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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Payback” (S8E15)

Title:   “Payback”

Airing:   February 19th

Filming:  January 3rd to January 11th

What CBS is telling us:   Emotions run high for the team as one agent is held in an unknown location and tortured by the mole, while another discovers he was betrayed by someone he least expected, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES.

What we think is happening:  Some familiar faces return (some from other CBS series!) and Kensi’s very bad season eight continues.

Just a reminder, “Payback” starts an hour later than usual – 9PM ET/PT; 8PM CT/MT in the US.

Be on the lookout: GUEST CAST:

Erik Palladino a CIA Officer Vostanik Sabatino

Our possible traitor Vostanik returns from “Under Siege” on January 29th (good grief, we’ve gone a long time between episodes).

John M. Jackson as A.J. Chegwidden

Oh, the Admiral is back.   Before there was NCIS: Los Angeles there was NCIS.  Before there was NCIS, there was JAG – a legal drama about the Judge Advocate General’s office in Washington.  The office from mid-season one until season nine was run by Rear Admiral A.J. (Albert Jethro) Chegwidden (and you probably thought CBS had no Jethros between The Beverly Hillbillies and NCIS).

Chegwidden was a former SEAL (probably too old, however, to be a SEAL with Sam), retired Rear Admiral and when last seen was a high-priced attorney in private practice when he appeared in the season ten finale of NCIS as Gibbs’s attorney when Colin Hanks was trying to put him in jail.

Chegwidden was the typical JAG/NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles/NCIS: New Orleans-style person in charge – tough but fair, smart, funny and unfailingly loyal.  Chegwidden (and the actor) is also on the tall side so I’m totally rooting for quality scenes with Linda Hunt’s Hetty.  Both have powerful presences but not quite the same size.  It would make sense that a former SEAL turned head of JAG turned high powered DC attorney would know Hetty.

The actor John M. Jackson played FBI Director Sam Cullen in the first season of Bones.  He had guest roles in episodes of Rizzoli & Isles, Criminal Minds, Perception, Castle, Private Practice, CSI, Knight Rider (2009), Grey’s Anatomy, Jericho, Without A Trace, Stand Off, Lie to Me, John from Cincinnati, Ghost Whisperer, Homefront, Party of Five, Dark Skies, Sisters, The Watcher, Northern Exposure, Shannon’s Deal, Wiseguy, Probe, Beauty & The Beast, MacGyver (1987) and The Hitcher.

Kurt Yaeger as Sullivan / CIA Officer Ferris

Also back from “Under Siege” last month and that’s not good.

Elizabeth Bogush as Joelle Taylor

Joelle was last seen kissing Callen under the mistletoe in “Cancel Christmas” in season seven.

Teddy Lane Jr. as LAPD Officer

Usually plays either uniformed law enforcement officers, security guards or bouncers.

Appeared in episodes of Shooter, Castle, Angie Tribeca, Mystery Girls, Hit the Floor, Silicon Valley, The Crazy Ones, Franklin & Bash, American Horror Story, Californication, Gigantic, Glee, The Mentalist, Lie to Me, Rizzoli & Isles, Secret Girlfriend, Raising the Bar, Ghost Whisperer, iCarly, Cory in the House, Cold Case, CSI: Miami, Big Shots, Drake & Josh, Dexter, Daybreak Bones, The Shield, House, Nip/Tuck, Arrested Development, George Lopez Show, Still Standing, Threat Matrix, Boston Public, Miracles, Push Nevada, So Little Time, The West Wing, The Tick, CSI, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Practice, Any Day Now, Freaks & Geeks, Suddenly Susan, Bold & Beautiful, Charmed, VIP, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Players, Born Free, The Visitor, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dangerous Minds.

Anzu Lawson as Nurse

Lawson’s talent management company had her in “Under Siege” but she did not appear.  It looks like Miguel Ferrer’s scenes were all shot before the holidays and she worked with him.


