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Kensi’s Journal – 03/30/15

March 30, 2015

Poor Nell. I know exactly how she feels. I would encourage her to tell Eric her feelings but who am I to give advice? Besides, when it comes to computer geeks and romance, I think the rules are completely different. Maybe Deeks should talk to Eric… Or maybe we should just stay out of it!

We aren’t exactly the cover couple for relationship and dating magazines. And what was all the nagging about today? One minute we were ‘fake nagging’ and the next we seamlessly transitioned into ‘real nagging.’ We sounded like an old married couple! Actually, I don’t really know what an old married couple sounds like in real life. Mostly I’ve just seen them on TV and I truly hope we are never that bad!  Maybe we’re just frustrated with our situation.

We haven’t seen or heard anything from LAPD this week but they aren’t going away that easily. I keep waiting for them to pop up when we least expect it. We’ve been staying apart as much as possible but sometimes it’s just too much. We make excuses so we can stay together longer at work or we get the whole team to go to dinner together so we won’t be so conspicuous. We’re running out of excuses and I really, really miss him. Part of me wants to get this over with but I’m afraid of what it might do to us… as partners and as a couple.


4 Comments on Kensi’s Journal – 03/30/15

  1. Really enjoy hearing Kensi confess she doesn’t know what a “traditional” pair or “old married couple” look like. It keeps them fresh and us guessing. Still can’t believe there wasn’t a single peep about the IA investigation. They could have really used that to built audience tension.


    • I wonder how long they are going to let this IA thing hang in the air? No sign of it again this week. At one point, they were saying Deeks was going back to LAPD this season so maybe that’s part of it. I guess we will find out in a few weeks!



  2. Reader1976 // April 5, 2015 at 8:08 AM // Reply

    With IA on their backs, I love that they are able to stay together by hanging out with the team! Great post.😄


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