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What’s Your Favorite Deeks’ Moment?

CBS calls this the top moment of season 1 and we don’t disagree…but what about some of the other seasons?  There were definitely some other defining moments when Deeks became the breakout character from the show.
Just to name a few….
* Trying to ID his  assailants from his hospital bed in Personal?
* Saving his best friend from assassins in Plan B?
* Sharing his first quiet moment with Kensi in The Job?
* Being fired by Hetty in The Debt?
Need we go on?  That’s just a few of the wonderful moments that we have come to cherish regarding out dashing hero.  Tell us what your favorite moments of the first five seasons are and let us know why that episode made Deeks one of your favorite characters in NCISLA.  What will your choice be?
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14 Comments on What’s Your Favorite Deeks’ Moment?

  1. It’s hard to pick just one from each season. I’ll try and pick none Densi scenes to be fair.

    Let’s see….
    Season 1: Of course Deeks joins the team.
    Season 2: I am going to go with the 1st episode the scene in the car with Scarli. It’s the first time ( and only time) we see him sooooo furious. I love that scene!
    Season 3: Ok, I honestly tried to find a none Densi scene like I said but it was in vain. Both favorite scenes are from The Debt but I am going to pick the one where he has to face Kensi’s wrath in the car.
    Season 4: Not doubt about that here. He takes the lead and kisses Kensi in the finale.
    Season 5: Ep.2 his session with Nate.


  2. First favorite moment is at the end of “Fame” when he puts on his dark aviator glasses and says..”Don’t worry, Fern. I’ll be back”. That is the signature moment for the series for me, because he put the LA in NCIS.

    Loved his first confrontation with Kensi in “Hand to Hand” in the dead guy’s house. He challenges her and then bumps into her on purpose and gets an instant rise out of her. Loved his lines in that meeting…”the kind where you’re watching the sunset at Santa Monica Pier, or where you’re not wearing anything but a smile.” I think that line set the tone for their relationship. He knows how to push her buttons.

    All of Deeks’ scenes in “Human Traffic”. His interaction with Hetty, coming to care what happens to him as Lasik is beating him up, and his angry reaction to Scarli’s comments about his dead partner…those scenes all made me love the character and
    appreciate what an excellent actor ECO is.

    “Personal.” So many great moments, but none better than the last one with Hetty, when we find out he shot his own father when he was eleven. That was a stunner, and added such depth to a new character. Then of course, there is Hetty’s final line. Writing doesn’t get any better than that ending.

    “Plan B.” The scene where we see Deeks change into Max Gentry’s clothes is definitely a signature event. We get to see another side of him…the dark, unknown side and it was so brilliantly portrayed by the camera set up showing Deeks’ face in the mirror’s beveled edge, seeing two sets of eyes, alluding to something hidden beneath the jovial surface of the man.

    “The Debt.” My favorite all time episode. So many great moments, but of course the scene with Kensi when she thinks he’s been fired and he can’t tell her. The acting in that scene made us all realize just how great these two could be together.

    There are too many great scenes that show what a great character Deeks is and how much he adds to the series. His importance to Kensi in “K. Blye”, almost getting blown up in “Sans Voir”, being tortured in “Descent”, making all of us scream with him, and then try to make it through the summer hiatus. “Ascension” gave us remarkable scenes and showed what an incredible actor is making all of this real for us.

    ECO is the reason we love this character. He has the ability to make us laugh and cry along with Deeks and we can’t get enough.


  3. Hmmmm fave scenes…

    Is all of them an answer?

    Loved Deeks in “Human Traffic” (the whole episode!), Loved him as Max in both Plan B and ummm… ahh I can’t remember the episodes name. I always love a little hurt/comfort in or at Deeks (guilty pleasure?)

    I really love any episode where he is being silly and it just jives on screen… I have to say my all time fave scene though is Deeks in the bathhouse, ummm ahem nekkid… sigh… (Also can’t think of the episode name… the one where Chris was directing.


    • The episode with Deeks in the Russian bathhouse is called “Wanted”. How could I forget that one. A naked Deeks…well we assume he was naked, but close enough for us to enjoy. Thanks for reminding me Carrie.