Written by: Jordana Lewis Jaffe, who wrote or co-wrote “Honor”, “Patriot Acts”, “Dead Body Politic”, “Paper Soldiers”, “Unwritten Rule”, “Big Brother”, “Iron Curtain Rising”, “Exposure”, “Savior Faire”, “Beacon”, “Defectors”, “Exchange Rate” and season eight’s “Black Market”.

Directed by: Terrance O’Hara, who directed “The Only Easy Day”, “Brimstone”, “The Bank Job”, “Borderline”, “Tin Soldiers”, “The Job”, “Backstopped”, “Crimeleon”, “Blye, K.” Part Two, “San Voir” Part Two, “End Game”, “Paper Soldiers”, “Descent”, “Ascension”, “Fish Out of Water”, “Blaze of Glory”, “Command and Control” (episode 150), “Matryoshka” Part Two and season eight’s “Belly of the Beast”.


Insider Intel:  So far nothing but I wouldn’t be surprised to see an article or two pop up before Sunday.  As always, check the comment section for any new articles or episode photos Sunday night.

Official Photographic Evidence:  Photos up at SpoilerTV.

The program also put out this photo after the released the promotional photos in mid-January:

Obviously, they wanted to keep Kensi’s fate quiet until after “Under Siege” aired.

Unofficial Surveillance:

Looks to be an Action!Deeks hour:

And a not very good Kensi day:

Today in having your photo taken with Linda Hunt:

Today in having your photo taken with Daniela Ruah:

Today in having your photo taken with Daniela Ruah’s chair:

Guest star Teddy Lane Jr. looks like he enjoyed his time on-set:

Sam’s car is ready for its close-up:

The reading material really doesn’t match the drug den vibe:


Video Surveillance:

Preview:  Deeks has a little heart to heart with Sabatino in the boat shed in the preview:


Sneak Peek:  Just one so far this week:

Yay Kensi!  If CBS sends out any other video, I’ll post it in the comments.

Possible Sports Related Delays:  CBS has a golf tournament that should be over before primetime starts.  On the odd chance that there is a delay, I’ll put the start time in the comments Sunday night.  And remember – an hour later Sunday night.

Next week is a rerun of the two-part season premiere at 9PM ET against The Academy Awards.  The program returns March 5th and should have a straight run through the month of March (with some delays due to basketball later in the month).  See you all week after next with the “Old Tricks” preview.





Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor. You can read more by Tess HERE.

45 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Payback” (S8E15)

  1. Tess,
    another fantastic job as always.
    I am so ready for a new episode. YAY!
    Thank you

    Die, Anna, Die

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Tess, thanks again for a great preview. I am really excited for the conclusion to this arc. I really appreciate you also update new information as it appears over the weekend, I know that takes time, but it is so helpful to have it in one place.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I think Kurt plays a heck of a bad guy. Although I couldn’t stand Sullivan, Kurt did a good job with the character. He had just enough body language, eye movements and facial expressions to let you know he was no good. It was well done because if you looked hard enough or were suspicious about him it was there. But, if you wanted Kensi to have a friend or a rehab buddy it could be easily overlooked or explained away without having to try too hard. Nice and subtle, well done.

    Die, Anna, Die


  4. As one of those horrible people that never liked or trusted Sullivan from day one, I am glad to say…
    GOOD BYE! It has been a good run, now go away.

    Die, Anna, Die

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Any bets on who Kills Sullivan
    Kensi or Deeks?

    Die, Anna, Die


  6. In looking at the sneak peek…
    How did I miss Sullivan telling Kensi that he liked her smile…
    Wasn’t that a Deeks thing.
    Did I miss another instance of writers stealing Deeks lines about Kensi???
    I don’t remember that one.

    Die, Anna, Die


    I notice that Granger and his nurse are listed in both this and the next episode 8/16. Granger is also listed in 8/17 as well but not the nurse. I wonder if just be the team with him in his room, if he will get out only to have something happen, or if it will be flashbacks?
    No matter what, I am very sad and will miss him.
    Nate is back in 8/16 as well, and is strikes me as odd that he will bracket the mole issue episodes but not be around for it to help or…unless he will be a part of it?
    Very odd indeed.

