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"It’s not a fetish. It’s just a lifestyle!" Deeks in "Citadel"

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How fun to think back on when Deeks was introduced to the show… Initially I thought that Deeks’ character seemed more realistic than the rest, more human, because he had such a wide range of emotions. He was funny but he was also so much more… In “Fame”, Deeks was:

tired, happy, tense, nervous, reserved, joking, snarky, contrite, knowledgeable, self assured, reluctant, pissed, observant, nonchalant, suave, compassionate, flirty, analytical, ironic, direct, triumphant, debonair, overbearing, focused, affronted, insulted, challenging, inquisitive, solemn, surprised, grateful, ironic, sarcastic, and playful, just to name a few.

My point here is that he has been more than the funny guy from the beginning. Most of the emotions he portrays so well in “Fame” are portrayed equally well in “Citadel”. I’ll add self-restrained (Talia scenes) and philosophical (losing someone you love) to the list. Let’s hope that throughout Season 7… ECO will be given many opportunities to continue to show the full range of his acting talent.
—Ju5t Becau5e on "Citadel"

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