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Mel’s Pick: The Pacific Northwest

by Imahistorian |

Map-Pacific NorthwestFor everything from mountains to rainforests, from urban city to quaint beach town, the Pacific Northwest has it all. Starting in Seattle, Washington, some of the best sushi can be found downtown and I could imagine Deeks wanting to sample the freshest varieties.

For a day trip from the city, a whale watching excursion north to San Juan Islands might offer the exciting opportunity to see Gray Whales and Orcas in their natural habitat. Even in the summer the fresh, cool air would make Starbucks coffee or hot chocolate welcome upon returning to Seattle!

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After a day outdoors, it would be hard to top a fun and unique dining experience at the top of the Seattle Space Needle, where the SkyCity restaurant sits at 500 feet, with a view turning a full 360 degrees every 47 minutes, offering panoramic, ever changing views of the city and surrounding area.

And there is much to see within a few hours of Seattle. A three-hour drive west to the coast would take Kensi and Deeks to the small town of Ocean Shores, a great central location for other nearby activities and located on a peninsula on the Pacific Ocean. With long, wide beaches for strolling, horseback riding, or perhaps chasing after Monty, Ocean Shores is the perfect small town for relaxing and enjoying colorful sunsets.

The only location in the continental United States with genuine rainforests, the Hoh Rainforest and Quinault Rainforest offer amazing hiking and canoeing, with rolling hills and mountains, and plants and wildlife unlike anywhere else. Kensi and Deeks could enjoy the beach, mountains, and forest before circling back around to Seattle, having experienced a mix of the Pacific Northwest.

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