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Debating Deeks: The Season 5 Deleted Densi Scene — Yea or Nay?


Nothing has lit the Densi fandom on fire during a hiatus like the “Spoils of War” deleted scene referencing the post-restaurant departure from “Recovery.” It has fans’ minds swirling with countless questions regarding the show’s decision-making process, interpretation of the scene, potential implications, and so much more. The lofty (and near overwhelming) challenge of debating these aspects has bravely been accepted by wikiDeeks founder Diane (@phillydi) and contributor Gayle (@DensiLand). How does this newly-discovered event affect the overall show, the Densi ‘ship, and our dashing Detective Deeks? By the time we’re finished we hope to have covered all these questions and more!

Gayle: Wow, Diane, what have we gotten ourselves into? More importantly, what has this unexpected offering done to our favorite team members? Let’s start with a primary question weighing on many of us: Why was this scene cut from the episode? In regularly voicing a minority opinion, I’ll admit I was fine with the scene being cut. More frustrating was having it originally publicized via a teasing tweet. (Tip: Fans don’t appreciate false hope.) We know “Spoils of War” ran notably long with regard to time, which means more than this scene hit the proverbial cutting room floor. This episode had themes of action-packed mortal combat and painful emotions, so they may have felt such progress of the Densi ‘ship didn’t fit the overarching objective of the episode. On a related note, they may have decided that scene no longer reflected the manner or timing to broaden the “love story”.

Diane: We should probably have our heads examined but this was a challenge I just couldn’t resist!  Ever since we heard about the deleted scene from “Spoils of War” the Densi contingency has been buzzing but more out of frustration than anything else.  We were all initially excited to hear about the flashback scene from some of the show runners on Twitter, but couldn’t be more exasperated when it didn’t turn up on the screen.  I think it was pulled at the last minute which was why it was originally used as a teaser on Twitter.  They actually thought at the time it was going to be part of the episode.  If it was important enough to mention it at the time, I believe they thought it was a powerful scene.  It also helped to explain the remainder of the Densi storyline last season which seemed stilted, awkward and just plain strange to me after “Spoils of War” (lest we forget the raccoons!)  I just can’t believe it was only about time… I just think they didn’t want to go there and mention the ‘L’ word this season.

Gayle: Yes, an awareness of this scene would have provided much needed context for numerous perplexing issues near the season’s end; so on this we agree. In hindsight, using this scene as a teasing ploy was either a genius strategy to churn up the fandom or a misguided Tweet – something we may never know. Speaking of unknowns, what do you think about the choice to release the deleted scene to the DVD set?

Once the tweet was out there, TPTB (the powers that be) were probably in trouble with the fans no matter which choice they made. Not release it and people would be mad, much like the never-aired scene of Deeks giving Kensi the fern (times 100). They probably thought they were appeasing the fans with its inclusion (something we need to appreciate). However, in doing so, the Densi fans have imploded in various ways. In this case it may have been far better to take no action (keep the scene in the vault – or destroy it altogether) than the apparent upheaval it has caused? (Actually the solution to the whole thing is to be more careful with the teasers/spoilers.)

Diane: It was wonderful to watch (as a Densi fan who stood up and cheered at the end of the restaurant scene in “Recovery”), but what was the point of releasing in on the DVD… well, except to assure us that they did indeed make love afterwards? There was so much speculation after that episode…“did they or didn’t they”.  Well, human nature tells me they did. If a man like Deeks says he’s falling in love with you, I don’t think it took Kensi very long to decide whether or not to take it to the next level. But what leaves me frustrated is wondering if what was said during that scene truly happen? I have no doubt they made love but were those words ever said? I think they made a mistake in cutting it out and I’m hoping that putting it in the DVD is an attempt to explain what the heck was going on between Deeks and Kensi the rest of the season. It’s the only thing that makes sense in terms of Deeks’ actions later.

Gayle: Wow. Interesting how completely opposite our reactions, expectations, and interpretations were to both the end of “Recovery” and the deleted scene! While your human nature tells you they crossed the ultimate line, my romantic heart hopes that’s not the case – at least not now. These two have so much baggage from the past and “issues” as individuals, partners, and a couple, working through them first (before jumping to the intimate act) would significantly increase their chances for a long-term successful relationship. This is of even greater importance since they work together. Plus, it would be incredible for this personal connection to be exempt from yet another set of (self-imposed) barriers. These are beautifully flawed people and this situation presents greater depth and complexity for these characters, and those are the very reasons why small moments of untarnished happiness would be such a gift. Simply having insight into what happened that night would explain Densi’s end of season reactions to each other, but it’s not necessarily dependent on how far things advanced; simply getting both Deeks and Kensi to the point of mutually expressed feelings to each other is a milestone all on its own.

