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NCISLA Classified Preview: “A Land of Wolves” (S13E08)

Hey guys! We’ve got tons of behind-the-scenes pics today! Take a look through them all, and share your hypotheses for the episode down below! 

Title: A Land of Wolves

Airing: January 9th, 2022

Filmed: September 23rd – October 1st, 2021

What CBS is telling us: The NCIS team scrambles to find Kensi, when she is attacked and kidnapped by a mysterious militia group while helping a group of migrants cross the border, on the CBS Original series NCIS: LOS ANGELES.

What we think is happening: Sam and Deeks travel to Mexico to find Kensi and bring her home, and a new agent joins Fatima in ops to help out.

Tiptoeing through the “A Land of Wolves” guest cast

Briana Marin as NCIS Supervisory Special Agent Aliyah de León
Played Nina Alvarez in The Night Shift and Swissy in Palomino & Swissy.  Guest roles include Law & Order: SVU, The Beautiful Life: TBL, Gossip Girl (2010), Golden Boy, Blue Bloods, The Mystery of Laura, The Leftovers and Love Life.

Natalia Del Riego as Rosa
Was Oriana in season two of American Crime, Judith Fazius in The Last Word and Julie in Kamikaze.  Had guest roles in How to Get Away with Murder, The Baxters and Party of Five (2020).

Alexandra Goyco as Marine Lance Corporal Benny Gomez

There are no IMDB credits for Alexandra Goyco.  There is an Alex Elin Goyco who looks like he could play a Lance Corporal Benny Gomez.   Alex Elin Goyco was in an episode of Blue Bloods.

Jaime Paul Gomez as U.S. Border Patrol Agent Jay Rivera
Played Sonny DaSilva in Generations and Inspector Evan Cortez in Nash Bridges.  Was Private First Class Gomez in JAG‘s “Desert Son” episode in season one.

Guest roles include 21 Jump Street, Freddy’s Nightmares, The New Adam-12, Freshman Dorm, The Hat Squad, Courthouse, Picket Fences, The District, She Spies, Karen Sisco, Medium, Inconceivable, Monk, 24, Cold Case, CSI: Miami, Hawthorne, CSI, Rizzoli & Isles, 90210 (2013), Betrayal, Streets of LA and SWAT.

Jolene Andersen as Ghost/Rebecca Gordon
Played Erica Templeton Goodman in All Saints, Shannon Henry in Rush, Neive Devlin in Home and Away and Dr. Grace Molyneux in Harrow.  These are all Australian series.

On set


Nathin Butler as Kodiak
Was Shane Maguire in Rain Shadow (Australian series), Private Young in The Pacific, Dr. Ewen Keenan on General Hospital and Luke MacKenzie in Winners & Losers (Australian series).  Guest star appearances include Agents of SHIELD, Casual, Hawaii Five-0 and Westworld.

Patrick Cox as Legion
Played John in 2 Broke Girls, Rupert Watson in General Hospital and Tayler Carr in the Hulu version of Veronica Mars.

Guest roles appearances include The Hard Times of RJ Berger, Justified, Big Time Rush, Workaholics, Ringer, Victorious, Awake, Eagleheart, Good Luck Charlie, Suburgatory, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, The Mindy Project, Anger Management, The League, About a Boy, Glee, CSI, The Young and The Restless, Bones, Major Crimes, Wrecked, Ray Donovan, The Orville, Future Man, Those Who Can’t, Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television, Jane the Virgin and The Good Place.

Was Parking Enforcement Officer in the season 18 “Winter Chill” episode of NCIS.

Gloria Laino as Adriana
Appeared in a number of Spanish language series.  Had guest roles in Days of Our Lives, Weeds, Superior Donuts, The Last Ship, Modern Family, SWAT, Jane the Virgin, Goliath, Mayans MC, American Horror Story, Grey’s Anatomy, Better Things, Dave and What We Do in the Shadows.

Oscar Peña as Fernando
Guest starred in episodes of Shameless, The Rookie, Queen Sugar, Better Things, SWAT and Narcos: Mexico.


Written by: Justin Kohlas & Adam George Key
Kohlas is a longtime NCIS: Los Angeles staffer, working on the series since 2015.  This is his first episode as a writer.  He previously wrote several short films, including one starring Adam George Key.

Adam George Key co-wrote “Monster” with Frank Military and “Searching” with Kyle Harimoto.  Key also played LAPD Officer Harrison in four episodes in seasons 11 and 12.

Directed by: Tawnia McKiernan, who directed “Exchange Rate”, “High Value Target”, “Kulinda”, “Assets”, “Joy Ride”, “The Frogman’s Daughter” and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”.



Official Promo Photos: You can find them this week at TVPulse

Shots from the Set (and the surrounding areas):



Sneak Peeks:

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5 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “A Land of Wolves” (S13E08)

  1. Thank you Lyssa, I always enjoy your previews. It looks like everybody had a good time filming ‘A Land of Wolves’. This episode has intrigued me. I was disappointed when I first saw the spoilers all those weeks ago. Here we go again I thought, Kensi gets injured and Deeks gets angst. Nothing new there, I’d rather see the roles reversed. Seems that we will be getting the ‘same old’, but I’m starting to think we will get a bit more than that. It looks like Sam is being supportive, but what is the deal with Deeks and Fatima? Are they in the boatshed? Why is Deeks dressed like that? Is Deeks giving Fatima a lesson in stress? Will Fatima tell Kilbride Deeks isn’t keeping calm? Apparently not.

    I thought this was Adam George Key’s first attempt at writing an episode of NCIS:LA but evidently not. He does seem to have a high regard for Eric so I’m optimistic he hasn’t made Deeks look stupid. Certainly seems an episode for Densi fans, it has the potential to be an ‘Essential Episode’ or an epic fail. I’m hoping for the best and looking forward to the wikiDeeks review.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a fun preview! I can’t believe how much stuff was posted. Also, thanks to the link for the pics. I couldn’t find the high res ones anywhere.


  3. All good except the reunion scene not a hug or a kiss.If my spouse was missing and possible bleeding out or hurt when i found then there would be kisses and hugs.No love for poor Deeks,Not even a kiss goodnite or thanks babe in the bedroom scene. wth writers n director.???


  4. I loved this episode – Daniela was great – such a range of emotions. I felt the same about the lack of hug or kiss from Deeks, but they rarely show emotions when they are with the whole crew – what he said kind of made of for it. And as for the bedroom scene, I think they were trying to show how exhausted she was but so glad to be back with Deeks – just my opinion. I love watching these two interact on this show. They are so good together.

    Liked by 1 person

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