  4. Yep! A lot of great episodes mentioned. My very first favorite moment was at the end of the Job when I realized that Deeks really was falling for Kensi. I loved that quiet moment.
    I also loved the scene when Deeks is running along the beach in Personal. Talk about putting the LA in NCISLA!
    There were so many other moments in between too but this season has been the best so far for me. And my favorite one so far came out of The Frozen Lake when he so confidently takes the shot with his left hand to save Kensi and says “It’s about time.” and walks out of the room. So strong and fearless! Loved it!!!


  5. Forever Human Traffic the Scene where Deeks is yelling at Scarli and has his gun on him Sam,Callen, both try to get him put it down but he wont till Kensi says his name twice and and telling him to put the gun down that he looks at her he does.


  6. Too many to count…Once I saw Hand to Hand, I have had multiple NCIS Los Angeles marathons – many with the scenes with Deeks. The confrontation between Kensi and Deeks in Hand to Hand, the beginning of FAME when the other members of the team find out that Deeks is there, the scene that was just mentioned from Human Traffic, multiple scenes from Personal and the Debt, quite a bit of Plan B, I also like the scenes with the kids in several episodes, the scene with the lasers in Deliverance, the ending scene in Disorder with the food kitchen/shelter, the scenes with Monty, most of Sacrifice, the scene from Greed where the CIA agent is holding the gun on Kensi, the end of The Job, all of his scenes in both parts of the K, Blye episode, the serious scene between Kensi and Deeks in Touch of Death, most of the scenes in Neighborhood Watch, his scenes in Drive when we get to see a little more of his history (as a lawyer), the ‘Sunshine and Gunpowder’ scene from Wanted, the episode Parley, his excellent acting in Descent/Ascension, the Matthew Dunkler scenes in the Livelong Day, and three of my favorite scenes are the final scene in Impact, the Frozen Lake discussion in the Frozen Lake and the scenes in Frozen Lake from the point when he shoots with his left hand to the discussion with Kensi afterward. I could go on and on with the Deeks’ scenes that I like, and probably not get them all.


  7. Saw someone on Twitter mention the last scene in Deeks apartment in Impact. How could I forget that sweet, sweet ending…”It’s a love story.”


  8. Is it shallow of me to pick Deeks emerging from the sea in his wetsuit in Skin Deep or Deeks on his motorcycle at the beginning of Unwritten Rule? Otherwise you all have already chosen many of my favorites. Personal was the episode where Deeks really grabbed my attention (yes, I’m a bit slow), and its final scene with Hetty was special. I’d also list other Hetty-Deeks scenes: in the bar of both Hand-to-Hand and Human Traffic, shooting target Hetty in Enemy Within, the job offer in the burn room in Imposters, and with rambling Deeks in Unwritten Rule (I’ve hated every other Season 5 Hetty-Deeks scene though).

    There are some even smaller moments without dialog that stand out for me: Sam and Deeks sizing each other up when they meet in Hand-to-Hand, the rocky start of a rocky relationship; the way he looks at Kensi in The Fifth Man when he sets the water in front of her in the boathouse, full of love and concern; the kiss in Descent, where feelings are finally communicated; those Descent screams that haunted me all summer; the single tear that runs down his face in the Ascension hospital scene with Sam, showing how lost and vulnerable he is; his hug with Sam in Omni, symbolizing a sea change in their relationship; and the way he looks at Kensi by the ambulance in The Frozen Lake when she admits to their thing, happy and grateful.


  9. Honestly. I can’t pick just one. I am smiling at all the scenes mentioned here already. They are so special and so amazingly Deeks. I’ve been watching the seasons all over again and so many scenes just make me sigh and adore him. Just seeing his smile light up his face is always my favourite. And every lingering look he gives Kensi. I love all the special Deeks episodes. But special mention to Densi season 5. So lovely. And that line you don’t, you don’t, you don’t hate me. It melts my heart when she says our thing. It’s what we’ve been waiting for.


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