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Deeks’ Cheekiest Lines to Hetty. Take our Poll!

Deeks and Hetty have always had a special relationship. No one but Deeks dares to tease her, and his frequent zingers have caused Hetty to label him a “cheeky bastard.”  What’s your favorite? Tell us why in the comments sections or let us know if we missed a good one.

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4 Comments on Deeks’ Cheekiest Lines to Hetty. Take our Poll!

  1. I chose “Gimme some sugar!” because it’s just so Deeks – lovingly outrageous :)! What I love about their humorous interactions is that he often leaves her momentarily speechless and that makes it even funnier.


  2. How about, “No thanks; I prefer my tea vacuum sealed and bottled in America.” from Neighborhood watch.


  3. I too voted for the “sugar”! This struck me as the “cheekiest” as it was directly from Deeks to Hetty rather than being a reaction to something that had just happened.


  4. I don’t recall the episode, but Deeks whispered to Kensi in Ops, “has anyone thought about putting a bell on her?”


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