    Die, Anna, Die


    • Ed, I think that Miguel Ferrer will remain in the credits through the end of the season. At least I hope so. We are truly going to miss him.


  8. In spite of Deeks having a “talk” with Sabatino, I still have mixed feelings about where his loyalty falls.
    Unless it just his self-preservation. He is out for himself or so it seems at times.

    Die, Anna, Die


  9. if you are a big Hetty fan…sorry in advance.

    Still Mad At Hetty
    I still can’t get past blaming Hetty for this.
    Hetty knew Jack was over there and did what…sent Kensi and did not tell her in the hopes that when she saw him she would not shoot??? Really
    What a pile of rubbish for a plan. She said she was trying to give Jack a head start, so she new the CIA was after him and thus in the area… all useful information to Kensi when she is looking through the scope, don’t you think.
    Maybe Sullivan doesn’t get shot if Kensi knows that there are US under cover operators in the area.Hmmm
    Maybe Kensi and Granger approach things differently. Maybe Granger doesn’t wind up stabbed because of it.
    I think back to Hetty’s comments about the girls becoming ISIS brides, and how it is not always one big thing decision, but lots of small decisions that steer the path or create the situation you wind up in.
    Hetty’s decisions often have catastrophic consequences to the people around her while she skates away free and clear.
    What, she spends 5 minutes in a cage while people die and get tortured.
    Why couldn’t Sullivan Carl pick her up and throw her into a wood chipper.

    The team takes on assignments based on Hetty’s direction.
    The team is often in these situations because of some of Hetty’s prior decisions.
    The team puts their lives at risk under Hetty’s supervision.
    The best way to avoid life threating situations is to have all the facts and information.
    If the situation can’t be avoided, the best way to control it is with a good plan..
    Plans need good information
    If you ask these people if they will risk their lives, they will say yes…the just want to know what they are up against.

    If you take most agents and give them a choice in an operation of more people, more weapons, or more and better information…they will almost always take the information.
    Hetty acts like she cares, but sends her team out into danger without their best tool and chance of survival….
    Full, accurate and complete information on the target or task at hand.

    Lying is Lying, a lie of commission.
    Misrepresenting or distorting the facts is a lie.
    Clouding the issue or deflecting is a lie of influence.
    A lie of omission is still a lie.
    Hetty is one of the biggest liars on network television.
    And I have really had enough.
    The show is just a show and we do need to suspend belief, but there is a certain expectation of realism as well.
    We really have reached the point where any rational team would fall apart because there would be no trust in the leadership and without trust none of this will work.
    People won’t continue to risk their lives for people they don’t trust, and how in the heck could anyone trust Hetty anymore?
    You don’t need to hate or despise someone to not trust them.
    You may even like them and still not trust them.
    It is about nothing more than trust, and there is no way the team could still have any.
    She needs to go.

    At the very least, someone should ask her where her letter is, hand her a pen, and say sign it, date it, give it to me, and get out.
    Good Bye.

    Die, Anna, Die

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Thanks Tess for your preview, I was looking forward to it.
    This long winter mini-hiatus has really killed me, especially because we stopped in the middle of something that, impatient as I am, should have had its conclusion in a week at the most (sometimes I wonder how we could survive a whole summer with Deeks’ cry in our years…).
    Now we are finally going to find out more: more about the mole(s), more about the real nature of Sullivan’s hate, more about how Deeks and Kensi will go through this new threat to one or the other’s life. I wish this final part could make sense with the other two parts and with the rest of the mole arc, but I can’t help having trust issues with the author of this episode as for continuity and consistency, so I honestly prefer to wait before setting my expectations too high and then be disappointed. What I know is that I really can’t wait to see the episode and Kensi’s rescue and Deeks and the team to the rescue and, possibly, Sullivan’s bye bye forever.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree,
      there are a lot of pieces floating around and I am nor entirely everything will be wrapped up at the end of the episode.
      Granger is listed in the next three episodes and I am sure there will be something big,
      Nate returns after this episode and the timing is suspicious at best.
      I just have a feeling, that even thought the moles are caught and the immediate risk is over, that the real reason or even mastermind behind this will come to light after this episode. maybe in 8/16.
      why shoot Duggan?
      if Sabatino is all bad, why wait until now? he could have taken out Kensi and Granger in Afghanistan numerous times.
      Heck, he could have taken out the entire team while they tried to rescue Kensi and left her there.
      something still smells fishy. there still has to be an “inside man” somewhere.


