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Deeks’ Surf Log – 04/27/15

April 27, 2015

That’s my girl. It’s one thing to practice on stationary targets in the firing range. The stakes rise when we’re out in the field dodging bullets between buildings. However, the level of calm and focus required to make that shot today… wow. I’ll openly admit there’s no way I could even remotely come close to what she did. Our Bad Ass Blye once again earned her (one of many) nickname.

Yet, I saw it all over her face; this was a troubling task to complete. Did the young rebellious daughter remind her of herself with the loss of her own father? Was she imagining the target could just as well have been Jack? On that note, did she feel herself transported back to Afghanistan and a very similar assignment? Or perhaps worst of all, could she be envisioning one of us, or even herself, being overtaken by the wrenching effects of PTSD? She knows I don’t want to talk about the IA investigation, but can I get her to talk about today? Looks like my powers of persuasion may once again be put to the test.

Seems as if the Techy Twins may be getting a bit restless in their Ops cage. Mr. Rogers? Really? I wonder how close Hetty was to putting me in a sweater for this one? Bet the real Mr. Rogers couldn’t leap down a staircase to apprehend a suspect! Of course I also never saw fleeing drug dealers loitering around his “neighborhood”.

Did Neric also tell the taxi driver Kensi is a stripper and I’m a DJ? WHAT is going on? Kensi’s (years of) practice in “shushing” me paid off today with that creep – & she didn’t even threaten physical violence with him. Ahh, my girl is growing up! As for me? Not so much. I’ll be dreaming of that Spider Man-inspired “outfit”!

On that juvenile topic (which I generally relish and keenly relate to), maybe this whole youth mentoring thing wasn’t such a genius idea. How am I supposed to relate to or guide a kid like Byron? Maybe Eric would be interested in the opportunity? This situation (along with Hetty’s customary cryptic wisdom) is making me rethink a lot of things, not to mention my partner’s virtual silence on the matter.

I’m clear on what I want for “endgame” and am working to prepare myself for the “next steps”, but maybe I’m getting too far ahead of myself. Patience has always been one of my prime virtues, so why is it failing me now? Honestly, I know why. I finally have Kensi (which is everything) so I want it all – before it potentially gets ripped away by this Internal Affairs fallout.


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Gayle is a WikiDeeks writer and has the challenging task of penning the "Surf Log" each week. Known as "DensiLand" on Twitter, Instagram, & Tumblr, Gayle obviously "ships" Densi and has sincere love for the entire cast (& crew) of characters.

3 Comments on Deeks’ Surf Log – 04/27/15

  1. This is perfect, Dr. Gayle!


  2. Reader1976 // April 29, 2015 at 7:17 PM // Reply

    Awesome entry. Love all of it! Especially, noticing Kensi’s silence on the matter of kids😄


  3. Excellent!


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