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TV Guide Leaks Deeks and Kensi NCISLA Season 6 Spoilers!

Max Gentry

According to TV Guide reporter Liz Raftery, there are significant events coming up this year for Densi and Deeks in particular.  Eric Christian Olsen was interviewed for the article and permitted the magazine to get a sneak peek into some exciting times ahead for the character which if done just right, is sure to make a lot of Deeks fans out there very happy.  I don’t know if this will be the year we get to see  “Deeks, M.” (Part 1 & 2, please!) but we have to be getting closer, particularly if Deeks will be exploring the darker side of his persona during the season.  Ray Martindale (Channon Roe) is back and that means Max Gentry can’t be too far behind.  Olsen reveals the reunion will also allow his character to explore in greater detail the sad relationship between Deeks and his father, the nefarious Gordon Brandel.  This could bring to light many secrets that Deeks fans have been waiting to find out for over the past four years.  What exactly happen when the young Deeks tried to kill Brandel?   Is Max Gentry the embodiment of what his father represented?  How far back does this dark side go?  Roe’s character quickly became a fan favorite after his role in “Plan B” and I’m very excited to see Ray’s return and how his interaction will lead Deeks on his tenuous journey back to the past.  Fans of Marty Deeks have been clamoring since Gentry first showed up as his undercover guise and wanting to find out more about this time in Deeks’ life. We hope that the reveal won’t disappoint.  I think the writers know there is a lot riding on this storyline and it’s going to be a challenge to get it right.

If you are a Densi fans it seems we are going to have a lot to look forward to as well.  Will we finally get to hear what really happen to Kensi during her Taliban captivity in Afghanistan?  I hope we get to witness one of the rare heart-to-heart talks between the partners that can reveal more about these characters’ backstory, and perhaps will help to extend the Densi love story.   We never did get to see the aftereffects of how that event might have changed Kensi and hopefully the partners will be able to bond and become closer as she pours out her story to her partner.

These two characters probably have a lot more in common than we think and Kensi opening up and exposing her soul to Deeks will be a very courageous and uncharacteristically vulnerable thing to do, not to mention a wonderful scene to watch as these two actors work their magic on screen.

Finally, will Talia return to get in a few BFF night outs with Kensi?  Her appearance may amuse and/or taunt Deeks, but I for one can live without it.

These new spoilers have just made Season 6 exciting again! Can’t wait!



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1 Comment on TV Guide Leaks Deeks and Kensi NCISLA Season 6 Spoilers!

  1. I agree on all accounts! I’m especially excited to see Ray back and what that may mean for what we get to learn about Deeks.


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