Diane: I’m as romantic as the next guy, but after five years of waiting and finally getting their chance… I don’t care how many issues there are between them… yes, I believe they crossed that ultimate line. I’m not saying it was the best thing to do considering what was swirling around them but in the moment the stars aligned and it was finally time to express another part of their relationship. Eric Christian Olsen said something very telling in the one of the special features on the Season 5 DVD. He said that Deeks has never been in love before like that…if true,  this has got to be one of the most important and significant scenes ever filmed in the history of Densi. That was a really big deal for Deeks!  It just wasn’t just some throwaway line with no meaning to it! If they weren’t willing to leave it in because they didn’t want to further the Densi storyline, then the writers should have rewritten the entire last 5 episodes of the season in terms of Densi’s relationship. To me everything after “Spoils of War” was vague and very confusing!

Gayle: I agree with your take on Deeks’ statement and will add Kensi’s voluntarily action to leave the restaurant was of equal importance. Just as Deeks initially expressed himself through the action of the kiss on the hillside in “Descent”, Kensi mirrors that effort with her own action at the end of “Recovery”. While there may have been more on the deleted scene, it’s unknown if Kensi offered her own verbal confession (doubtful). Not only was virtually every post-”Spoils of War” puzzling, the current overriding question for me is: What are we to do with this scene? The fact it was cut and never aired, are we to presume it never happened? That it was simply a writer’s concept? A torture-induced hallucination? Or is this an effort to provide clarity for the end of Season 5 and preparation entering Season 6? How can this be the case when the vast majority of the millions of NCIS: LA viewers will have never seen it? Without some guidance from TPTB on how to treat this scene, I fear it splinters fans – those who have seen it and entered it into their Densi knowledge base and more casual viewers who haven’t. This seems dangerous as the show additionally moves to a new night and time.

Diane: During the commentary for “Frozen Lake,” ECO and Daniela mention that the final takes used in many of the key Densi scenes were the ones that had the most restrained performances between the two actors and not the emotionally powerful takes that wound up on the cutting room floor.  It’s all decided by the editors, together with Shane Brennan’s ultimate vision as to where they are going to take these two characters on their journey. I believe deleting this scene from “Spoils of War” was just another way of controlling the path Densi traveled in Season Five. But in a sense this happens all the time and the fans never get a chance to see what might have been if they had chosen a different road to go down or  used a different edit. This time they let us peek into an alternative reality that might have been… giving the serious fans something to think about as we go into Season Six. This will probably drive me crazy because I will be forever scrutinizing each future scenario and trying to factor in the existence of that love scene. If nothing else, this tryst will go down in Densi lore and will be talked about for a long time to come. (This could be the ultimate method to their madness!)  The majority of Densi fans are going to know about the scene and embrace it or discard it depending on where they want to see the characters go….but I think the casual viewer is not going to care one way or the other. They are probably watching the show for the ‘boom’ factor anyway and are not into character’s storyline, particularly Densi’s. I know we keep coming back to this, but I just wished they had been a bit clearer in terms of what was going on between Densi during those last five episodes. I’m going to have to be optimistic and say the addition of this deleted scene in the DVD is a thank you gift to Densi fans for loving these characters as much as we do and asking us not to give up hope. There still might be a future for Densi yet… even though I fear that things between these two are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

Gayle: Glad you brought up the editing choices that seem to be dictating Densi’s advancement (or lack there of). If you take this deleted scene along with those of the shirt reference in “The Frozen Lake” and Deeks’ enraged outburst in “Ascension,” it’s fairly easy to conclude someone made the executive decision to slowly pace Densi’s progression. While frustrating to some, I’m sure we agree this is for the best (even if begrudgingly) regarding the show overall. It’s a firm reminder to appreciate the long-term journey rather than the immediate destination.

