    • I can see your point. The original NCIS went through some major cast changes, and after floundering around for a while, I feel that their cast is starting to gel again. Perhaps this will happen with LA, if there are major cast additions/changes, who knows? But I don’t think I would be interested in a show without Deeks. I could live without Neric (in fact, sometimes I think I might welcome that), and Hetty has been missing so much over the last two seasons, that I am used to it. But any changes to the Core Four just might ruin it for me. I realize that some of them are getting long in the tooth, and it would be unrealistic for them to continue in the same capacity, but I think they still have stories to tell with some good writing (which has been sorely lacking). I sincerely hope that they continue on for another few seasons.

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  6. Ivelina Plamena Georgievi // March 10, 2020 at 4:33 AM // Reply

    Where is Deeks?

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  7. Not much to say about the episode. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t special either. Fatima works well with a team and I like seeing her with them, I do have absolutely no opinion of new possible team member agent Devin and I found his banter with Sallen somehow forced. I honestly missed the usual energy and chemistry one feels among the regular cast. It seems to me that when they are together, they give more, represent more, worth more than mere sum of all of them. It is like they all at their best when they are together. But I know for sure that if ECO leaves I will not continue to watch it. As Deeks for Kensi, ECO makes everything better for me.

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    • I feel ya. I don’t mind new additions to the team, AS LONG as no one leaves as a result!! and I’m really hoping this new guy (I know he’ll be in a few future episodes) dosn’t end up replacing anyone. I thought last season was the worst, with having to endure the really long wait for Hetty. But this season, with all these rumors and uncertainity, and almost every episode feeling like filler, and so many unanswered Hetty q’s that continue to pile up, all of this, just might be worse then last season!!

      Would I continue to watch if one part of Densi leaves? yeah. But Hetty?? that’s the toughest one. Just, I get not wanting to be blindsided by a sudden departure if a contract can’t be renewed, but the way this has all gone down these past 3 seasons has caused a lot of uneeded stress and anxiety with this fandom!! (Remember last season with the ‘huge’ rumor that S10 would be the last after Searching aired??) Sigh. Can’t there be other ways to still be prepared for a contract possibly not being renewed and NOT cause this much panic???

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  8. It pains me to say that this was not a very good episode. You can’t pull major stars from an episode and expect people to like it. You all know who I’m talking about. wikiDeeks forever

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  9. Debra Gillespie // March 17, 2020 at 2:58 AM // Reply

    My expectations for this episode weren’t very high and I was right, but there were some nice scenes. The Lance Hamilton character is slowly growing on me, and I don’t mind him showing up occasionally. He seems to work well with Kensi in the field when she’s Deeks-less.. Like several of you mentioned, I was delighted to see Aiden again….nice father/son conversation he and Sam had. Now I hope that eventually we’ll see Kam and get caught up on how she’s doing.

    I couldn’t help compare this episode with season 2’s “Human Traffic”. which had a couple of themes in common. Callen chasing Devin with the latter doing some pretty rad jumps and twists and turns, immediately reminded me of the wonderful dream chase sequence at the beginning of Human Traffic….probably still my favorite chase scene of the show. The other theme of course was the “undercover agent in danger from a human trafficker and corrupt cops, while the NCIS team rescues him”. But while Human Traffic worked really well, this episode fell flat for me introducing a character that looks like he will become a part of the team, after he was saved from the corrupt cops. Eric’s sympathetic dialogue on what Devin was going through was OK, but what would have really interested me more in the character was a scene or two from his point of view while he was being hunted….seeing more on how he was wondering how he was getting out of this would have gotten me more worried about him, like Deek’s look on his face of “no way out” in HT. The guy might be terribly athletic, but the jury’s still out on whether his character’s personality will get my interest.

    It seems like the FBI is now the agency of choice for having corrupt agents….last year it was Ross in “Smokescreen”, and now two of them in the last episode. Guess the writers figured that they had picked on the CIA enough after the season 8 mole story arc.

    Writing this after the coronavirus quarantine has been put into place and filming has halted for many shows including the NCIS franchise. Saw Daniela on IG saying that the crew had filmed all but one episode before stopping. So episode 23 could be interesting; if that episode’s writer knew that filming would be stopping, I wonder if he changed any of the plot to make it more like a cliffhanger, or episode 24 will still possibly be the cliffhanger and be tacked on to (hopefully) season 12? It will certainly be intriguing in what happens.

    Hope all of you out there are staying healthy and safe. “This too shall pass”.

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  10. Great comments everyone! Thanks!

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  11. Well, Sunday’s episode, we get to worry about Callanna.
    Next Sunday, we get to worry about Nell and Hetty
    May the odds be in our favor

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  12. The biggest problem with Hetty leaving is they always seem to ‘replace’ her with some sort of raging tyrant. Now if Granger was still around (RIP, and a major loss) I could live with that, or maybe one of the old guys we see from time to time. But the desire to always replace her with someone younger and obnoxious wears on me.
    And as I said in another comment, if Deeks leaves they lose me as a viewer. “Super Sam” gets old after a time, as does the whole “man of mystery” thing with Callen (at least for me). Kensi without Deeks also feels very one-dimensional. I think if they lose Deeks you’re looking at a “Miami Vice without Larry Zito” kind of situation – unbalanced teams and a loss of a dynamic that really helped balance a show that could become dark very quickly. If I want to see rotating casts and the like I’ll stick with Dick Wolf shows, thank you very much.


  13. Watched this last night, only 10 months late. I now understand and agree with all the comments, haven’t really got anything to add. I especially liked the comparison with ‘Human Traffic’. It struck me how Callen and Sam are quick to run off to rescue somebody they don’t know, yet somehow reluctant to help Deeks. The ‘holier than thou’ attitude of Callen and Sam rankled, but it always has.

    We now know Deeks is around in Season 12, and I’m sure if ECO, or any of the regulars was leaving we would know all about it. Like a lot of people, I’m not sure I would watch the show without Deeks. I might give it a go I suppose.


  14. As for Lance Hamilton and his acting “skills”, please revoew episode “One of Us” and then let me know how he even got cast on this show? If that is acting then I’m on my way to Hollywood. At least take some lessons on acting.

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  15. Kensi’s new hair got no mention from her co-workers in this EP or from her husband in the next EP?
    If Deeks cuthis hair and shaved, don’t you think someone would have mentioned it?

    I know why her hair was so different, she donated it but at least acknowledge the fact that it is different.


  16. I haven’t liked much after season eight although each following season had a few high points. Sorry everybody I know many will disagree.


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