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Review: NCISLA “Big Brother” (S5E6)


Looks like Deeks is on a health kick these days, treadmills, and green tea….so what’s next?  Macrobiotics? Actually Deeks has always been open to alternative methods like Reiki so it’s no surprise that he has turned to a more holistic approach to aid in his return to mental and physical health. Regrettably it’s all to the amusement of his colleagues and supervisor. Deeks had to know the reaction he would get when he points out that their office chairs are a silent killer, rotting muscles and keeping the good cholesterol away. (Sam: Are you hearing yourself?) While Hetty is concerned it doesn’t interfere with their work, the others continue to roll their eyes and play along (Callen was pretty funny trying out the new treadmill), probably secretly glad that the old Deeks is enjoying life again.

I find it interesting how the group dynamics have also changed since Deeks trauma. Sam is still on Deeks’ case but it’s definitely with a lighter and more endearing quality. It feels like Deeks’ has been relegated to little brother status and as Sam continues to tease Deeks, the hostility is definitely gone (Sam’s always smiling when he talks about Deeks) and his ribbing is good natured (I still don’t care). Kensi has now resorted to hitting other people instead of Deeks (case in point…Eric). I guess if she doesn’t get one good shot in a week she gets cranky. Deeks must be off limits to her love taps these days. Hetty is also trying to keep an open mind to Deeks recovery needs in allowing him the walking work station but that only lasts until the end of the case. Deeks is getting back to his old self but it also seems the team feels more at ease around him, hence all the teasing. Yet, I still find it hard to believe that Kensi and Deeks are acting as if nothing happen between them. Nothing romantic is addressed and it looks like they have gone back to ignoring the sexual tension that comes and goes like the tide. It’s going to be a long season at this rate.

Show’s Synopsis:  A joint task force raid goes terribly wrong when the Marlina Cartel is tipped off ahead of time and ambushes the government team as they are trying to break up a Cartel/Al-Queda meeting. The NCISLA team is specifically requested by SECNAV to find a suspected mole within the agency who may be interfering with the government’s undercover activity. As it turns out, the threat doesn’t come from within the agency. Instead it is the work of a 15 year old computer hacker who has been unwittingly infecting the phones of fellow students by introducing a virus with far reaching effects as it infiltrates the personal phones of FBI and CIA agents also working on this case. The team finally tracks down the real hacker who has been selling the information to the terrorists and using the young the young girl as his accomplice.

Memorable Moments:

Overall it felt like a weak episode to me but there were still some moments to enjoy:

  • Eric is charmingly self-confident in his ability to track down the hacker. (Come on people, let’s be honest. You can run but you cannot hide from the E to the B to the T to the O!).
  • Sam enjoys razzing Callen on his neighborhood blogger. (I can see Deeks getting himself into something like this but you?). I don’t think I have seen Sam tease Callen with such abandon. (You are big and strong with striking blue eyes.) LOL!
  • Did Nell just call Eric Goldilocks?
  • I think the team had way too much fun at Deeks expense when the school girl ‘kicked blondie in the gonads’! It was probably the funniest and the most painful scene in the show. Deeks may have preferred being tortured than suffering through the further humiliation of his team mates (Callen:  How’s it hanging?).
  • Kensi’s aversion to reliving her high school days was amusing (You don’t have boobs Callen…you have no idea how torturous high school can be!) but it would have been more interesting to have her face her fears in the classroom. Looks like we are going to need Blye,K, Part III, the teenage years, to explain that trauma!
  • Hetty continues to berate Eric for continuing to wear his beach shorts. If there has been a dress protocol all these years, why is it coming to a head now? Poor Eric…I say we petition Hetty to let him keep the shorts on!!

Classic Densi:

Deeks: The dude was cagier than a loaded weasel. What? They can get super cagey.
Kensi: I never leave my weasel loaded.
Deeks: I bet you don’t.
Sam: Am I going to have to separate you two?

Deeks: I got to use the loo.
Kensi: Are you serious? I told you not to have that third green tea.
Deeks: I needed the anti-oxidants and I also needed the caffeine. You want to know why I needed the caffeine? Because I’m bored. I’m bored, bored, bored because stake outs are supposed to promise scandal and intrigue but this guy doesn’t even j-walk.

Deeks: Kensi as a substitute teacher, eye glasses, sweater set….now that’s a fantastic idea. The possibilities are endless! (Ok, get your mind out of the gutter, Deeks!)

Classic Hetty & Deeks:

Deeks: You want to take her for a spin?. . . I named her Madeline.
Hetty: Oh, she is a Madeline indeed.
Deeks: What happen? Secretary Albright lose one of your brooches again?
Hetty: Much too upsetting to talk about.
Deeks: Fair enough.

First the bike and now the treadmill, what else is Hetty going to take away from Deeks?

Deeks: Alright, listen, we in the walking work station community, we will not be silenced! Our motors will run loud, we’ll run proud. So hear us tread! I’m going to stage a walk in!
Hetty: What a drama queen!

Classic Deeks:

Kensi: You just assaulted a federal agent.
Girl: Him? I thought he was a pervert!
Kensi: Ah, well that, too.
Deeks: I’m not a pervert. . . at least not today. This is actually, worse than it looks.
Kensi (to Sam): Field goal between the legs.
Deeks: She was surprising fast and agile. Impeccable, ow… aim.
Nell: Did you locate him.
Callen: Yeah, yeah, we found him (Callen is finding this way too amusing)
Sam: And he beat up Deeks.
Deeks: That’s not funny. I’m pretty sure I’m missing something. I’m going to go look for it.

Deeks: Oh yeah, it’s all good.  I didn’t want kids anyway.

What did you think about this episode?  Let’s us know in the comments below!


Title: “Big Brother”
Writer: Jordana Lewis Jaffe
Director: Steven DePaul
Original Air Date: October 29, 2013


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4 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Big Brother” (S5E6)

  1. I totally agree about the absence of hostility from Sam- it’s lovely to see.. Kensi did hit Deeks in Unwritten Rule when she told him to get in the car and buckle up, but it was definitely not her usual full-force punch, more like a token shove… I also totally agree about the seemingly inexplicable lack of discussion of the kiss. I am trying to be patient and believe that the writers have a plan, but I certainly hope that we see some sort of development by the end of November by which time Kensi will be gone… I also found the supposed humor from Deeks getting kicked a little forced and repetitive, given that it happened to him last season as well. Overall I don’t think I’ve really enjoyed any of Jordana Lewis Jaffe’s solo-written episodes.


  2. I am still not ready to forgive Sam… I love that he is good-naturedly (sp?) teasing him, but I think Sam needs to address further what happened. You can owe someone your life, but does that make you automatically like that person? maybe I am wrong?

    I like Densi, not in love with Densi yet. I think they need to have a chat a big long chat. And I love the playfulness between them, I just don’t want any over the top romance kwim?

    I don’t understand Hetty at all this season. Making Eric wear pants? taking Deeks’ stuff away? speaking so coldly to him? questioning “our” Densi? Not even questioning Sam’s motives?

    It was an ok episode… I am just assuming its a filler episode for the time between the November sweeps weeks.


  3. On spot and perceptive review, as always! I felt like the episode was a bit off in ways you pretty well highlighted. I get that Deeks is often a convenient source of humor (both the source of, and target of) but sometimes it feels like an odd fall back, and when it’s several jokes like in this episode it feels a little like they’re piling on. I do like seeing Sam being more warm towards Deeks. And love the quotes!


  4. Does anybody know the song Eric and Nell listened in this episode?


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