Diane: A physical relationship doesn’t mean that a long term journey is not in their future. And it’s already been a five year trip, so realistically, how much longer do we give them? Another five years, seven, ten? By that time I will be long gone. So is it for the best? I’m not sure. I know what I’d like to see in the very near future is a committed relationship between the two, with it’s ups and downs and the occasional bumps in the road.  Maybe they survive and maybe they don’t but isn’t that what makes life and these characters so interesting? Why can’t they be working out their issues together? I think it would be a lot more fun to see where life takes them together instead of hoping for time to heal all wounds. Right now the relationship seems to be on hold and it’s in danger of ending even before it has a chance to begin. I have a feeling that the return of Talia is going to be a turning point in Densi’s future. It will be interesting to see where Season 6 takes us!

Forty-eight seconds have forever impacted the Densi fandom. As usual the people that create our favorite family have left us with more questions than answers. What was your reaction to the scene? How will you interpret and apply it moving forward? In the end, do we have the patience to follow the advice of the Gurkha, “Do not run. Walk slowly. Stop to look at everything. Take your time.”  Or is the time for waiting over?

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30 Comments on Debating Deeks: The Season 5 Deleted Densi Scene — Yea or Nay?

  1. Excellent job debating all the different sides and providing the points of view in a very balanced way!


  2. I have never been good at reading people’s minds, so trying to interpret what the show runner or the NCISLA writers were actually thinking is definitely beyond me. However, it’s fun to try. Great job in seeing all sides and possibilities. My take is somewhere in between…I do think Kensi and Deeks made love, otherwise their very brief conversations during Frozen Lake make no sense. Deeks tells her at the shooting range…”but it’s not yesterday is it?” So something major happened between them. They did cross a line. Then by the ambulance when she says, “I hate you”, he replies…”No you don’t, you don’t hate me”, which could only reference their night together and I don’t think they were watching Titanic. So it stands to reason they took the next step…even Sam and Callen believed it had happened.

    As for including the flashback, which for me should have been the opening for Frozen Lake…I think they cut it because they didn’t need it. It was much more powerful to have Deeks receive that photo of Kensi looking dead, which also kept all of the viewers on the edge of our seats as well. Deeks love for her is so plain in Spoils of War…”She’s the most important person to me on this planet.” The way the so-called flashback was filmed was meant for another episode and I think it looked odd, because if it was Kensi having a flashback to her time with Deeks, then it would have been his face she was picturing, not her own as the snippet showed. I do like that they included it in the DVD and it probably helped sales and got us all talking, plus it was nice to see them that close and intimate although less clothing would have been nice.

    As for the remaining five episodes after Spoils of War…I think Deeks is pulling back because he tortured that cleric and I think he realized just how dark his soul became when he thought she was dead and how far he was willing to go to find her. I think their conversation in Three Hearts after interrogating the raccoon guy showed that Deeks is afraid of what he might do because of his love for her. That is why he took a step back from their relationship. I don’t think he will be able to maintain that distance in S6…at least I hope he won’t, but if he does there are some amazing story lines that could come from that.

    All in all, my hopes are high for them and for all us…after all “it’s a love story”.


    • That’s a good point about the point of view. She should have been looking at his face. That’s why I think that scene was shot at a different time (maybe for Recovery) and then they tried to use it for SOW and for some reason was cut.


  3. First of all, excellent job on addressing most of the issues that have arisen from the “Spoils of War” deleted scene.

    I think that the scene provided explanations for many questions in the season, but I totally agree with Sweet Lu that “Spoils of War” was already full of emotion, from Deeks’ side at least, so it seemed kind of redundant. I also don’t see the “did they or didn’t they”… as the most important issue here. There was a connection, physical or not, doesn’t matter so much in my mind. What matters and in my opinion Diane kills it, is the fact that the progression of the relationship (to any level, physical or not) seems to take too long. It’s unrealistic to struggle 5 years to take steps towards your significant other even if you have as many issues as Deeks and Kensi seem to have.

    At last I believe that this scene was included in the DVD more as a bonus to the Densi fans and less as a fact that we must take as granted. So I keep up my hopes that this is a wanted direction for season 6 and it wouldn’t surprise me to see the whole “progression” issue approached differently.


  4. Can someone tell me when Eric Olsen said “He said that Deeks has never been in love before like that” on the season 4 dvd. I missed that. Then again I didn’t watch the special features besides their commentary in frozen lake yet. If someone could tell I would greatly appreciate it.


