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It shouldn’t end like this: Deeks’ Surf Log 4/4/21

I can’t sleep and I can’t listen to Kensi any more trying to reassure me that it wasn’t my fault. I’m sitting outside on the back porch in my safe place thinking the only reason I’m in my safe place is because of Kirkin. I keep asking myself why he pushed me out of the way? Why did he put himself in danger to save me? It wasn’t supposed to be like this or end like this.

Kensi says he cared for me. But even though there was this attraction on his part, I think in the end it came down to an odd friendship…of sorts. If nothing else, he was my favorite pain in the ass. I guess I should have been flattered by his attention over the years. And as much as it embarrasses me to say this, I probably will miss his crooked little smile. But he cared enough to save my life in the end and for that I will never forget him. Kensi is right about one thing, I would have done the same. Be with the angels, my friend. I’m sure they will appreciate your fashion instincts in heaven much more than we could down here.

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6 Comments on It shouldn’t end like this: Deeks’ Surf Log 4/4/21

  1. Awww, this is so sweet. I loved the idea that Kirkin’s fashion will be a hit in heaven.

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  2. Makes me sad Kirkin is gone. He was such a hoot with his affection for Marty. He will be missed.

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  3. This shows exactly the turmoil of Deeks emotions. I hope he can make peace with what happened to Kirken. His bit of humour is a good sign.


  4. Donna Hartle // April 11, 2021 at 6:05 AM // Reply

    It seemed a little odd that Arkady didn’t show any emotion(regrets) over Kirkin’s death.


    • Not really. When Kirkin first appeared they gave the distinct impression that the two were rivals or had some kind of history. When you get past the backslapping bluster, Arkady is motivated mostly by self-interest. He’d likely see Kirkin’s death as creating an opportunity and not something to be mourned.


  5. Sweet response and reflection by Deeks. I hope we get a little more of his reaction on the show to being saved by someone who made him nervous most of the time. Although I agree that Arkady operates from self-interest as RobbieC writes, they are both Russian, and Kirkin had mellowed and was out of the business and no longer a rival. Arkady knew Kirkin would help him find his daughter. I will miss Kirkin and his crazy fashion sense and love for Deeks. I think Deeks will too.


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