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Kensi’s Journal – 11/24/14

November 24, 2014

I know we caught the mole but we still don’t know who he was working for. Someone has obviously targeted all of us and I’d feel much better if we knew who we were dealing with.

After Deeks rambled on about everything he knows about me, I started thinking about all the things I know about him. I know he had an abusive father who he shot in self defense when he was eleven. I know he can read music and play the guitar and the violin. He can also sing but I try not to encourage that little habit. I know he loves surfing and skateboarding and is good at shooting and thinking outside the box. He’s a bit of a neat freak except when he’s upset and while he has a beer or two at times, I’ve never seen him drunk.

He’s an excellent undercover operative and thinks on his feet faster than all of us put together. He likes tacos, cronuts and weird healthy stuff and would do anything for his mutt Monty and for his friends. He doesn’t like to pee in public toilets and he really hates the desert and snakes. He’s funny and very smart but likes to pretend he’s not. At one point he worked as a lifeguard and to put himself through law school, he often worked as an exotic male dancer… my favorite by far!

But mostly, he’s caring, kind and absolutely incredible! I just wish I could find the courage to tell him someday!


1 Comment on Kensi’s Journal – 11/24/14

  1. Love it. It’s nice to see that Kensi sees Deeks the same way the rest of us do. Now come on Kensi, tell him! Can you imagine how incredibly happy that would make him?


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