  5. I have not heard much backlash at all about this scene being included in the DVD. I would go a huge 96% on favor of it being put in the DVD. That isn’t to be confused with the majority of people that are mad it wasn’t put in the original episode. That seems to be 99.9 % of the people. Gayle is that .1 %:)

    I believe the producers added the scene in the DVD to appease the fans because a lot of us were vocal on twitter about it not being included. Even those like me who were way late to the game with these 2 and this show.

    I know the point of Gayle’s blog and wikiDeeks is to discuss every little detail of this couple but I don’t think the producers nearly care as much as us fans do when it comes to the timing of Densi. I am sure they care but do they sit around a room for hours discussing every single detail of their relationship? nope.

    For me personally this scene needed to be shown and it needed to happen. As Diane said after 5 years how much longer would anyone like us the fans or Densi the couple to wait?

    Love isn’t easy. Its messy and unfair and even the greatest loves of all time have to deal with stuff like this. That is what makes it real to the viewers.


    • That’s a good way to put it. Love can get very messy and I think that’s what we have here. I don’t know if they will ever have a smooth ride.


      • ” I don’t know if they will ever have a smooth ride.”

        I tell you secret.
        No, they will not have a smooth ride.
        Because producers need, want, have to, must … stretch us with emotions.
        Because they don’t know do it something better, something different.
        Look on Castle.
        They’re few years together, and show still running fine.
        Our show runners is just afraid from that, so they do, what is “tradition” nothing, and teasing us with hope, emotion, and empty words.
        Raccoons, boxes….blah blah.
        5 years dance around each other, is unreal stupidity.
        I get my lesson from Tiva.
        Don’t believe them any more, don’t hope for something smooth, nice, intelligent, little bit real….nothing.
        Wait for first 2-3 episodes, and if I see another bull…t, I will say goodbye.

        I love them, but noone from producers/directors, can play again, with my mind, with my emotions, with my feelings.
        Once with Tiva, was enough!
        No more!


  6. IMO the last 4 episodes of the season were left for dead for a reason. The producers could not tell the “love story” the way they wanted too so they abandoned it in favor of starting fresh in season 6 and that is why the “love scene” was deleted. If that is actually the facts then I actually now can appreciate the last 4 episodes for what they were, filler.

    The reason Deeks pulled back is because he still feels like it is his fault Kensi was put in danger in Afghanistan. Hetty never answered his questions and by ignoring him she pretty much made him believe he was at fault for her being sent there. Until Hetty informs him of the truth he is always going to be hesitant moving forward. That being said I don’t understand how the producers had the actors play the scenes in three hearts.. One minute Deeks wanted to move forward and Kensi didn’t. Then it was Kensi that wanted to “move forward” and Deeks didn’t. It happened in scenes that were one after each other (the scenes with Angelo in the bullpen, the scene with Hetty after that and the scene on their way to the car. Its like no one wanted to take charge and give clear direction what they wanted from the actors and it was totally frustrating to me as a fan.

    I also question the way the “love scene” was filmed. My guess would be it was a lot longer then they wanted it to be so they edited it as best they could but it still was just edited a bit too wishy washy for my taste. I wasn’t 100% sure at the time if the scene really happened though I now believe it did. Like someone said above if the scene was from Kensi’s view then why was it her face we saw and not Deeks. I’ll chalk it up to editing time issues but my biggest pet peeve with this show is the editing.


  7. Thanks for debate, it’s another excellent job.

    I have just one question.
    Why we have debate about deleted scene from DVD?
    Why we don’t debate about answer of that scene?
    Yes, real answer from real director, who cut it off.
    I think (I know it!), he still alive.
    So ask him about it, and then we can debate about real answer, from real director.
    Then we no need some abstraction, thinking about what he think….

    Director can give to us few type of answers.
    Political = so many words about nothing, with out answer.
    F…Y.. answer = no comment.
    Real answer = when he is drunk. (In Vino Veritas) 😉

    Then we can debate about real answer, not about mystery.
    Then we can debate about his crazy, political, full excuses….answer, and laugh from him.

    Honestly, I don’t care about this deleted scene.
    Because this is just acting, not reality, so not big deal.
    What is for my personal problem, is missing bloopers (gag reel) on DVD.
    That’s happens from start, until now.
    Know anyone why?
    Because I really don’t know why is this in NCIS (all) imposible.
    Other shows have it, make it purposely for fans, but NCIS, no way!
    That’s for me biggest tragedy, than some deleted scene.
    Because laugh is good, laugh is perfect.

