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Marty Deeks…LAPD Detective

by Phillydi | November 7, 2013 | Feature |

LAPD Dress Uniform

LAPD Dress Uniform


This week wikiDeeks posted a charming fanfic by Kadiedid about Deeks wearing his LAPD uniform (There’s Something About). Phillydi did some research on what life would be like for Deeks in the Department and posted this report for our fans…..

Whether he’s a US Navy Chief, Canadian Mounty, French Foreign Legion or LAPD officer, there’s something about a man in uniform. When you become a LAPD cop you’re trained in a specific way on how to wear your uniform and carry your gun. When Deeks initially entered the Department, he might be expected to wear a dress, class-A type uniform complete with his blouse (suit jacket), blue dress shirt with tie, oxford shoes and peeked cap. Some of the metals he may wear on his left chest are the Medal of Valor or the Medal of Heroism. Here’s an example of an authentic LAPD uniform worn by Keanu Reeves in the movie Street Kings:

Keanu Reeves wearing an authentic LAPD uniform in Street Kings

Keanu Reeves wearing an authentic LAPD uniform in Street Kings

If Deeks was on patrol, there would be a Class B uniform and a Class C uniform for utility or disaster responses. In terms of grooming, it’s kind of hard to imagine our surfer boy walking around in a high and tight haircut during this time. But his hair would have been much shorter than it is no, so it was probably a relief for the lawyer turned cop when he started working as an undercover Detective.
After receiving a Police Officer III classification, it could possibly have taken Deeks at least five years to become a detective. He would apply for the Detective I position after taking a competitive examination and comprehensive interview. Once a Detective he would be assigned to a specialized division and would be responsible for responding to the scene of crimes, conducting preliminary and follow-up investigation, preparing reports, apprehending suspects and testifying in court. Deeks may have begun his Detective career in narcotics, internal affairs or criminal follow-up investigations. Whether Deeks began his stint as an undercover Detective is probably unlikely. He probably moved over to this division later when he found out he was good at covert activity. As a detective, he can still put on a uniform for promotional activities, funerals or overtime work. Of course working undercover, he would do less and less of these kinds of activities in uniform depending how deep his undercover work was the time.
The LAPD has a very specialized tactical unit that does a lot of undercover work that includes extensive surveillance with career criminals, kidnapper and murderers. They train with the Navy Seals, Marine Force Recon and SWAT teams and work with some of the best shooting instructors in the United States. It’s possible Deeks trained with a unit like this, making him invaluable as a liaison with NCIS.
It would be fun to envision Deeks in his dress uniform as Kadiedid in her fanfic….even if he had to hide all those blond locks underneath a cap!

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2 Comments on Marty Deeks…LAPD Detective

  1. Excellent piece, thanks for the information. I love imagining Deeks training with Navy Seals. Yet another reason why Sam should never have underestimated him.


  2. Have we never seen Deeks in uniform? I missed most of the 2nd season of NCIS LA. I started watching only the season premiere of Season 3.


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