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Review: NCISLA “Russia, Russia, Russia” (S12E11)

This week’s installment of NCIS: Los Angeles, titled “Russia, Russia, Russia,” offered fans a delightful hour of television, providing us with all the classic elements that have made this show great over the years. Written by showrunner R. Scott Gemmill and directed by none other than Daniela Ruah, this throwback episode had me smiling throughout and enjoying myself more than with any other episode in recent memory. In fact, my list of positive elements got so long it turned into a top 10 list. So, in no particular order, here are the top 10 things that made “Russia, Russia, Russia” so strong…

1. The opening featured a main character. It’s always a good sign when, instead of seeing something bad happen to a stranger, the teaser features one of the team. It’s a sign that the episode is going to incorporate a personal angle that usually makes for a more compelling story. This time, we got some interesting original music to accompany scenes of Callen alone by the sea calling a number we assume to be Anna’s that’s sadly no longer in service. It was an atmospheric start that updated us on Callen’s quest to find his would-be fiancée, and the moody tone-setting was accompanied by a plot development, with Callen noticing a tail. Hmmmm, intriguing.

2. The entire plot revolved around a main character. After a super-quick version of the opening credits (another good sign that the episode had so much good stuff, they just didn’t have a whole 20 seconds to do the regular version), the rest of the story played out with the team’s quest to find the real Russian mole and make sure Callen wasn’t blamed for being said mole.

While this did up the stakes, the episode wasn’t played for high drama. Callen himself never seemed worried, which in turn made us not really worry. It’s an encouraging development to have Hetty’s secret plot begin to unveil itself, but I’m not holding my breath that this mole storyline will be any easier to follow than the last one. For now though, it’s holding my interest.

3. The whole team was together. Ah, remember the days when nearly every episode would open with the team bantering in the bullpen? We didn’t quite get that, but we got two scenes where the key foursome were all together, and it was wonderful. The first scene only lasted 20 seconds, and Kensi was under a tarp for part of the time, but the highjinks of tricking Kapitan Gonchgarov were just silly enough to have me laughing rather than questioning whether the scheme actually made any sense.

The scene at the Santa Monica Pier was more extended, with each team member playing a role (although I’m not sure Sam really looked like he was ready to fish) and exchanging funny insults with Agent Carlson. Having them spread out on the pier but hooked up through coms was another great social distancing technique that allowed them all to interact. I suppose it was too much to ask to see Deeks singing and playing that guitar, but at least he didn’t have to be the maintenance man! The perks of being related to the director, perhaps?

4. Someone went undercover (albeit as himself). This show is about an elite team that specializes in undercover operations, and yet we don’t see undercover ops all that often. This aspect of the show has always been fun because we get to see our favorite characters – and actors – take on a new role. Here the role was different even if the name stayed the same- “Martin Atticus Deeks – boom! – Esquire.”

While the opening scenes with Callen held my interest, Callen’s coolness under pressure, along with the long time it took before the other characters appeared, gave the beginning of the episode a quieter feel than everything that followed. For me, Deeks’ appearance delivered an immediate injection of energy that brought the whole thing to life and made it immediately funner. His verbal “boom” may have been the only boom of the show, but it still did its job. His rapid-fire wordplay, “The old DOJ for the JTF for the ODNI OMG that’s such a BFD,” was impressive and showed Deeks’ sharp mind even if he didn’t really get to invoke much legal talk. (The suit was also impressive.)

5. Deeks and Callen had scenes together. These two characters have worked together for more than a decade, and yet I feel like I could count on two hands the number of scenes they’ve had alone together. Here we got two of them back to back. The writers have never seemed interested in exploring everything they have in common, but their scenes always work because of their differences, specifically Callen’s reserve and Deeks’ talkative nature. Here, Deeks couldn’t resist using humor to cut the tension in the interrogation room:

Callen: Best I can tell they are hunting for a Russian mole.
Deeks: So they finally gotcha?
Callen: Not funny.

I also loved Deeks’ repeated use of the nickname Tiger. There’s so much potential between these two. Here’s hoping that post-COVID, we’ll see even more scenes like these.

6. Deeks was hilarious- and competent. Deeks shone in every scene, bringing humor while also managing to remain fully competent (if not entirely comfortable). We’ve already discussed fast-talking Counselor Deeks, but we also got amazing silliness with Kirkin (see below), a quick Hannibal Lecter imitation, and a hilarious verbal warm-up for his pretend screams of pain. I do have to say that those screams, especially once I saw they were paired with a table full of tools, brought back decidedly unfun memories from “Descent,” but I shook them off and enjoyed Sam’s deadpan responses to Deeks’ silliness.