    So, here is my 5 cents. 😉

    Small example:


  8. I applaud WikiDeeks, Diane and Gayle. Both had valid points. I have always said that it was such an emotional episode from the start. So it might not have flowed like they origial thought it would have. I also agree with the fact that they most likely chose to slow down Densi because of they want to explore the characters more. Which I am okay with. Densi is to big not to become the love story we all want. I think that they will once again find their footing again. I think the biggest thing for me is giving the fans the balance we all crave, and though I do enjoy the occassional metaphor however I am emotionally scared from the raccoon one. I think it’s all about balance and the second half we didn’t see that in the least. So hopefully now that everyone is on set and no one is going on any classified missions we’ll see that. Just from the deleted scene we can see that they do know how to write a love story. So only time will tell.

    And yes I agree no early spoiler tweets unless it’s 100% that it’s going to be in the episode. That upset me highly. Left me very empty. Here is to a great season 6 of NCIS: LA Mondays @ 10!!!! I am looking forward to the storyines and seeing the growth of the characters.


  9. The deleted scene fills in so many blanks. The comment that “Eric Christian Olsen said something very telling in the one of the special features on the Season 5 DVD. He said that Deeks has never been in love before like that…if true, this has got to be one of the most important and significant scenes ever filmed in the history of Densi. ”
    Wow, the above coupled with Deeks’s confession that Kensi was the single most important person to him in “spoils of war” makes me hopeful that there is a Densi future. I can dream.

    Thanks for the excellent debate. And I am of the opinion that the line was crossed, otherwise these 3 scenes along with all the other comments doesn’t make sense for me. I will dream 😊


  10. Wow, great debate and equally amazing comments. Sweet Lu you should be a detective. Great observations about the POV of the scene as well as the way it would have destroyed some of the suspense from the episode had it been included. I can see how it would have been perfect starting off Frozen Lake (much nicer than a guy getting his head cut off!).

    I have to be happy that it was included on the DVD since I was one of the people clamoring for it to be there. But I sure have found it hard to figure out what to make of it. I tend to agree with Stuck.Smitten.Whatever that they couldn’t tell the full story of the Densi relationship as they had originally planned for S5, so they decided to pull back for a do-over in S6. I think one of ECO’s comments on the DVD supports that kind of thinking.

    Even if that’s the case and we get the full “love story” this season, I’m still sad that we missed out on whatever it is that happened at the end of Recovery. I want to see all their firsts, and I feel like I missed out on quite the conversation, if not some serious sexytimes. Are there other shows that hide milestones like that from their fans? For now I’ll be optimistic that S6 is going to give us everything we want. Well, all of us except for Gayle 😉


  11. Hi guys ! Great dissection of the scene and all the possibilities! What are your thoughts on the comment deeks made to kensi about burning her shirt? The day after “the did they or didn’t they night” ??!
    Love reading all your comments!


  12. I really enjoyed Diane and Gayle’s discussion of the deleted scene. Although I understand what Gayle is saying and her reservations regarding the scene, I agree with Diane. When I first viewed it, I didn’t care about their personal issues or the fact that they work together or anything else. For me, it was time for Kensi to kiss Deeks and time for Deeks to tell Kensi he was in love with her or falling in love with her. It was also time for them to make love, which they surely did. From that point on, they had made a commitment to each other that really transcends all the other “stuff” and opens the way for them to work on all their personal and/or joint issues together and truly become a couple in spite of all the issues surrounding them. This was no one-night stand; this was progress in a complex relationship, for better or worse. I thought the scene was perfect, even though its frame was violent and graphic. Kensi awoke, looked at Jack, and immediately thought of Deeks and their “love story” just as he thought of her during his horrible torture. Plus, it was beautifully acted and so, so in character for the two of them. I’m thankful that TPTB, as Gayle calls them, at least put it on the DVD and that our shipmates got it onto Tumblr, etc. for us to see. I think TPTB realized they had something the fans would surely want to see, but they also realized that it might speed things up too much. That also explains Deeks being the one to step back now and Kensi understanding it. I’m really looking forward to Season 6, especially when it comes to our lovers, because “the course of true love never does run smooth,” as we all know from experience. So, I’m ready for a bumpy ride and a triumphant Densi sometime in the future :)!


  13. Ju5t Becau5e // August 27, 2014 at 11:57 AM // Reply

    It’s interesting to read other interpretations of and reactions to the deleted flashback scene.