      • I agree with you, a lot of pieces floating around and I am worried that a lot of questions will remain after tomorrow. When Brunson mentioned someone inside the team/close to them I expect there is someone still on the loose (even though I guess Brunson could mean Carl).

        I really want to know about Granger’s stabbing (who did it).

        A little spoilerish thing: I can’t watch the promo preview so I am not sure if this promo below is the same, but at this clip (link below) at 19 sec mark there is a certain someone who seems to help Deeks, Sam and Callen save Kensi. I hope it is okay to link this and sorry if I am being vague but I try to avoid spoiling this from those who don’t want to be spoiled.


        • I am sorry I tried to post the link only, but I hope it is okay 🙂


        • I saw the same thing.
          which makes you wonder if things are shown out of sequence to confuse us or if he said enough right things to get a reprieve and prove himself, right?
          even before the clip, I have always thought it could turn out that way…
          just too obvious. I thought.

          Die, Anna, Die


    • not that I want any one of them to go…
      but doesn’t there almost have to be someone on the inside?
      we were told as much already, right?
      So if it is not Nell or Eric, then is it Nate?
      Anna is too new and Joelle wasn’t around long enough was she?

      Die, Anna, Die


    • Thank you for the kind words!

      I’m not as concerned about this writer. She’s written some really solid episodes – especially episodes that were parts of bigger storylines (“Iron Curtain Rising”, “Beacon”, “Defectors”). I loved what I saw in that sneak peek clip. I’m going into this episode feeling good about what they’ve done all season. The program had a number of curveballs thrown at them and handled them all well.


  11. As I re-watch the start of the season it is interesting that that the team going after Asakeem was a spur of the moment decision and only Eric and Nell were in the loop, Granger did get looped in and Hetty must have known…that was it.
    Then, watching the shootdown it occurred to me…
    the jeep was already sitting there, just coincidentally in the flight path of the helo.
    they were parked, had the launched already out and loaded. were looking the right way, and had the weapon already up and pointed toward the flight path.
    not even close to being just good luck.
    the hill would deflect the noise and there would be no way of hearing it until just before the ship crested the hill.
    They were set up and waiting… information from the mole???
    so, who knew about it…
    Was the situation just stretching things a bit to fit the story line they needed to create and set it in motion, or is there something there.
    very few people knew they would be in the area and could pas the info along in time to get a rocket launcher into their flight path.
    were they after the team, or just couldn’t afford to have Asakeem brought back to the US for interrogation.

    I am way too suspicious
    I still smell a rat.

    Die, Anna, Die


    • I agree with you Ed; it was way too convenient for them to be waiting for the helicopter at that exact spot; timing, everything. I have a bad feeling though that the show has made a bigger deal concerning the Mole than need be. I hope I’m wrong, but I have a feeling we’ll be disappointed due to all the build up. We already know the entire team stays intact; so who does that lead? Awaiting tonight’s episode to FINALLY get this arc over with!


