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Karen S’s Pick: Grand Cayman Island

by Kadiedid |

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What about a romantic cruise to the Western Caribbean including the Grand Cayman Island? They would fly to New Orleans and spend an evening on Bourbon Street, taking in the jazz and the unique cuisine then, they would set sail the next day on a beautiful cruise ship heading to Jamaica, Grand Cayman Island, and Cozumel. Seven nights on a luxury cruise liner with romantic dinners, dancing and even a little casino gambling could put all of the best perks of a much needed getaway in one place. Their room would have a private balcony where they could sit and watch the beautiful sunsets or even the sunrise if they could manage to drag themselves out of bed that early.

Once on Grand Cayman Island, they could go on an early morning excursion in an underwater glass bottomed submarine to admire the sea life in and around the barrier reef. The crystal clear water allows the light to shine deep below the surface and the colors are said to be fascinating.

Back on land, they could take a catamaran to a smaller, semi private island to lie on the beach and relax all afternoon. Of course, Deeks being the adventurer he is, would insist they go for a short parasailing run before they head back to the ship.

It would be the perfect getaway for Kensi to be able to relax and enjoy the onboard spa and the many pools scattered around the decks. For Deeks, it wouldn’t matter what they did as long as they did it together. This trip would be all about relaxation, recreation and most importantly… romance.

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