Throughout, though, Deeks did his job well. He talked his way in to see Callen. He convinced Kirkin to help. He recognized the woman on the pier. And he leapt not one but two fences during the chase on the pier. He was so much funnier than the Deeks we saw at FLETC, all while maintaining competence throughout. A huge difference from the same writer.

7. Densi was happy and flirty. Another aspect that felt like it was pulled from the good old days was the Densi. You all know how much I enjoy angst, but it was so refreshing to see these two being silly and flirty together. It felt almost joyful, a real reminder of how much fun these two can be.

Deeks: No! Why does it have to be Kirkin?
Kensi: Because we need someone with legitimate Russian connections.
Deeks: Okay, great. What about Arkady? Everybody loves Arkady.
Kensi: It can’t be Arkady, he has obvious links to Callen.
Deeks: Yeah but Kirkin? Come on, he just, he just makes feel so-
Kensi: Special?
Deeks: Dirty. Like a dirty bird. It doesn’t matter, you know what? It doesn’t matter. Even if you wanted to find him you couldn’t because we have no idea where he is.
Kensi: That’s okay because Fatima already has a location and sent it to you.
Deeks: Fatima!
Kensi: Sweetie, you are the only one who can convince him to work with us… Baby?
Deeks: What?
Kensi: Pweeease?
Deeks: Don’t use that voice with me. OK, yeah.
Kensi: Thank you. That’s my baby honeypot.
Deeks: That’s right. I am. I’m your little honeypot. Remember that when he kills me. [hangs up]
Kensi: Hello?

Yes, Deeks, everybody does love Arkady. And how hilarious was it that he didn’t even take a breath between warning Kensi not to use her special voice and immediately agreeing to do what she asked. This was well written and played with charm and again, energy, by both Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah. I can only imagine that they enjoyed doing the scene as much as we enjoyed watching it.

Their antics continued in the completely superfluous scene at the House of Kirkin where Deeks modelled and Kensi enjoyed every second. Her facial expressions and her enjoyment of multiple rounds of champagne just made Deeks’ misery all the funnier. Again, it was refreshing to see her enjoying herself, and it made it fun for us to watch.

8. The guest actors provided interest. Aside from Nicki Micheaux’s Agent Carlson, who seemed like just one more in a long line of humorless officials investigating the team, the episode gave us two really entertaining guest actors in Gerald McRaney as Admiral Kilbride and Ravil Isyanov as Anatoli Kirkin.

I have no idea how Kilbride manages to pop up at the last minute (doesn’t he live in Washington, DC?), but he’s fun so I’ll go with it. His default operating mode of Grumpy Annoyance played well off the team’s shenanigans here. The multiple references to using corpses during an op were funny, as was his biting question about the op’s success: “How’s Masterpiece Theatre working out?” I did laugh out loud at his assessment of Fatima’s generation – “Not everyone got a trophy when I grew up” – even if I wish they’d find a source of humor other than age to use as a running gag.

Kilbride was great, but the episode’s highlight was Kirkin. Kirkin and Deeks (or should I say, Isyanov and ECO) have always had great chemistry. What’s unique about their scenes is the way Kirkin drives them forward while Deeks reacts. When we interviewed Eric, he told us that one of the reasons Linda Hunt is such a pleasure to act with is how she drives the scenes, making for a different dynamic than the one Deeks usually has with Kensi. I see the same dynamic with Kirkin.

Their conversation at the House of Kirkin was amazing. Deeks telling Kirkin that LAPD didn’t fire him, he fired them, showed a little spunk. Kirkin’s telling everyone within earshot that Deeks was now “a very secret agent” reminded me of Roberta’s inability to restrain herself. Throughout the scene, it seemed like Kirkin could barely restrain himself from reaching out to touch Deeks. Adorable and hilarious.

Then in the boatshed, Kirkin’s concern for Deeks’ wellbeing again brought humor. Kirkin is obviously a pretty over the top character (take, for example, his expression when he tells Deeks that “Perhaps we can help each other”), but there’s an element of truth in his feelings for Deeks that makes him feel real. He’s just so darn sincere. It’s not lust, it’s love. And that makes him very sweet. It also makes him a stand-in for a large part of the Deeks-loving audience- it’s almost like he’s voicing our own concerns and feelings.

