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Sweet Lu’s Pick: Venice, Italy

by Sweet Lu |

Map-VeniceDeeks had taken Kensi on some pretty impressive trips, but now he just wanted someplace incredibly romantic to take her. He wanted them to be just a boy and a girl with endless possibilities and so he searched the web for romantic places and found Venice, a place with a familiar name from home, but a world away in Italy. Deeks was immediately drawn to a city constructed on the water, wondering how it was possible to build such impressive structures on wooden pilings driven into what used to be a swamp. It was an ancient city known as “The Floating City” and “Queen of the Adriatic”. What better place to take his own beautiful princess.

©Michael Dunlavey

©Michael Dunlavey

He was saving every penny so he could buy her something beautiful, maybe one of the elaborate carnival masks, since she was a secret agent. He could envision them walking through the winding back streets, getting lost and not caring, stopping on tiny bridges to watch the gondoliers push their long sleek black boats through the narrow waterways, singing to the couples snuggling against the brocaded seats. He would take her to the small restaurant “Ai Gondolieri” next to a tiny canal to feed her insatiable appetite, before crossing over the Accademia Bridge to go for a nightcap. He could picture them pausing to watch the wide variety of boats jockeying for position on the Grand Canal as the moon rose over the Santa Maria delle Salute Basilica he had seen pictures of. He wanted to take her to concerts or even to see an opera at La Fenice, if he could convince her to try it. He wanted nothing but the best for “my girl” as he could now officially call her.

©Michael Dunlavey

©Michael Dunlavey

Searching for a special place to end their adventure he found “The Florian”, a coffee house established in 1720 on the Piazza San Marco. It was intimate, with tiny tables and mirrored walls painted with exotic figures and an orchestra playing outside where they could sit in the moonlight and listen to music or dance slowly in each other’s arms, obvious to the people around them. It was the perfect place to satisfy Kensi’s sweet tooth and his craving for coffee. Of course they would have to try the Bellini, a mix of Prosecco sparkling wine and peach nectar, a drink so evocative of Kensi, sweet and intoxicating. It would be the perfect way to end their romantic interlude in one of the most romantic cities in the world.


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