    For me, the contrast between Kensi’s actions and the anguish in her voice made the scene very disturbing. She’s willing to move forward, as evidenced by her actions. She knows the consequences of her actions. Yet- anguish? despair? Is that ever a good thing to bring to a new level of intimacy in a relationship?

    A redeeming aspect of the flashback is Kensi’s trust in Deeks when she is so vulnerable.

    Season 6 should be interesting!


    • Later that day she was still in anguish when she told him the Frozen Lake metaphor. She’s scared. If only she could trust her training!!


    • I don’t agree that this situation was any type of anguish. The cracking in Kensi’s voice was about her finally getting what she has wanted for at least 4 years and him being there with her is what knocked her off a game a little.

      To know how you feel about someone is one thing but to know they feel the same way is a whole different ball game. That crack was Kensi realizing this was real.

      I think we know enough about the Deeks character to know there is no way he would have taken advantage of her for any reason.


  14. Ju5t Becau5e // August 27, 2014 at 9:14 PM // Reply

    I definitely agree that Deeks would not take advantage of Kensi.


  15. I really enjoyed reading this discussion and the various viewpoints brought out. I must say that I was very happy to see this scene and I’ve done a good job avoiding spoilers and somehow missed the teased tweet about it. I have to say though, this deleted scene was pretty close to what I thought happened, although I was second guessing myself. In “Frozen Lake” I felt like Kensi had a little bit of an attitude after they awkwardly decided who would walk up to ops first. It seemed to me she had already given in to her fears before Deeks didn’t take the shot. The only thing I wasn’t sure about was if Kensi would have stopped dead in her tracks if Deeks mentioned the “L” word depending on when and how he said it that night. The deleted scene answers that question for me.
    I felt Deeks had used the “L” word that night based on him trying to convince Kensi that they have all the time in the world in “Frozen Lake” as if she was feeling rushed into their thing. In the boat shed, when discussing Thapa, Deeks had also mentioned controlling emotions and how it’s “never easy when you start to care”, not just referring to Thapa. Basically, Deeks is an emotional guy in my opinion and I just couldn’t see why he wouldn’t use the “L” word. It seems so obvious to everyone how he feels for Kensi. So I feel that although the scene was deleted, it makes sense to me that it did actually happen between them. Of course I could be completely wrong, but maybe we’ll be given more insight to that night in season 6. I am disappointed about the new day and time it will air, but as always I’ll DVR it. I’m starting a new job and need to get up earlier than I’m used to. I hope others will do the same instead of not watching at all.


  16. I am very late to commenting on this. I first saw the tweet about this “Debating Deeks” while on vacation in the mountains with horrible internet access!! Talk about “anguish”! I finally saw the clip and the comments today. I think Diane & Gayle did a phenomenal job with this topic and I really loved Sweet Lu’s comments as well.

    If you read the “Debating Deeks” I did with Karen, you know I am PRO-Densi and I always believed they did cross the line. I’m glad they released this because I did feel cheated after the teased tweet didn’t pan out. But I am glad this wasn’t in SOW or any episode for that matter. It’s just not enough for me, in part because of the one-sided point-of-view where Deeks is barely in the frame on any of the shots. It also is too reserved/terse and doesn’t sufficiently express their connection, in my opinion. And although I appreciate the notion that her thinking of him while she was tortured is a reflection of their relationship/bond, there are so many other better contexts in which she could have cherished that memory of their time together more plausibly. I don’t buy that torture makes one think of their last intimate moment with a partner. Their loved ones, yes, but not specific moments like that. I would have edited that flashback in at some point after an encounter with Sabatino where he was being a jerk as a juxtaposition to how Deeks treats her! (But I’m just a nurse, what do I know?!)

    My bottom line – I cannot imagine how difficult it is to write/direct/edit/etc. a show like this. There are so many views even within the Densi fandom and impossible to please everyone. Whether I like/agree with the decisions, I am always left with immense respect for the challenge of the work and the considerable effort that is put forth by cast/crew in delivering great their best work.

    I am just a little sad about the time change for the fall – I work evenings 3 out of 6 Mondays and after Christmas will have an early Tuesday class so I will be watching the show Tuesday afternoon/evening and missing the live tweeting. Will still look forward to chatting/commenting with everyone here!


  17. Here another country heard from….check out Spoiler TVs take on this subject….


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