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Feature: Marty Deeks – Man of the Law

by Densiland | November 26, 2013 | Feature | wikiDeeks-Exclusive-tape Do you remember? It was all the way back in “Human Traffic” (2x1), where we heard Jess Traynor make the surprising proclamation, “You know he was a lawyer?” Though we barely knew newcomer Detective Deeks, how often does a cop have a former life as a lawyer? Add to that the personality of our laid-back surfer with a scruffy appearance and we find ourselves with an intriguing mystery. Since that initial disclosure, the topic of Deeks’ former profession has been mentioned rarely, and even in those times, fairly insignificantly. The greatest focus we’ve yet to see was somewhat recently in the 4x11 episode, “Drive” (an episode seldom loved by the fandom based on its sad ending for Deeks). The case centered on a former client, Jenny, who Deeks served as her public defender; Jenny had also later attempted to be an informant for Detective Deeks. We also learn Deeks assisted Jenny with maintaining custody of her daughter through Child Protective Services.

Then just two episodes later in “Paper Soldiers” (4×13) Kensi apparently still has this piece of Deeks’ former life on her mind. We are graced with this bit of their typical banter:

D: You want to, uh…? What are you squinting at? Time for some granny glasses?

K: No, I’m trying to visualize what you’d look like behind a desk, as a public defender.

D: Okay.

K: Clean-shaven, short hair.

D: I looked exactly like this.

K: Like this?!

D: Yup.

K: Clients actually put their lives in the hands of… this?

D: Okay, first off, I was very good at my job.

K: Says you.

D: Secondly, my clients were assigned to me, so they didn’t really have a choice.

K: Oh, I know the feeling.

D: And thirdly…

K: Third.

D: Thirdly, everyone knows that public defenders are the rebels of the legal profession.

K: Rebel without a due process clause? Ha!

D: Kensi just made a legal funny? Is that what that was? How you feeling right now? Pretty proud of yourself? You know what? I’ll give it to you. Touché.

K: Touché!

So we learn a bit more here. Deeks is Deeks. Regardless of profession or position he is who he is, take him or leave him.

That aside, a big question is what one thing or series of things prompted his considerable change in career direction? Perhaps he felt he couldn’t have a great enough impact in the lawyer role? Perhaps his moral compass was troubled in having to defend those who were indeed guilty? Yet, more realistically, it’s likely his role as lawyer was simply too late in the process. As a lawyer he could aid people reactively. As a cop he could be more pro-active, to stop crime such as the presumed mental and physical anguish he had himself endured as a child. And speaking of his childhood…

There is a well hidden nugget within “Empty Quiver” (2×16). Following a Deeks/Kensi banter session about how serious she is all the time, Deeks confesses, “It’s a tie between you and this nun back at school who used to whack my hand with a ruler.” Nun? So this means Deeks attended parochial school!

This leads us to many more questions, such as:

  • For how long/how many grades did he attend parochial school?
  • Did one/both of his parents have a religious connection that led to such a school?
  • Since typically parochial schools are costly, how/who supported his tuition? Did he have a scholarship? Is any of this tied to his violin playing?

Finally, it seems as though the abuse in Deeks’ past lent itself to a relatively poor existence. (I mean we know he turned to “exotic dancing” to finance school!) What if that is completely wrong? What if he came from a very wealthy family? What if he had no problem existing as a public defender and now cop because, after meeting a minimum age requirement or finally winning over his family, he’s actually a trust-fund baby?!

What are your thoughts on Deeks choosing two very different, yet related, branches of law?

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1 Comment on Feature: Marty Deeks – Man of the Law

  1. very nice, Gayle!

    Soo many questions about Deeks’ past… what bothers me (not for the first time on this show, as you may know) is the timeline issue. Much like I did with Kensi, I tried to come up with a timeline for Deeks’ life:
    -born in 1979
    -graduated HS at age 18 (1997)
    -undergrad degree (2000)
    -law school + bar exam (2003)
    -worked as a lawyer (until ?)
    -police academy (6 months)
    -Police Officer II (at least 3 years)
    -Police Officer III (at least 1 year)
    -becomes NCIS/LAPD liaison (2010)

    so we are to believe that he worked as a lawyer for a maximum of what? A few months? And even if he went straight to the Academy (which we know didn’t happen because of the Jenny case) it’d still leave him with “only” 7 years on the force. As far as I can tell from my research he wouldn’t have been placed undercover before he joined that specialized divison as a Detective (i.e., after at least 4 years after leaving the academy).
    It just doesn’t add up, in my opinion…

    anyways, I myself wondered if maybe he came from a wealthy family, that would definitely be an interesting and rather unexpected twist. Maybe his mother’s appearance on the show (at some point in the future) will shed some light on that.

    I like that the writers “gave” him his lawyer background, that let us know early on that there is definitely more to this character than meets the eye and that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I’m looking forward to getting to hopefully know more about Deeks past 🙂


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