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NCISLA Classified Preview and Promo Pics: “In the Name of Honor” (S14E12)

Title: In the Name of Honor

Airing: February 19th, 2023 (Back at our regularly scheduled 10pm ET)

Filmed: November 2022 (Likely the 1st – 9th)

What CBS is telling us: The NCIS team must quickly find Kensi and Fatima after they are kidnapped and drugged while searching for a missing Navy lieutenant who they learn has ties to a dangerous Islamic militia, on the CBS Original series NCIS: LOS ANGELES.

What we think is happening: The “everyone gets kidnapped” trend this season is continuing, this time Kensi and Fatima are the ones who are grabbed! Not 100% sure if it was an error or not, but this maybe was supposed to air before the crossover? In one of the sneak peeks, Sam mentions having to leave his dad for the first time since he’d moved in, but Sam previously (and recently) left for both an undercover case the boys had been working on (Episodes 9 and 11), as well as the retirement party that started the crossover episode arc (Episode 10). Guess we’ll find out!

Tiptoeing through the “In the Name of Honor” guest cast

(courtesy of Tess, many thanks again!)

Yeah, about that.  CBS did not provide a guest cast.  [note from Lyssa: Looking at releases from other shows, this seems to be a network-wide shift on the Press Express site =( Darn you CBS, give us the deets!]

Written by:   Matt Klafter co-wrote “Smokescreen Part II”, “A Fait Accompli” and “Hard for the Money” and was the sole writer for “Where Loyalties Lie”.

Directed by:  Dan Liu directed “Watch Over Me”, “If the Fates Allow” and “Love Kills”.

I’ll update it down the road but gee whiz, CBS, share some info!


Official Promo Photos: 

No separate page this time – just adding them here!


Sneak Peeks:

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1 Comment on NCISLA Classified Preview and Promo Pics: “In the Name of Honor” (S14E12)

  1. Intriguing preview, thank you Lyssa. I might be mistaken but it looks like nobody is having a day off. Everybody is there for, what seems, a run of the mill episode. I remember when that was the norm. Not complaining, just reminiscing.


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