9. Everything wasn’t tied up by the end. This wasn’t just a case of the week. It has bigger implications, and the fact that the story will continue is hopefully a positive that will make for a more interesting, and impactful, case. Of course, mole storylines don’t have a great history on this show, so we’ll see how it plays out.

10. The pacing was brisk and the dialog fast and furious. Daniela did a fine job her first time in the director’s chair. Once Deeks arrived on scene, she kept the episode moving forward. Gemmill’s writing contributed greatly as well, with his quick-fire dialog keeping us on our toes as we tried to keep up. Parts of the dialog were reminiscent of Gemmill at his best, invoking memories of some of my favorite banter-filled episodes like “Borderline” and “Wanted.”

I also liked the crane shots such as the one Daniela employed in the bullpen that started high, showing the whole setting, and slowly swooped in to give us a closer view of Sam and Fatima. She also worked well with her editors, for example in cutting together the sequence where the mole-catching plot was explained by jumping between Sam and Kilbride in Ops and Kensi and Fatima in the bullpen. It’s a nice way to have more characters talking while maintaining social distance, and one the show has employed previously.

It wasn’t all perfect, of course. There were a few disappointments, but they were so small that they didn’t impact my overall enjoyment of the episode. For example, we didn’t have a single real shot fired, let alone a real boom, and yet this only occurred to me after the fact because the faked shootings offered interest and the overall pacing was so strong.

A few of Daniela’s more experimental choices distracted me, like the close-ups on Callens’ and the Kapitan’s mouths when they were on the phone, or the shots of Kilbride and Fatima speaking straight to camera (those kind of freaked me out).

And I’ll also forgive Sam’s apparent name change, even though you all know how I feel about canon consistency. We’ve seen screen shots (thanks Alyssa) of Sam’s service record with the name Samuel, but if the show-runners want to make this change now, I’ll go with it. Alyssa also reminded me that the imam in “Unleashed” called him Osama, so perhaps Sam changed it when his faith became more important to him. (Or, maybe he was jealous of his partner getting a new name, and Deeks getting a middle name, and he wanted in on the fun?)

Despite these distractions, the episode offered nothing but fun and energy. In fact, I don’t even want to count the number of times I’ve used the word “fun” here. It was a throwback to old times, to the show we all fell in love with. It was heartening to see that they can still produce this high level of work and I hope we’ll see more of it in the future.

Memorable moments

  • Callen requesting coffee from his interrogator across the table reminded me of Deeks doing the same with Whiting in Gemmill’s “Internal Affairs.”
  • Callen’s words to Agent Carlson about her imaginary theories, “I bet you write fan fiction in your spare time” felt like some sort of message, although I have no idea what. My response would be that sometimes we fan fiction writers need to come up with our own “imaginary theories” because the show’s writers refuse to fill in the blanks.
  • So the Squid & Dagger is in Venice. I thought Deeks had originally mentioned a place on the Eastside when he was talking about buying a bar, but perhaps that was before he’d found the S&D. How sad though, that he’s still planning to sell it. Come on, Beale- fix this problem now!
  • Even the set dressers had fun- the House of Kirkin was spectacular.
  • Again I have to ask where was Nell? But in addition, where was Beale? Where was Rountree?

I hope you enjoyed “Russia, Russia, Russia” as much as I did. Tell us all about it in the Comments below.

And be sure to come back later this week for new installments of Kensi’s Journal and Deeks’ Surf Log, plus a preview of next week’s new episode, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.”

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wikiDeeks Writer & Assistant Editor. I never wrote for fun before... until my ECO-obsession. Now I love to analyze any and all aspects of the best character on television.

23 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Russia, Russia, Russia” (S12E11)

  1. Best episode I’ve seen since If the Fates Allow! Everything was great, the ‘normal’ feel, the silliness, the mystery.

    Best part though: After 11 episodes, we finally know what Hetty is doing and (possibly) where she is!! #progress! I hope this episode means the writers have ‘woken up’.

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  2. Fine, I’ll watch it. 🙂 Great review!

