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Diane’s Pick: The Valley of the Kings/Queens

by Phillydi |

Map-Valley of the Kings-Valley of the QueensAncient Egypt is a land of wonderment and beauty and the Valley of the Kings and Queens is truly the highlight of anyone wanting to take a peek through this glorious window into the past. The tombs found in this ancient city of Thebes are masterpieces of world art and are lasting reminders of a time long ago when Kings and Queens were considered gods and goddesses and held the power of life and death in their hands. Even after five thousand years the splendor and glory of these tombs and temples never cease to amaze the modern day visitor to these sites. Fancying himself an amateur archeologist, this location would definitely be a place Deeks would love to explore together with Kensi.

From the moment they arrive, Deeks will delight in walking down the wide asphalted road with Kensi as they follow the ancient progression used in pharaonic times. Although there were 62 tombs initially discovered in the Valley of the Kings, Deeks and Kensi can still explore any one of the 18 tombs currently open at any one time to the public. As they enter the cool ancient chambers, they will be greeted by the paintings on the tomb walls that tell the story of each royal occupant and the contributions made during their reign.

Although many of the tombs have been violated in the past by frequent robberies, the tomb of Tutankhamun is a happy exception having been covered by debris only to be discovered again by Howard Carter in the beginning of the 20th century. Although most of the treasures have been moved to the Cairo Museum, the couple can still imagine with what awe and emotion Carter approached the contents of the tomb. The quartzite sarcophagus containing the Pharaoh’s mummy is still kept on display surrounded by the magnificent wall murals of the boy king.

©Diane VolpeAs Deeks and Kensi leave the Valley of the Kings and travel a few miles west, they will enter the Valley of the Queens which is another sacred site that was the final resting place for not only the royal brides but many of their children as well. The most famous of tomb is that of Nefertari, wife of Ramses the Great. The Queen was the most beloved wife of the famous monarch and her tomb defines her as sweet of love, the pretty-looking and rich in charm. Nefertari was a strong woman who was always by her King’s side and Deeks would appreciate the stirring tribute the pharaoh left behind to honor his beautiful Queen. The fact that one of her splendid portraits in her tomb resembles Kensi would not be lost on Deeks. He could definitely imagine his beautiful lady holding the title of the most powerful woman in ancient Egypt: Kensi… Queen of the Nile!

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