  12. A reminder from JPK:

    And an article about Miguel Ferrer’s final episode:


  13. After watching the clip (SPOILER ALERT) Kensi tells Sullivan “I thought you liked my smile” that really gets to me. I’ve always had an issue with Kensi since Frozen Lake and the punch to Deeks face; and she seems to want what she wants period; I don’t like that about her. As when she and Deeks went to the Spa and the guy wanted her card she smiles at Deeks and says with a laugh “I still got it”. He didn’t respond much.
    I’m truly hoping that tonight she gives Deeks some sort of an apology, anything that acknowledges Deeks; what HE’s been through. She’s all smiles for Sullivan? Really? All Deeks has gotten is her whining, complaining, etc. No smiles for him. Then for her to challenge Deeks during checkers “are you jealous?” with a smirk, lovely scene except for that moment. I know Densi will be fine; I would just like some acknowledgment from Kensi. Dani has played her character well; she plays the way its written, but this Season so far is been the pity pot Kensi except (evidently) with Sullivan.
    Looking forward to a good Episode tonight but keeping my expectations low. And, yes I’d love to be wrong and have this EP be epic!
    Sorry, I must be cranky; we have flooding, too much rain, possible snow which means more runoff – Oiy! Too much water and no where for it to go — yikes!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for saying what’s on my mind but couldn’t say succinctly. I’m so disappointed with the Kensi storyline and all I seem to do is complain so I’ve refrained from commenting here. I hope Deeks gets the love he deserves from Kensi.

      The “Are you jealous?” line really bugged me when it first aired and I thought it was a little seed that was planted by the writers. It was such an innocent question but out of the blue she asked if he was jealous. Deeks has a right to be concerned and be curious as to who her new friend is given their line of work. He did get beat up for not changing his routine, etc but asking about Sullivan makes him jealous? No! Although given the sneak peak, maybe something else happened between Kensi and Sullivan?


      • I agree the are you jealous comment was a little misplaced or insensitive.
        I am not quite sure why the writers have Kensi say things like that. it tends to make her seem….uncaring seems to harsh, but I cant find the right word…
        it is similar to the scene in Command and Control, where after spending a week with the guy and wearing a 300 dollar dress he bought her she states, “Ya gotta pay to play”… is that implying she made him buy her the dress before she let him get frisky? was it a comment about her liking nice thing or wanting to be spoiled?….I am positive it was just a joke, but is seemed misplaced.
        then there were the constant comments and actions around Dinozzo in Blame it on Rio.
        after Deeks expressing his insecurity about providing for Kensi, the comments were once again misplaced or insensitive.
        I do think that it was mainly due to having the episode air so far out of sequence in relation to when it was filmed. But, it was a glaring example of how continuity and flow can be adversely affected by doing so. it was not a nice thing to do to someone with doubts however, if it had aired before Command and Control it would have been a little easier to watch.

        Die, Anna, Die


      • what episode what the one where keens says “i still got it” ?


    • I will do nothing to defend “Frozen Lake” as it is indefensible. I will however happily defend Kensi – who is a queen in that sneak scene.

      Physically, Sullivan/Ferris has all the power in that scene. He’s got the weapon, he’s able to move about freely. Kensi has been drugged several times and is tied to a wheelchair. Yet, she’s running the whole show. She’s got him explaining himself. She’s got him doubting what he’s doing. She’s supposed to be afraid but she’s the aggressor – my goodness, she is owning him in his own kidnapping plot. And she’s giving the team time to find her. It is a great Kensi scene.

      Sorry about your tough weather. I’m in New York and it is sunny with 60+ temps for two straight February days. I hope that kind of weather finds its way to you.


  14. Everyone took to Twitter today:

    And Kurt Yaeger thought the episode was on last week:


  15. And the show will start when scheduled tonight:


    • it will be interesting to see if he actually punched her during torture, or if he backhanded her after a particularly defiant comment from Kensi.
      either way, I cant wait for Deeks to shoot him in the head… and then take Kensi into his arms.

      waiting impatiently…..come on come on come on let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go now now now now….


      Die, Anna, Die


  16. Dear Ed;
    I love your posts; you make me think, laugh, question, etc. I have a request; its only a request not personal at all. Could you please stop writing “Die, Anna, Die” perhaps find another way of expressing how much you dislike Anna. I think you don’t like Par whatever her name is; I don’t either; I actually hate it when she’s on the show. But the PTB want her on and it looks like she’ll be Callen’s love interest whether we like it or not — NOT. But on the other side of that; there are fans that do like her, just like all the Neric fans. If having her on the show brings viewers then that’s a good thing; more viewers = more Seasons!
    With Miguel’s passing, which is so sad; what a great man worked up to the very end! Its hard for me to read “Die, Anna, Die” especially after the year I’ve had.
    Please continue to share your thoughts; you are really funny. This is only from me; if you could find others words to express the same thought about “no Anna” that would be great.
    Thank you, Mahalo, Namaste!……………


    • no trouble at all,
      consider it done.