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  3. Thank you Karen for a great review, I really enjoyed this episode, it was nice to see Eric (Deeks) so relaxed and funny., especially with Dani(kensi) and Kirken was great to see the banter back..Dani did a great job directing, and it was of the best episodes I have seen since “Mother” I did miss Nell , who looks like she will be back next weeks episode..and Eric, always miss Hetti( but just not sure we will see much of her anymore);always enjoy Sam and Callen..looking forward to next week. …

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  4. Catherine Betham // February 23, 2021 at 10:51 AM // Reply

    Very good episode. Kudos to Daniela!
    Still waiting for “inspector” job description please
    Thanks for your usual fine review

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  5. Awesome review, Karen! I too enjoyed everything about this episode. Wit, banter, angst, teamwork, humor! It was a great episode and Daniela did a great job directing the episode. And I’m looking forward to the next follow-on episode to this one. Sorry folks, but I did not miss Roundtree. Hoping to see Hetty a bit more in coming episodes. Great show!

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  6. It has been a long time since I’ve been surprised by an ending like I was last night. The possibility that Callen might be a Russian agent has gotten me excited about his character for the first time in a long time. After some quick reflection I realized Hetty was running a secret operation to position him as a double agent. I’m looking forward to next week and some resolution to this story arc, and to possibly see Hetty weigh in on screen.

    But of course the star turn of the night was Martin Atticus Deeks. I love saying his full name and it seemed as if ECO did too. He is a handsome devil in that dark suit, and watching him work Callen’s interrogator was fun. Like you, Karen, I have been wanting more scenes with Deeks and Callen. It’s as if Callen doesn’t quite know what to do with the “cheeky bastard”. But the winning combo was Deeks and Kirkin. I would love to see a video compilation of all their scenes together over the past seasons. Kirkin doesn’t seem as scary as he did in the beginning, but there is no denying his “love” for Marty. He’s the only one who calls him that other than Roberta. It was nice to see Deeks proud that he had fired LAPD and not the other way around. One of the best episodes of the season.

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  7. Nutterbutter // February 23, 2021 at 1:32 PM // Reply

    I couldn’t agree more Karen -fantastic episode and wonderful directing by Daniela.
    It was so much more like old times wasn’t it!But the writing/characterization was also back on point (thank goodness!) Deeks as lawyer is also hilarious
    It was a great episode when they shot the admiral I gasped and covered my mouth with my hand. Anyone think maybe the Admiral’s shooting was a way to gauge how fans would react to him becoming Hetty’s permanent “temporary” replacement? I would like to see the Admiral take over for Hetty inside. He is a crusty, no nonsense character. He was great on Jag & perfect for NCIS LA..
    I loved the scene with Callen and Deeks together on last night’s episode!There’s been precious few scenes with just those two together, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to see more of because I think the characters bounce off each other well – last night didn’t disappoint
    Kierkin is one of my favorite recurring players I loved Deeks and Kirkins part at the end. I fell on the floor laughing. That’s all I’m going to say. I enjoyed those hilarious Deeks and Kirkin scenes and not to forget to mention what an amazing job Dani did! Dani and Eric were brilliant last night – I’m still smiling his duo is so entertaining! I can never keep a straight face when these guys interact Loved that Deeks got to use his undercover as well as lawyer skills to help Callen Kirkin as a fashion designer and Deeks as the model!! That was great! I enjoyed deeks with Kirken in the pre fashion show, and love kensi reaction to it.
    Both Ravil Isyanov and ECO do a masterful job of playing those scenes. The actors both do a great job depicting their “relationship” in a way that provides some plausible comic relief. And Kensi’s delight at it is always over the top This reminded me of the type of Densi banter that was characteristic of the early seasons, which seems to not be as common of late. I totally enjoyed it! It was the best episode in a while! It was great to see them all doing their thing!

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  8. Nutterbutter // February 23, 2021 at 2:11 PM // Reply

    I will always be NCIS LOS ANGELES FAN love the show but I see the next couple of episodes will be Callen centric & “Anna” so I hope they wrap up the story fast and don’t starched till the end of the season. I really want this season finale to be about Densi and be may be involving Frank Kessler as the villain as I envisioned the finale to be While Deeks trying to sell the bar Frank Kessler show there by the end of the day and doesn’t recognize him till later then when Deeks tries to send agent in distress SMS Kessler stops him and they start a hand fight by the end Kessler gains the upper hand may be cheating or using sedative to kidnap Deeks or stab with knife and let him bleed in the main while Kensi is in her way to bar with an excitement news that she the last treatment paid off and she can procreate but when when she arrives she finds the shatters and signs of struggle and blood spots till she finds Deeks body and she tries to stop the bleeding and screams his name. End of scene. I know I know it’s dark and it’s only something you can fine in fan-fic but the reason I go with this idea was I wanna see Deeks gets into the kind of trouble they routinely stick Kensi in and see how she reacts to it. Would she move heaven and earth and actually torture someone to get information about his whereabouts? Would she shout at Callen when he freezes up making a decision? We’re often left with the situation where Deeks is constantly proving his devotion to her, with little or nothing coming back in return. For that matter, would the rest of the team sacrifice for Deeks on the same level he’s sacrificed for them (more than once)? May be I’m just ranting & overthinking about it a little bit. But what I’m really certain off is my love for the show & I hope it last so much longer with great stories to till.
    I want to apologize in advance if I offended anyone with my rambling.

