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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Signs of Change” (S12E16)

Title: Signs of Change

Airing: May 9th, 2021

Filming: March 2nd – 10th, 2021

What CBS is telling us: When military-grade technology is stolen, a deaf engineer, Sienna Marchione (Raquel McPeek Rodriguez), who always wanted to serve her country, and the only member of her team to survive the theft, helps Kensi and NCIS track down the tech before it’s taken out of the country.

What we think is happening: Pretty much what it says on the package. Don’t have many other clues to work with!


Tiptoeing through the guest cast of “Signs of Change”

(courtesy of Tess, many thanks again!)

Gerald McRaney as Retired Navy Admiral Hollace Kilbride
Duncan Campbell as NCIS Special Agent Castor

Adm. Kilbride and Agent Castor were last seen in “The Noble Maidens” on Easter Sunday.

Raquel McPeek Rodriguez as Sienna Marchione

Appeared in episodes of Switched at Birth, Pretty Little Liars, Speechless, Wisdom of the Crowd, Beyond and Chicago Med.

Matt Bush as Owen Winnick

Matt Bush is Andy Cogan on The Goldbergs and was Eli on Glory Daze.  He also played Andy Cogan on Schooled.

[addition from Lyssa – he also starred opposite Renee Felice Smith (and Eric and Linda) in The Relationtrip.]

He had guest roles on Veronica Mars, Scrubs, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Family Values, Hawaii Five-0, Anger Management, NTSF:SD:SUV and Tacoma FD.

Mo Sehgal as Randall/Man #1

Sehgal was a contestant on The Bachelorette in season 13 (the Rachel Lindsay Season).

Maurizio Rasti as Ehsan Rahman

Played Sheik Omar Al Sayed in Wildfire.  Had guest roles in E-Ring and Las Vegas.

Abraham Justice as Carl/Driver

Was Abasi Al-Masari in season eight of the mothership and returned in NCIS’s season 12’s “The Enemy Within” as a Rebel Commander.  Guest roles include The Eric Andre Show, Touch, The Bold and the Beautiful, State of Affairs, SEAL Team, Shooter, General Hospital and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Justice started making a video about his appearance and then his family found a dolphin trying to beach itself.  The plot twist nobody saw coming.

Written by:  Indira Gibson Wilson and Jordana Lewis Jaffe

Indira Gibson Wilson and Jordana Lewis Jaffe co-wrote “The Frogman’s Daughter” (Wilson’s first episode with the program).

Jordana Lewis Jaffe wrote or co-wrote “Honor”, “Patriot Acts”, “Dead Body Politic”, “Paper Soldiers”, “Unwritten Rule”, “Big Brother”, “Iron Curtain Rising”, “Exposure”, “Savior Faire”, “Beacon”, “Defectors”, “Exchange Rate”, “Black Market”, “Payback”, “Battle Scars”, “Mountebank”, “Vendetta”, “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”, “Pro Se” “Heist”, “Born to Run”, “Provenance”, “Commitment Issues”, “Knock Out”, “War Crimes” along with “The Frogman’s Daughter”.

Directed by:  Dennis Smith directed “Fame”, “Standoff”, “Rocket Man”, “Cyberthreat”, “Exit Strategy”, “Patriot Acts”, “Out of the Past” part one, “The Livelong Day”, Between the Lines”, “Deep Trouble” part two, “Black Budget”, “Black Wind”, “Blame it On Rio”, “Defectors”, “Matryoshka” part one, “Granger, O”, “The Queen’s Gambit”, “Hot Water”, “From Havana With Love”, “Plain Sight”, the lighthearted “Monster”, “Superhuman”, “One of Us”, “Smokescreen” part one, “Decoy”, “Mother” (episode 250), “Alslyadun”, “The Bear” and “Angry Karen”.



Official Promo Photos: Seat42f shared the full size versions here

Snaps from the Set (and the surrounding areas):



Sneak Peeks:


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4 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Signs of Change” (S12E16)

  1. If Jaffe’s involved, I’m afraid we may see Incompetent Deeks again…which we don’t need.


    • That’s been my concern in the past, but the last collaboration between these two seemed to work okay. We actually ended up getting a nice story of young Deeks, so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens tonight!


  2. I thought the same when I saw the writers, I hope things have changed though. These previews are really interesting, seeing who did what, thank you.


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