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6 Comments on NCISLA 5.17 (S5E18) “Zero Days” – Sneak Peek 2

  1. This is just too adorable. I don’t even really like Eric Beale but this is just fantastic. First of all, Deeks’ laugh, and him taking a picture (right in front of the sign that says no cell phones), and another mention of his lawyer background (that’s the second one I can think of this season). So, is Deeks still a licensed attorney (even if he doesn’t have the time for a practice)? Or is he just bailing Beale out, and joking about acting as his lawyer?
    Maybe I’ve been wrong thinking Deeks might take off for the DEA or for LAPD if things blow up with Kensi. Maybe he’ll go back to being a lawyer.


    • Nice catch with the “No Cell Phones” sign on the wall hoopsdiva! I just had to go back and re-watch this to see the sign itself and it just made me laugh! Classic Deeks!


  2. Deeks is a lawyer. He didn’t practice very long before he became a cop.


    • I know that Deeks used to be a lawyer, with the Public Defenders’ office. But there’s a big difference between having been a lawyer and still being licensed to practice. I’m not familiar with the requirements of the California State Bar Association regarding currency of one’s qualifications, but it seems to me that some minimal amount of continuing practice (even pro bono work) would be required to maintain one’s status as a licensed attorney.


  3. Nice to see Deeks get a chance to make fun of someone else for a change, although I have a lot of sympathy for Eric being in such an obvious uncomfortable situation. Love that giggle…and that smile. Sorry Beale…I’m a Deeks fan to the core.


  4. finally, this is DEEKS! Who write epeisode i want to say him thank you!


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