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  9. Rhonda Stradling Lara // February 23, 2021 at 2:14 PM // Reply

    This episode was GREAT! We need to mention the great camera work, scenery, camera closeups beginning with G Callen were fantastic! Thank You Also For This Review! Daniela Ruah did a fantastic job!

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  10. Episodes without a miserable Deeks portrayal are always my favorite. He didn’t look so unhappy even at the fashion show with Kirkin. I really like Kirkin’s admiration for him as “playful arrogance”(S7E15) which briefly describes his character at the time and what really works for us. I’m glad that his wisdom, physical strength, undercover ability, a little annoying but more fun and confidence are back. One thing I would like to say is that the teddy bear coat wasn’t as bad as he said. It looks like part of Burberry or Louis Vuitton’s collection. Maybe it’s because the model looks so good? I’m wondering if this script was just holding for Dani or if there were many changes during a shooting period. This episode’s Deeks and Densi are classic but differ in many ways from what they wrote earlier in this season. Did they change their minds? I hope there will be at least one or two more traditional and fun episodes before the finale.

    Daniela, the whole crew and the actors did a really great job. Thank you very much.

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  11. All of the above comments were great and right in tune with how the writers need to listen to the Wikideeks audience if the series is to survive. It seems like someone is reading these comments as the script in this episode is so reminiscent of how they were in the past. Team interaction is vital as these characters interplay with one another. I hope they continue to follow the story line as the former episodes were so disjointed. It would be nice to see Deeks save Callen as Callen has always been so negative towards Deeks and his antics. Deeks has always been there for his team members but they have not reciprocated. I like Nutterbutters idea of Kessler returning and I do like the ranting about it. The rest of the team should rally around Deeks for once.

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  12. I think you covered all my favorite elements in this episode, Karen. I definitely appreciated that the moments of humor didn’t take away from the team’s competence or overpower the rest of the episode.

    I loved seeing the many sides of Deeks, happy Densi, and the team working together again. The main cast also seemed much more relaxed and at ease than they have in recent episodes.

    Thanks for another great review!

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  13. I thought it was a great show. It was a lot like the older seasons with the joking around and silliness. Great job Daniela on directing too.

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  14. Thanks for your review. My favorite episode this season. Dani did a GREAT job and the entire cast was FANTASTIC, but Chris was AMAZING! I loved seeing an episode that revolved around him because he’s been kind of on the sidelines in a lot of episodes this season. Honestly, I don’t think Chris gets enough credit for his acting. Callen isn’t an emotional kind of guy, he’s so quiet and introspective, but he does–like Talia said–have a good smolder, and he got the chance to show that in this episode. I always enjoy his scenes with Deeks because they’re so different they sort of highlight each other. Everything was fast-paced and sharp. Some scenes worked better than others, but that ending! WOW! It’s been a long time since there’s been such a twist at the end. Anyway, can’t wait to see where this story arc goes! (Like someone else mentioned, I didn’t miss Nell, Beale, or Rountree.) Kudos to everyone involved, especially Dani, the entire cast, and Gemmill for writing such a good script!

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  15. Debra Gillespie // February 24, 2021 at 1:08 AM // Reply

