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Gayle is a WikiDeeks writer and has the challenging task of penning the "Surf Log" each week. Known as "DensiLand" on Twitter, Instagram, & Tumblr, Gayle obviously "ships" Densi and has sincere love for the entire cast (& crew) of characters.

10 Comments on Lost. – Deeks’ Surf Log – 10/16/16

  1. As usual a perfect entry! Hit every note with much feeling. Thank you!


    • Kudos to ECO in having to pull all of this from within. I’m sure not having Daniela to ebb and flow with reactions is a greater challenge (or he’s giddy that she can’t mock him on-screen!) LOL!


  2. very nice entry as usual,
    I agree it must be hard to deliver emotional lines like Eric did with no feedback.
    and I think he does like picking and teasing her while filming.
    thank you.


    • They obviously bond over the teasing! If not for keeping to time on the shoot schedule, I suspect she might be making faces at him between takes. (We can all picture that, right?!)


  3. I guess it must have been a great challenge to write Deeks’ log over the past weeks, after Kensi’s accident and coma and I really appreciate what you do. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into what Deeks’ life and thoughts must be after that terrible, fateful day.


    • My goodness, thank you for that kind comment! I’m sure people each have their own opinion of his reactions. This whole situation is only growing in intensity! It’s time for fair Snow White to awake (to her floppy-haired prince)! Someone desperately needs to do an edit of this!


  4. It’s got to be getting harder and harder to get into Deeks’ head as it becomes darker and darker in there despite him trying to stay positive.


  5. You captured Deeks’s emotions perfectly. You write deeks so well!


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