      • and I guess to clarify…
        I talked about this previously, but I think that Bar Paly by all indications is a great person and very kind and funny. A great sense of humor and a real pleasure to be around.
        then again…so is my cousin, and he cant act either….
        She is trying to break into the business and transition from modeling into acting.
        she is taking the opportunities that are given to her.
        The fans are not the only people that must notice her deficiencies. The fact that she got by casting is not her fault, it is theirs. The fact that they cast an inexperienced actress that had not had the time to develop the skills required to fit in, blend in and create a believable character with this veteran cast and show is in no way her fault.
        for some reason they seemed to think that we wanted a hot love interest for Callen over any form of substance.
        even though I don’t like the character, the character could be much easier to take if it was cast differently.
        Bar appears way out of her comfort zone and stands out like a sore thumb in her scenes.
        Again , not her fault.
        it is the responsibility of the casting director,and even her agent, to make sure she can succeed in the role and that it is a good fit for her.
        I fell that they fell short on their responsibilities.


        • DITTO!!!!


        • Ed, I think the problem models who try to become actresses have, at least successful models, and BP was one, as a model , you are supposed to be the center of attention , smiling, posturing, and so these women are trying to be center stage all the time as opposed to part of an ensemble cast . Actors are supposed to know when to be center stage and when to take a back seat and part of that is not smirking and posturing when someone else is delivering their lines. The cast of NCIS LA has some superb actors/actresses and they also have worked together long enough to present themselves as a team. BP needs a much smaller part , and she needs to blend into the background and develop more acting skills. Not to sound sexist , but it is Los Angles and a lot of getting parts is not so much how good you are but your connections, and her husband is a director, so she may actually have some culpability here. BTW, I thought Elizabeth Bogush did a great acting job as Joelle in Payback, she is quite a credentialed actress. It is too bad Ms Bogush did not get the Anna part, I think she would have played it well.


          • of course you are right, if we are being honest…
            If Bar is able to check her ego at the door and be objective, she must be able to see that she is in way over her head and not ready for such a big part in a show like this.
            then again, it is hard to turn down the opportunity, money, addition to you resume, and exposure generated by taking the part.

            it is kind of like that certain group of people that really shouldn’t wear spandex, yet they do…and usually a size or 2 too small….
            some times I wonder what people see when they look in the mirror.
            Is Bar Paly really happy with the job she is doing? you would not really think so.
            Just who is patting her on the back and saying good job…you crushed it in there…
            they certainly aren’t doing her any favors.
            people with connections often don’t have to pay their dues and work their way up.
            but that is where they sharpen their skills and develop the tools to be good at their job.
            when they get to skip the process, sometime it becomes glaringly obvious they did not spend the time needed to become proficient.
            then again, not everyone is good at everything…
            maybe it is just not her forte.

            some people do both very well
            Dani seems to be at ease in either situation and appears comfortable in her photo shoots.
            many very good athletes seem to know when to play and when to pose for pictures…numerous tennis stars for example have successful modeling careers.
            it is a completely different skill set and she is trying the same thing that worked in her previous career and it does not transition well.

            nope…not gonna say it…

            86Anna ??? is that OK?



  17. Ed; you’re a Gem! Thank you so very much! Can’t wait to read what you thought about last night’s episode once the review is up! Again, you’re a GEM! 🙂


  18. You’re a GEM as in a precious jewel! I know what you mean about acronyms on the Web; for us older folks; its difficult to keep up; I also have to look up acronyms people use. I’m old school :-)!


  19. Ed,
    How about: “Adieu, Anna, Adieu!!”
    Thank you for putting all of this together.


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