    Wonderful review as always, Karen. I agree with many of your observations. An excellent first time directing job from Daniela, and really liked how seamless the episode played out, compared to some of the earlier ones this season. Fine camera shots, but like you the head-on ones of Kilbride, Sam and Fatima were rather unnerving. It would be great if sometime in the future ECO would write an episode and Daniela directed it.
    For some reason I thought we might not ever see Kirkin after the wedding episode – being in handcuffs between Eric and Nell – but I had forgotten that like a cat, he seems to always land on his feet. The two recurring characters that get the best facial expressions out of Deeks IMO are Kirkin and Roberta. We’ve seen Kirkin, now I hope we see Roberta before season’s end.
    Looks like they’re still aiming on selling the bar..really hope something happens and they keep it, as it’s such a good gathering place for the team, post-Covid. I wasn’t thrilled when they got the bar in season 9; now I’m sad with the possiblity of it being gone.
    Kilbride was a delightful Grumpy Gus as always. In the last two seasons he seems to be thawing out more towards the team, if he agreed, although reluctantly, to get himself “killed”. He was unusually pensive near the end of the episode; even though it was great to finally have an idea what Hetty was doing, I believe he hadn’t told the whole story.
    Loved, loved the modelling scene with Kirkin, with Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy” playing in the background. Nearly got a stitch in my side from laughing so hard. And my next thought was similar to yours, Karen – thinking the show’s wardrobe dept. had a field day in inventing those crazy combinations of clothes for Deeks to wear.
    Callen in the hoodie at the very end reminded me of Season 7’s “Active Measures”, which also dealt with Russians and secrecy. Some fans on other social media sites have complained about all the episodes dealing with Russia (which of course the show indicates with the tongue-in-check title), but if we continue to get episodes as good as this one out of it, I’m certainly not going to complain.

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    • With Kilbride it’s worth remembering they took the same approach with Granger as well. I’ve felt for some time they need a counterbalance to Hetty (a ‘father’ to her ‘mother’ if you will) after the death of Granger. Maybe they’re coming around…


  16. Hi, Karen,
    Thank you for your appraisal of Russia, Russia, Russia. Again, again and again, you hit the episodes on the head.
    Following your lead, my comments in points:
    !) it was indeed good to see Densi looking healthy and happy;
    2) Always good to see Kirkin and Kilbride. We were spoilt having both in the same episode;
    3) Good to see Martin Atticus Deeks as the guy we should see every single episode;
    4) Enjoyed watching ECO and COD acting together. We should see more scenes. There is good acting chemistry.
    5) DR made a decent fist as director. Dani at the helm probably resulted in Deeks (ECO is her bro-in-law) being competent, and Densi.
    6) The incidental music resonated with ‘spy’ riffs. Are we heading in to John Le Carre territory, chasing Russian moles, with Callen being George Smiley?

    Finally, I seem to vaguely recall a previous season episode with Owen Granger chatting to Hetty, over a drink, at her desk. ADA Granger quoted something of Le Carre. Was that episode also one penned by Mr Gemmill?

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  17. Best episode of the season and first one in a long time I didn’t immediately delete from the DVR. Love it when the real team, the core four, work together. I miss that so much. Please, more episodes like this one!

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  18. It was so nice to read such a happy, positive review and such happy, positive comments. In an interview just before the episode aired, ECO made a comment along the lines of the episode having ‘everything everyone wants’ or something like that. It seems it was.

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  19. Didn’t miss Roundtree at all.Like it whenit is just the core four. Great review.More writing like this and lose the newbies…And i do miss our Hettie.Dani did nice job diresting.Hope they let ECO write another ep.


  20. Thanks again for a terrific review, Karen! I won’t write much this time because we’re just about 3 hours from the next episode here, so who’s really going to read it anyway? 😉

    I have to admit that I wasn’t looking forward to this episode because it was yet another Callen/Russia storyline. But I really did enjoy it–and I think you hot on why, Karen. We were never really meant to take the idea that Callen was a double agent seriously, since he clearly wasn’t concerned about being detained and questioned by the DOJ. Interesting twist at the end though (and now we know how Zasha Gagarin escaped at the pier), but not enough to make me really look forward to tonight’s ep either outside of a specific sneak peek scene, that is.

    I think TPTB are forgetting if they want to make Sam’s full name Osama. He told the kid Samuel that was his name too as he collapsed in “To Live and Die in Mexico,” so I’m chalking that up to crappy consistency. Please hire anyone who writes for or frequents this website to check your facts, PTB!!!!

    I thought Daniela did a great job for her first attempt at directing, and it was nice to see her as much as we did in this one. Espcially in that last scene. I agree that Kirkin and Deeks are a winning combo, and that he really does care for Deeks (“Maar-ty”). If one day Deeks all of a sudden finds that the bar’s debts have been anonymously paid off and he no longer has to sell, I wouldn’t be surprised.


    • Hi Psyched, I’m reading it. My morning routine, check emails, check wikiDeeks, not always in that order. I’ll give Sam a break on getting his name wrong, I blamed it on blood loss. My fanfics are finally coming out of my head and onto Fanfiction. Only two so far, but the third one is Kirkin making Deeks an offer. Perhaps I should pull my finger out and get it done.


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