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ECO Interviewed by London Bridges

Eric Christian Olsen

Eric Christian Olsen

Eric Christian Olsen was a guest on The London Bridges Show. Topics discussed included fatherhood, family life and his work as Detective Marty Deeks on the hit CBS television show, NCIS: Los Angeles.

Follow the link below to listen to the interview:

ECO on The London Bridges Show

[interview begins at 14:25]

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9 Comments on ECO Interviewed by London Bridges

  1. Yet more proof that ECO is perfect. But his words about the 4/1 episode (around 27:30) are beyond disturbing. “It becomes a story of… when you touch darkness, darkness touches back.” Oh poor Deeks.


  2. I was totally intrigued by this and crave seeing the dark side of Deeks. The more facets we get to see of this character, the better!


  3. Natalia Simon // March 15, 2014 at 7:39 AM // Reply

    I think ECO speaks about de 19th episode, when he learns about Kensi´s disappearance, Darkness can be fear of losing her, and then be decided to do anything to rescue her.
    This must be his “dark side”….. but as always says #JPK only Mr Brennan knows (and writers too).
    Greetings for all of you from ARGENTINA 🙂


  4. Dr. Brenda // March 15, 2014 at 9:38 AM // Reply

    OK…”this changes everything!”
    I have this thing about separating the actor from the character because, while I love NCIS-LA and Deeks, there is no scenario in which ECO the person has any relationship to my life. Probably an extension of my professional role of keeping an appropriate boundary between patients and myself. That’s what I like about this site – it’s analytical, and not “I want to marry him!!!” 🙂 A huge part of my interest in the show is the relationship between Kensi & Deeks and the way the actors are able to so effectively communicate a lack of communication, mostly without dialogue – just facial expressions and body language. This is connected to the research I am doing. So it’s the characters and story I’m interested in. But dang it, after listening to this he sounds like a nice, normal person – and he had some nice things to say about doulas/midwives, which is close to my heart. Now I think I like him as a person too! Ah well, still irrelevant to my life! Back to my work. Thanks for posting!!


  5. Terrific interview! ECO is such a neat human being, and Deeks just keeps getting more complex and interesting! Looking forward to upcoming episodes very much, but have some trepidation about Deeks’s “meltdown” and moving towards his “dark side” – yikes!


  6. Great interview. Nice that ECO did his old friend a solid. Excited about Deeks breaking down and going a little dark. Love the talking about the babies too. Those fan questions were different and funny.


  7. Thanks to everyone that listened to my interview with ECO. I’ve known him for awhile and I was honored that when I asked him to come on the show that he immediately said yes. I wanted to show the fans how awesome of a guy he and his entire family are. I hope that came across in the interview. He is truly a fan’s actor. London Bridges


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